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  • Third-Party Sites Vs. Booking Directly

Third-Party Sites Vs. Booking Directly

What’s the difference between third-party sites vs. booking directly? A common travel question most people don’t know the answer to. We’ll discuss the difference between […]

  • Leu Gardens In Orlando Cover Pic

Explore Leu Gardens In Orlando

Leu Gardens in Orlando, formally known as Harry P. Leu Gardens is a natural oasis tucked away just outside Downtown Orlando. The gardens span over […]


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Nikki Webster is a travel writer who covers how to travel while grinding a day job, how to travel without breaking the bank using clever travel tips, and off-the-beaten-track experiences. . She is particularly fond of Florida and writes extensively about the state. She flies around 60,000 miles per year and has visited 54 countries, 50 states, and six continents.

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We’re proud to say we’re different when it comes to our travel tips and content. We offer something a little more special. Objective advice and 100% honest reviews that include what others will not tell you! Our goals are to teach you the travel tips we use to travel the world. And, to motivate you to explore the places you’ve always wanted to!

  • Plan A Road Trip

How To Plan A Road Trip

Are you itching for adventure? If you want to get out there and explore more of your country, then [...]

  • Resort Fees

How To Avoid Resort Fees

Resort fees are a growing trend in the travel industry, and for good reason: they're a method for hotels [...]

  • What is Expedia bargain fare

What Is Expedia Bargain Fare?

Before going into the details about "What is Expedia Bargain Fare," it is essential to understand what Expedia [...]