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Britain – Harrogate Victorian Turkish Baths

Tucked away in the corner of North of Yorkshire, Britain lies a spa town called Harrogate that is home to the last completely fully working Victorian Turkish Bath in England. Locals and tourists alike flock here to see have tea at Betty’s Tea Room, admire the historical buildings or shop in the boutiques. Many do not know that there is a Victorian Turkish [...]

The Dome Houses of Cape Romano – Marco Island Florida

The Dome Houses of Cape Romano History The Dome Houses of Cape Romano are not technically on Marco Island Florida. They are on the next Island down called Ten Thousand Island which is only accessible via water. The island belongs to a larger group of Ten Thousand Islands.  Built by Bob Lee, a now-deceased retired oil producer in 1980. The self-sustaining solar-powered dome homes started [...]

Airline Passenger Rights – The 12 Steps to Handle Flight Cancellations

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what to do if a flight is canceled and what are my airline passenger rights? People want to know what their rights are when it comes to a canceled flight, and how to handle the situation if their flight is canceled.  In the United States and Europe, government regulation establishes airline passenger rights. However, in [...]

Timeshare Reservations

Timeshare Reservations – How to Make Reservations & Maximize Your Investment You own a timeshare, now what? The “now what” is tied up in how you are going to use it, or more specifically how can you use it? The most common complaint people have with their timeshare is frustration making reservations. I’ve previously written an article about why I think everybody should purchase a [...]

Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information. Florida Rodeo - Westgate River Ranch Resort Brian has lived in Florida most of his life, and I have lived here for over 20 years. We still have a Florida bucket list. On the things on our list was to visit a Florida rodeo. The Westgate River Ranch and [...]

Brit on the Move

You only get one life and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Many people wait for retirement to travel. What if you are not lucky enough to make it to retirement? Ability to travel boils down to priorities. Do you really need a new car? How big of a home do you really need? Travel is the greatest education money can buy and the foundation of freedom and adventure.

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