The Dome Houses of Cape Romano – Marco Island Florida

The Dome Houses of Cape Romano History The Dome Houses of Cape Romano are not technically on Marco Island Florida. They are on the next Island down called Ten Thousand Island which is only accessible via water. The island belongs to a larger group of Ten Thousand Islands.  Built by [...]

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Florida Scalloping Essentials You Will Need To Scallop

You will probably set out from the Crystal River or Homosassa. I’ve written extensively about both locations, and I suggest you read about both sites first to determine where you will start from: The Crystal River – Scalloping in Florida or Swim With Manatees This article focuses on everything that [...]

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2019 Florida Scalloping Everything You Need to Know

Florida scalloping is essentially an underwater scavenger hunt for dinner! It's a Floridian tradition that many enjoy year after year. Florida scalloping is a family-friendly way to spend the day on the water catching juicy edible mollusks that appear on many seafood menus across the globe! There are a variety of [...]

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The Best Free Christmas Events In Or Close To Orlando

We have ten days to go until it’s officially Christmas Day! At this point, we are all low on funds. What with parties to attend, gifts to exchange, dinners to cook and drinks to consume most of us are overspending. Here are tons of FREE things to do in and [...]

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Homosassa – Is It Better Than The Crystal River?

I’ve previously written about  The Crystal River and Scalloping. I also shared that in 2018 we would be scalloping out of Homosassa which is considered the mecca of scalloping. For many Floridian’s, scalloping out of Homosassa is an annual event, a tradition and many swear by Homosassa over the Crystal River. We [...]

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