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Lakes are bodies of water surrounded by land. The world has millions of lakes. They are found in every environment, from mountains to deserts, plains to seashores.

Lake Georgia
There is a wide variety of sizes of lakes. Many are small enough to fit in your backyard and measure only a few square meters. Lakes of this size are often referred to as ponds. Some lakes are so big that they are called seas. With an area greater than  143,000 square miles, the Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake.

The depth of lakes also varies greatly. Located in Russia, Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake. Its bottom is nearly more than 1 mile beneath the surface in some places. Despite having a surface area less than half that of Lake Superior, one of North America’s Great Lakes, Lake Baikal, is four times deeper and holds nearly as much water as all five combined. The depth of some lakes allows people to wade across them easily. The depth of some lakes will enable people to wade across them easily.

About Florida’s Lakes

Florida has more than 30,000 lakes covering more than 3 million acres. Lakes range from very small to 448,000-acre Lake Okeechobee, the nation’s fourth-largest natural lake. With 46,000 acres, Lake George is the second-largest lake in the state.

The lakes in Florida are vast! Florida is home to more than 7,500 lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and approximately 12,000 miles of fishable rivers, streams, and canals!

There are 554 freshwater lakes in Polk County. Lake County has more than 1,000 named lakes spread over 200 square miles. In Lake County, the Clermont Chain comprises 15 lakes that range from 20 acres to 3,634 acres. Traveling to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Johns River, another series of interconnecting waterways in Lake County for ambitious boaters is possible.

Most people’s mental image of a Florida lake differs from reality. There are many shallow, weedy, and muddy lakes in Florida. Florida’s larger lakes, such as the Harris and Kissimmee Chains, are interconnected highways to the ocean that prevent flooding during rainy seasons.

Most of Florida’s clear-water lakes are spring-fed, making them great for swimming. Spring-fed lakes are not big enough for water skiing unless you like skiing around in circles. Florida has several excellent waterskiing lakes, but lakefront land on these lakes commands a high premium due to their rarity and high demand. Developers have begun advertising man-made canals and rock pits as lakes for waterfront home buyers in recent years.

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