Build it, and they will come — a true statement for Streamsong Resort. It is located in the middle of nowhere, twenty-seven miles away from Lakeland, the closest town being Bartow, Florida. Streamsong Resort is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Opening in 2014, this mid-century modern marvel is spectacular from the outside, and no detail is overlooked. Most are here for the golf and vistas, but there is much more to this beauty than golf.

Streamsong Resort

This is not a sponsored post. We paid to stay at Streamsong Resort and all the opinions are those of Brit on the Move™. And, you know the deal – sponsored or not. I will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Fortunately, for this trip, there is nothing ugly to share – the opposite. I want to call out a few staff members that made our stay fantastic, be sure to seek them out when you visit.

Bone Valley Tavern

  • Brooke, the mixologist for redeeming the drinking experience – rocked the martinis eloquently, and they were on point.
  • Darrin, the manager, for listening to why the drinking experience mattered to me and humoring us!

Front Desk

  • Jasmin, the most accommodating team member ever. Thank you for the late checkout, all the advice, and for checking in with us throughout our stay. We appreciated it – you made us feel very welcome.

This lengthy article covers all aspects of our stay. Given this, I’ve added a table of contents. I suspect some of the golfers out there may want to jump straight to the golfing section!

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Streamsong Resort Location History

Streamsong Resort is located at 1000 Streamsong Drive, Bowling Green, Florida 33834.

I wanted to learn about how the hills that are not Floridian came to be. Or, why do they exist here and nowhere else? The mystery was solved quickly. Streamsong is built on Bone Valley.  A region of Florida where phosphate is mined for use in the production of agricultural fertilizer. The mounds converted to vistas are the bi-product of the mining that used to occur here. Perhaps more fascinating. Bone Valley is home to many fossils dating back to prehistoric times. Megalodon teeth found here are on display in the lobby of Streamsong Resort.  

FYI: While the teeth are real, this mouth was artificial to display the teeth:

Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort  Architectural Story

The brainchild of Streamsong Resort is the Mosaic Company. A giant fertilizing company that owns the 16,000 acres of land that the Streamsong Resort occupies. Mosaic originally mined the area and repositioned the space for public recreational and environmental uses. Mosaic worked with Alfonso Architects, Inc. to design the resort, and Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw, and Tom Doak, all golf designers, created the golf courses.

Architecturally, Streamsong is stunning. A combination of raw unfinished concrete, precious wood, and metals. The entryway level with the driveway, the rest on giant concrete pylons that raise the beauty up. I’ve read that the idea was to resemble a ship tethered to the rest of the building, like a boat to a dock. I don’t know that the design made me think of boats. It’s irrelevant, given the masterpiece that has been created.

Streamsong Resort

Golfing Equipment Everyone Wants!

Streamsong Resort  Getting There

If you live in Florida, chances are you will drive to the resort. If not, here are the closest airports:


Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort Arrival and Check-In 

Don’t be fooled by the understated sign as you arrive. My guess is this is deliberate. It’s a hint of the minimalist splendor awaiting. For sure, the sign lets you know this is not a glitz and glam type of place. Or, should I say this is glam and no glitter type of place.

Pulling in feels like you have arrived in Scotland or Ireland. Visually, you would never know that you are in Florida, that is, until you feel the heat or spot one of the many gators that occupy the waterways.

We dropped off the men at the clubhouse of Streamsong Black and proceeded to check in. Immediately, I was in awe. The lodge looks and feels like a contemporary Norwegian marvel to me. If I did not know better, I would have guessed the architects were Scandinavian. I’ve read reviews where people have said the lodge is sterile, unfinished, and clinical. They are wrong. We all have our tastes, but every inch of the design is intentional. If modern architecture is not your thing, then you will fail to appreciate the real beauty. There is no outdated red or green carpet here and certainly no mahogany four-poster beds with flowery sheets.

We valet parked our cars, which is complimentary, and proceeded to check-in. Check-in was a breeze and hassle-free. We were able to check in early, which was a pleasant surprise.

Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort Rooms

I don’t think the word room applies here. A standard room at Streamsong Resort is what you would consider a suite anywhere else. The rooms alone set the resort apart by a long shot.

Let’s start with the obvious; it’s ultra-modern and huge. A suite by anyone’s standard, the bedroom and living area is divided by the double TV station that divides the space without distraction.

Streamsong Resort

Wall-to-wall wood louvers that swivel give you the option to take in the stunning view of the terrain or eliminate the sun. An unfinished strip of concrete that runs floor to ceiling. The bookcases are perfectly cut to precision, ensuring that the classic books are aesthetically lined up. And it’s the same in each room!

Then there is the bathroom. The bathroom alone is the size of some hotel rooms. The bathroom is more prominent than some places that I’ve stayed in New York City.  Plush amenities galore await you for using the glass shower big enough for at least six. I’m not necessarily a shower person, and I prefer a bathtub. However, this size screams party, even if a party of one.

Beds! Heavenly beds! No expense was spared when picking out the mattresses and linen. You sink into the mattress while being supported, and it’s like floating. Wrapped up in super-soft classic white linen, the beds are dreamy. I expected this, but it’s great to know the beds are phenomenal. I’ve stayed in lots of brands over the years and stayed at some swanky joints. The beds at Streamsong Resort will give any place a run for their money. I could have spent a whole day in bed gazing through the louvers. And imagine if rain falls, it would be even more whimsical.

Room Pricing

A luxury resort that is not easy on the budget. The most economical time to stay or play is June – September when it’s not only scorching hot but daily rain should be expected. The best rate you will find is $229 per night. Add in the $35 resort fee, taxes of $31.68, and you are at $295.68 for what is considered the off-season. If you stay here, in-season rates soar as high as $500 plus a night.

We stayed for two nights to the tune of $600.

Do I think it’s worth it? Yes, yes, yes! Would we pay to stay again? Yes, without question. It’s expensive, but I would have to say this is by far the most beautiful room I have stayed in Florida, and it was worth every penny. I will be forever ruined because this will be hard to beat, especially when you consider that the standard room is a suite!

Streamsong Resort Golf

I do not play golf, so these accounts are from Brian and Danny. Before we get into the details, even as a non-golfer, the landscaping is impressive. I spent a fair bit of time driving around, taking in the vistas admiring how unusual this place is. It’s apparent why Streamsong has won so many awards for golfing.

Brian and Danny are both 28 handicaps. Average players and neither are professional. Regardless, they play weekly. They may not play on premier courses all the time, but they have experienced plenty of them.  They have played worldwide, including Cabo San Lucas, Dubai, Hawaii, England, and Ireland. Neither are strangers to elite golf courses.

There are three courses at Streamsong: Streamsong Red, Streamsong Blue, and Streamsong Black. During our first trip, the men only played Streamsong Red and Black.

Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Black Golf Course – Par 73

The newest of the courses opening in September of 2017, all agree it’s the most challenging course. The greens are oversized, flat and there are many places to hit the ball. They are fast and have lots of breaks. Streamsong Black is remote, dessert-like. There is no shade, no waterways, and no obstructions. The crowds race through the course, and while crowded, it’s peaceful.  This course is beyond difficult. Streamsong Black is not for average players; this course is for more experienced players or a much lower handicap.

Golfing Essentials

Streamsong Red Golf Course – Par 72

Situated among several water hazards, this course is what lures most. The course is the epic views that mimic Europe. Stunning greens with manicured sand traps, this is everyone’s dream golf course.  The greens here are more relaxed than Streamsong Black but no joke. Shade and trees show up here, and it creates a more challenging game. Both our guys agreed Streamsong Red is what they envisioned when planning this trip.

All of the fairways are green despite the heat; they are well-kept and have no divots. Tee boxes are maintained, there are yardage markers on the fairways and ample sprinklers.  Lastly, all the sand traps are pristine, and golf carts are modern.

Streamsong Blue Golf Course – Par 72

The men returned to complete their experience in October and played  Streamsong Blue. It’s now apparent why it’s a challenge to get a tee time on the Blue. It’s the best of the three courses by all accounts, and it’s the one with the most amazing views. Designed by Tom Doak, this course has multiple elevation changes and massive bunkers that roll off towering dunes.  The men raved about Streamsong Blue, and while they did enjoy the other two courses, Blue was their favorite.

FYI: I apologize for the limited golf pictures. I had to rely on the men for these. As you can tell, taking photos was not a priority.

Streamsong Golfing Fees

We stayed on the weekend of June 7th, which is summer.  June’s daily rate is $89 per person if staying onsite or $125 if not staying onsite.

  • $89 per person to play
  • $40 per person plus tip for a caddie
  • $35 per person golf cart

A total of $164 before tax or tipping.

Overall Thoughts on The Golf

The courses are beautiful and challenging. The caddies are fantastic and worth the money if you like a caddy. A caddy is not something the men would opt for, but it is required.

Both loved the clubhouse and the staff, which are helpful and accommodating. Both enjoyed leaving clubs at the clubhouse overnight and taking the shuttle back to the resort.

Overall, Brian and Danny do not think the golf is worth the cost of $164 in the middle of a Florida summer. Neither would pay the $500 a day to play in the season. Also, beers are expensive – $42 for a six-pack.

The point of reference they give is LPGA International, Daytona Beach. They both play here regularly and say it is a better overall value for money. Both have also played at Disney and Isleworth. Comparatively speaking, they still think the pricing is high.

To summarize. Two things came through: price point and complexity. Stunning as the views are, these courses cater to professional golf players vs. casual players.

This said, don’t let someone else’s experience dissuade you from giving it a shot. It’s merely a reference point. My two cents here is it’s a bit like anything good. We all want to experience it, and this creates demand. The demand sets the price. It’s that simple. Play at least once; you might fall in love with the courses.  And, if you are an excellent golfer, this might be the place for you.

Popular Golfing Attire

Streamsong Resort Restaurants

The Streamsong Resort is home to an impressive six restaurants.  Six may not sound like a lot, but six for a place with 216 rooms, is a lot. I’ve stayed at some juggernaut-sized resorts with fewer food options, so this was a lovely surprise. Equally impressive, all six are open even during the off-season.


This restaurant serves a very sophisticated infinity pool area. It’s a tad more of a pool bar than a restaurant, but the food was fabulous. We ate delicious burgers that the chef split for us, serving us half a burger and fries.

I enjoyed Hemy’s because even though this is a luxury resort, everyone here was chilling with no pretense. And, there is no boujie to be had. Many men celebrating bachelor parties chatted about their golfing experiences, how they found out about the resort, etc.

At Hemy’s, you can expect casual food prepared with style and an array of classical drinks, frozen or on the rocks.

Streamsong Resort

Fragmentary Blue

Sitting on the top level of Streamsong Resort, Fragmentary Blue provides you with a 360° view of the entire property. The menu here is casual, light appetizers and tappers-style food. At the same time, there are floor-to-ceiling windows, head outside for the real view. Even if you can’t get seated outside, grab a drink and take in the view. We visited, but only for the look. We were en route to Bone Valley Tavern and had eaten lunch in Bartow.

Streamsong Resort

Fin & Feather – Lobby Restaurant

Once called P2O5,  a formula for diphosphorus pentoxide, a play on phosphorus mining. This is now “Fin & Feather – Lobby Restaurant”.  Fin & Feather celebrates the history and bounty of the South, in traditional recipes crafted with the finest ingredients that the region has to offer.

Our experience below was from when it was P2O5, I am going to assume it’s much better now:)


I am a martini snob. Those who have dined with me know that this will either make or break the experience for me—a total bust here before getting to the overpriced food.

I asked if they could make a pomegranate martini. Sure, said the waitress, only to return and say they could not. You know where this is going.  I ask if they can make strawberries or blueberries. Off she goes and returns with a fizzy-looking pink concoction. I’m not a mixologist, but prosecco, soda water, or any other bubble-generating liquid does not belong in a martini period. I stated my concern and sent it back.

Next, I ask if they have blue cheese olives. I mean, when all else fails, anyone can make a classic dirty martini. No blue cheese olives – let’s forget the martini’s and move on.  I order a Tito’s and tonic, light ice. The waitress returns with what looks like a dirty martini with blue cheese olives. A-plus for effort yet a total flop.

Recall I said I ordered a Tito’s and tonic? I would not have ordered Tito’s in a dirty martini. If I am drinking vodka straight up, it’s got higher quality because there is no sugar added. And, I take my martini extra dirty. At this point, I sip it and move on but no m