The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that consists of 14 counties.

6 Reasons To Choose An Inside Cruise Cabin

Every cruiser lusts after the raved about the balcony room. What if I told you there are some serious advantages to an inside cruise cabin that you might not have considered? I just took my 8th cruise. I don’t think of myself as a cruising fanatic by any means, but I am not a novice cruiser. [...]

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Travel to Cuba – Yes Americans Still Can!

Update: This post was valid up until June 4th, 2019 before the New Rules on American Travel to Cuba - Travel to Cuba for American's is no longer permitted. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Many of us have romanticized about travel to Cuba. We often don’t because of the unknown. We did in May of 2017, and it was terrific. [...]

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