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Everyone that travels is on the hunt for travel hacks that work. Often this search will lead you to recommendations that have not been tried and tested. All of the travel hacks that Brit On the Move provides work and have been used by the authors.  If you are looking for travel hacks that work you have found the right site!

Off-Season Travel – 14 Reasons to Consider It

Off-season travel brings many benefits that most people snuff their noses at. I think it’s a great way to see the world without competing for space with everyone else. Likewise,  you can save some money. However, this is not the sole reason to consider off-season travel. Here are fourteen [...]

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Why IHG Rewards Club Is Better Than Hiltons Honors

Once upon a time, I would have never considered the IHG Rewards Club.  IHG, otherwise known as InterContinental Hotels Group, is the parent company of the Holiday Inn. I know, I know! You immediately think of the reputation that the Holiday Inn one had. The 90’s low budget boarder line [...]

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USA Grounds The 737 MAX – Airlines Respond

On Wednesday, March 3rd, 2019, the USA finally grounded all Boeing 737 MAX's following the latest deadly crash in Ethiopia. If you have not read about it, here are the cliff notes: Flight 302 left Ethiopian on Sunday, March 10th, it crashed shortly after killing all 149 passengers and eight [...]

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Airline Passenger Rights – The 12 Steps to Handle Flight Cancellations

One of the questions I frequently get asked is what to do if a flight is canceled and what are my airline passenger rights? People want to know what their rights are when it comes to a canceled flight, and how to handle the situation if their flight is canceled.  In [...]

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Stranded in New Zealand – Flight Cancellation Drama

Flight Cancellation!  January of 2018, we were finishing up a fabulous long three-week vacation across Australia and New Zealand. I intentionally booked our flights as the crow flies in order not to backtrack. The final destination was Auckland, New Zealand, so it only made sense to fly from there back [...]

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