Originally from the UK, Europe is my old stomping ground. Europe hosts a staggering fifty counties although many are small in comparison to America’s.

Why You Should Visit Liechtenstein’s Castles

Nestled in between Switzerland and Austria and situated on the banks of the Rhine. The tiny county of Liechtenstein is home to several stunning castles; this is why you should visit Liechtenstein! Most likely missed by most or even unheard of by many.  Liechtenstein, while small packs a punch. [...]

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Heidiland Switzerland – Home of The Heidi Village

Heidiland is a region of Eastern Switzerland packed with high mountains, clear lakes, diverse nature, and original postcard-worthy villages.  A total of 32 communities in an area of 24 square miles. It’s also home of Heidi Village, the original site of the world-famous Heidi story. A short-day trip from [...]

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Costa Adeje Hotels – The Best Tenerife Spa Holiday

Costa Adeje is an area located on the south-west side of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands, a part of Tenerife are well-served by excellent spa hotels.  As a result, Costa Adeje hotels are becoming known as the best choice for hotels within the Canary Islands. If you are [...]

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Belfast Ireland – The Murals and Peace Walls

Before we talk about how to tour Belfast Ireland a brief history is appropriate; Belfast Irelands’ History Belfast Ireland or is it Belfast England? A debate that stems from the English King Henry VIII’s takeover of Ireland in 1541. Fast forward to modern day times. The 1919-21 Anglo-Irish War led [...]

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Britain – Harrogate Victorian Turkish Baths

Tucked away in the corner of North of Yorkshire, Britain lies a spa town called Harrogate that is home to the last completely fully working Victorian Turkish Bath in England. Locals and tourists alike flock here to see have tea at Betty’s Tea Room, admire the historical buildings or shop [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Use Norwegian Air for Travel to Europe

5 Reasons You Should Use Norwegian Air for Travel to Europe Launched in 2013, Norwegian Air is best known as a low-cost carrier once troubled with operating challenges.  The phrase low-cost alone may conjure up thoughts of Spirit or Allegiant and scare off some. For our Scandinavian trip, we took [...]

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