Explore Florida’s Beaches With Brit on the Move™

Florida is a southeastern U.S. state with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Numerous beaches exist in Florida. In addition to its Latin-American cultural influences and notable arts scene, Miami is known for its nightlife, especially in upscale South Beach. There are several theme parks in Orlando, including Walt Disney World.

You can enjoy Florida’s 825 miles of sandy beaches. In addition to being beautiful, accessible, and equipped for year-round sun, sparkling white sand, and sparkling waters, Florida beaches are also known for their beauty, accessibility, and facilities. As well as historic sites, state parks, fishing communities, yacht-lined marinas, and urban centers, Florida’s coast is home to various natural habitats – sand dunes, salt marshes, mangrove islands, and coral reefs.


Among Florida’s best beaches are those in the Panhandle. Many of them are in protected national parks with little to no development, so they run for miles and miles. The beaches here are as close to perfection as you can get with their white, squeaky sand. April to October is the best time of year, but that’s about it.

West Coast

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Western Florida’s beaches are famous for their incredible sunsets. Despite their smaller size, these are just as beautiful as their Atlantic cousins. Family-friendly, these beaches are surrounded by warm, calm, crystalline waters (except for Fort Myers).


Surfers and water sports enthusiasts are likelier to visit beaches along the Atlantic coast. Due to their location, these beaches are exposed to the raw power of the Atlantic Ocean and are subject to large waves and rip currents from time to time.

Florida has a wide variety of environments, from palm-lined, activity-filled boardwalks to secluded state parks where plants and animals thrive.