When Do You Need A Travel Visa: The Complete Guide To Visa Requirements By Country

When do you need a travel visa is not an easy question to answer; it's a complex one. And, there are so many sources on the internet which are not up to date or correct. Different country governments require that visitors for business, studies, or tourism obtain travel visas to travel to enter their county. [...]

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What Is REAL ID and How Will It Affect Me?

In 2005, the US Congress passed the REAL ID Act in response to the events of 9/11.  The REAL ID Act establishes a set standard for the issuance of State identifications such as driving licenses. The REAL ID Act is designed to eliminate terrorism on planes by making it more difficult to obtain a driving license [...]

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Airline Passenger Rights – The 12 Steps to Handle Flight Cancellations

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what to do if a flight is canceled, and what are my airline passenger rights? People want to know what their rights are when it comes to a canceled flight. And how to handle the situation if their flight is canceled.  In the United States and Europe, government [...]

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