The Waitomo Caves of New Zealand

Located two and a half hours away from Auckland, the Waitomo Caves are famous for being filled with glowworms. While the main glowworm cave is an unusual attraction, most people don’t realize that the other Waitomo Caves are as impressive! Visiting the Waitomo Caves is a full day out, and there is plenty to see and do [...]

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All You Need To Know About Rotorua – New Zealand

Chances are if you are visiting the northern island of New Zealand, you will visit Rotorua. Known as the regions geothermal area, it attracts tourists in droves. As a fan of geothermal activity, this appealed to me, and we combined this with our trip to Hobbiton. Rotorua is an hour south from Hobbiton, so it made [...]

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The Hobbiton Movie Set – Auckland, New Zealand

Every fan of Lord of The Rings wants to visit the lush pastures of The Shire at The Hobbiton Movie Set. Even if you are not a fan, if you are in Auckland this should be on your list of things to see. And, if you’ve not seen the trilogy watch it on your flight over. [...]

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Stranded in New Zealand – Flight Cancellation Drama

Flight Cancellation!  January of 2018, we were finishing up a fabulous long three-week vacation across Australia and New Zealand. I intentionally booked our flights as the crow flies in order not to backtrack. The final destination was Auckland, New Zealand, so it only made sense to fly from there back to the US. We were scheduled [...]

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