Discover Wildlife As You Travel With Brit on the Move™

Travel takes us to various different environments. These environments offer us the chance to see and sometimes interact with diverse rich wildlife.

Discovering land and marine animals around the world is a passion for many. Some people choose to go on safari’s in Africa in the quest to see the big five. Others volunteer in Asia and South America to help support wildlife conservation.

Some visit specific countries like South Africa just to dive with the great white sharks.
Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Lastly, many travelers don’t necessarily travel to interact with animals but find themselves participating in Wildlife Tourism.

Wildlife Tourism 

Not a new concept, it’s tourism that involves observing and interacting with local animals and plants in their natural habitats.

The industry includes segments such as eco-tourism, safari tours, and mountain tourism. Protected areas are the most popular destinations for wildlife watching tourism.

Brit on the Move™ will take you into the wild to see your dream animals, connecting with nature, and doing it sustainably.

You’ll find in-depth articles about responsible wildlife tourism as well as information about great places to stay that offer interactions with animals.

In addition, we highlight many rescue centers that are worth your time.