Florida scalloping is essentially an underwater scavenger hunt for dinner! It’s a Floridian tradition that many enjoy year after year. Florida scalloping is a family-friendly way to spend the day on the water catching juicy edible mollusks that appear on many seafood menus across the globe! There are a variety of different types of scallops to be had from different regions. Florida scallops are bay scallops vs. sea scallops. Mostly, they are the smaller scallops.  Florida scallops may be small, but they are worth the effort to catch.

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Florida Scalloping

We’ve been scalloping in Florida for three years now. We have scalloped the Crystal River and Homosassa areas.  First of all, I think scalloping on the Crystal River is a great spot to start for anybody that is new to boating. The reason I say this is that the route to where the scallops are is fool-proof. It requires little to no experience. There are thousands, stress thousands of boats heading in the same direction, so it’s impossible not to make it to the “spot” where scallops hang out.  The challenge to scalloping this area is popular. Before you embark on a scalloping trip make sure you are familiar with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regulations. You must follow the guidelines and stay within limits. You will also need a Florida saltwater fishing license. FWC patrols the area and they do check boats and limits.

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Florida Scalloping Season 2019

Florida scalloping season opens July 1st for Citrus, Hernando, and Levy counties. The season runs through September 24th. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has not announced the dates for some counties yet.  Thousands of boats will head out to the Gulf of Mexico to hunt for scallops all in search of the bounty!

Florida Scalloping Locations

You will probably set out from the Crystal River or Homosassa. I’ve written extensively about both locations, and I suggest you read about both sites first to determine where you will start from:

This article focuses on everything that you can do at Crystal River. It includes activities, places to stay, where to eat and where to see the manatees!

This article focuses on the difference between The Crystal River and Homosassa. It includes activities, places to stay and where to eat.

Florida Scalloping Locations Getting There

Crystal River

All you need to do is launch into Kings Bay, hook a left and once you see the marina on the left-hand side, follow the boats heading to the right. Keep going until you get to the mile markers.  As you approach the mile markers, you will see the nuclear plant to the right. We use the nuclear plant as a landmark as you can see it for miles. Depending on the weather it can be hard to see the mile markers, but you can always see the power plant.

As you approach the mile markers on the left-hand side is Shell Island.  Shell Island is a cool place to hang out, and it’s an excellent fishing spot. You will see lots of boats parked on Shell Island. If you land here, be sure to check out the driftwood that provides for beautiful photography or try your hand at landing some fish.

Directly after Shell Island, you will see the channel entrance to the mile markers. Enter the mile markers and follow to the very end. When the mile markers end, go left and south. You can’t go wrong. Just follow the other boats south. After a mile or two look to the horizon. You will see thousands of boats dotted across the ocean. I’ve included a map so that you can see the route from The Plantation to the Scallop Beds.

Crystal River Public Boat Ramps

There are twelve public boat ramps. We always launch out of the  Shop At The Port Hotel & Marina.


The two locations are different, but you are going to end up in the same place no matter where you started. One thing that is different is there are more scallop cleaners on the way back into Homosassa. There are hysterical jokesters on the river that will harass you in a friendly way.  I also found the cleaning services slightly less expensive in Homosassa. I’ve included a map so that you can see the route from Homosassa

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Homosassa Public Boat Ramps

There are five public boat ramps.   The two most popular are:

Old Homosassa (Duncan J. MacRae) Public Boat Ramp
The most popular launching spot. The famous Monkey Island is immediate on the right. Be prepared for long lines if you go at the beginning of the season. Even the state’s website states this. There is limited parking, so limited that locals offer you a ride via golf carts to park. It’s $10 per person – a total rip off.

This ramp is right next door to The Shed. When you return, be prepared for a cast of drunken judges who will boo and heckle you if you can’t land your boat on your trailer in one shot. While typical at boat ramps, it was brutal here. If you are new to boating or can’t perform this in one shot, steer clear of this ramp.

Mason Creek Road Public Boat Ramp
We have not tried this one, but it’s further south than Duncan J. MacRae. I can only imagine that this is just as busy. Looking at the map, I would suspect it’s harder to get to as you would still need to bypass the traffic heading to Duncan J. MacRae.

Florida Scalloping Finding Your Spot

Finding the ideal location boils down to trial and error. With experience, you will find your spots or learn techniques that prove fruitful. We like to start on a shallow reef with coral that is surrounded by seagrass vs. just diving in seagrass. We find it easier to see the scallops. If you are on a full bed of seagrass you must have full sun otherwise they are difficult to spot. We also aim for shallow waters, but you will be at the mercy of the tide. Sometimes, you have to be willing to do some work. Ideally, you would be in water that is five feet deep or less. One other trick that never fails – follow the crowd. If boats are sitting on a spot, there are scallops there.

Florida Scalloping  Essentials You Will Need To Scallop 





Long before you head out onto the water, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment.  For a complete list of what you need to see Florida Scalloping Essentials You Will Need To Scallop: 


Catching The Scallops

The first time you scallop it’s an exciting experience because you don’t know exactly what to look for.   The best way for me to describe it is you’re looking for a little rock formation in shell shapes.  If the sun is shining down through the seagrass, you will see their blue eyes. All you have to do is drive down snatched up the scallop and put it in your bag. They don’t bite per se, but they will clamp down onto a finger if you don’t scoop them up and bag them. Once you have filled your bag make sure you place them in a bucket filled with salt water or they will die before you make it back.

Cleaning The Scallops

On your way back in you have options. One is to take your catch home and clean and cook it yourself.  Another is to stop on the way back in and let one of the scallop cleaners clean your catch. It costs about $20 per bucket. Alternatively, you can take your bounty to a restaurant or another launch spot and pay to have them cleaned. Once your scallops are clean, you can then take them to a variety of restaurants that will cook your catch for a nominal fee.

If you decide to clean them yourself here is a video tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need a license for scalloping?  Yes, you do!
  • Where can I find scallops in Homosassa?  In the Homosassa Bay, please see the above maps.
  • Where can I find scallops in the Crystal River? Technically in the same place as Homosassa, you just start at a different location, please see the above maps.
  • Where can I go scalloping? In the following counties: Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor County, Dixie County, Levy, Citrus, Hernando and Pasco. Check here for each counties specific dates.

Closing Thoughts

If you have not scalloped yet, you should. It’s not only fun, but it is great exercise and a good old-fashioned way to spend time with the family. As a bonus, it provides you sea to table fresh food. Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Always check the weather before you go and be back in before any storms
  • Stay with the crowd and follow boats out and in
  • If you go to the scallop areas other than  Crystal River and Homosassa, check the season dates here as they are different

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