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Taking a vacation on a cruise includes everything you need for a fantastic holiday: food, accommodations, entertainment during the day and at night, and transportation between destinations. Cruise fares can be as little as $100 per person per night on mainstream lines, which is significantly less than you’d spend on land for a hotel, dinner, and a show. When sharing a cabin with two adults, kids may sail for free or at a discounted rate.

Are you looking for luxury? Upscale lines offer even more inclusive fares, including alcohol and soft drinks, gratuities, shore tours, and onboard spending credits. So, here’s a rundown of all the fantastic things about cruising and why you should consider a vacation on a cruise!

Unbeknown to most, cruises offer one-way travel. There are three types of cruises that are typically one-way. Meaning you leave from one country and depart the cruise in another.

It takes you longer to get there, at least seven days. However, it’s a beautiful way to travel without flying. And you get the bonus of seeing some additional countries on your way. Another reason many people travel by cruise vs. flying is that you can take your pet on cruises. For example, the Queen Elizabeth Luxury Cruise Ship has pet quarters!


Repositioning cruises are one-way sailings that bring the ship to a new home port or a different part of the world to kick-start a new cruise season. Because these sailings often cross oceans, you’ll likely experience ports in more than one cruise region — and have great sea days to take advantage of the spa, dining, and entertainment options on board.

All the major cruise lines offer the occasional repositioning cruises, typically on ships that usually sail in destinations with shorter seasons, such as Alaska or the Mediterranean.


As the name suggests, Transpacific cruises sail throughout the world’s largest body of water, the Pacific Ocean. Most cross over the International Dateline – the invisible line that marks where the day begins – and stop at a few ports like Hong Kong, Easter Island, Bora Bora, and Hawaii. Some examples of transpacific routes are:

  • Vancouver Canada to Honolulu, Oahu, HI
  • Honolulu, HI to Sydney, Australia
  • Los Angeles, USA, to Auckland, New Zealand


A transatlantic cruise is any sailing that travels across the Atlantic Ocean, typically between North America and Europe. They usually last around two weeks and spend several consecutive days at sea, allowing you to enjoy the best a cruise ship has to offer on board. Examples include ships that sail the warm waters of the Caribbean during winter months, then reposition to Europe for summer or vice versa.

Here are some examples of transatlantic cruises:

  • Rome, Italy to Tampa, USA
  • Miami, USA to Lisbon, Portugal


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