Join me on a journey across the globe in a relentless quest to see and try everything while maintaining your day job! Having traveled to over 46 counties and all 50 states, I’ve learned a trick or two along the way. Let me inspire you to take that trip you have been dreaming about. Most importantly, I’ll share my global travel experience with you and a ton of travel hacks that work!

Colonia Uruguay from Argentina

Colonia Uruguay, otherwise known as Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay is a small city in southwestern Uruguay. One of the oldest towns, it faces Buenos Aires, Argentina and is easily accessible. Almost every seasoned traveler visiting Buenos Aires will take on the trip to Uruguay. Whether it’s to check out the art [...]

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Iguazu Falls – Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu Falls are to waterfall enthusiasts what Versailles is to the palace enthusiast. It’s the mecca of all waterfalls covering 1.7 miles across three counties: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Even if waterfalls are not your thing, visiting is a bucket list experience for anyone. There is something heavenly about walking [...]

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Belfast Ireland – The Murals and Peace Walls

Before we talk about how to tour Belfast Ireland a brief history is appropriate; Belfast Irelands’ History Belfast Ireland or is it Belfast England? A debate that stems from the English King Henry VIII’s takeover of Ireland in 1541. Fast forward to modern day times. The 1919-21 Anglo-Irish War led [...]

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The Waitomo Caves of New Zealand

Located two and a half hours away from Auckland, the Waitomo Caves are famous for being filled with glowworms. While the main glowworm cave is an unusual attraction, most people don’t realize that the other Waitomo Caves are as impressive! Visiting the Waitomo Caves is a full day out, and there [...]

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All You Need To Know About Rotorua – New Zealand

Chances are if you are visiting the northern island of New Zealand, you will visit Rotorua. Known as the regions geothermal area, it attracts tourists in droves. As a fan of geothermal activity, this appealed to me, and we combined this with our trip to Hobbiton. Rotorua is an hour [...]

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Britain – Harrogate Victorian Turkish Baths

Tucked away in the corner of North of Yorkshire, Britain lies a spa town called Harrogate that is home to the last completely fully working Victorian Turkish Bath in England. Locals and tourists alike flock here to see have tea at Betty’s Tea Room, admire the historical buildings or shop [...]

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Travel Essentials You Should Pack for Uluru

Travel Essentials You Should Pack for Uluru If you are planning to travel to Uluru while visiting Australia there some items you should pack. Most of these items can be purchased on site but at a premium price. Setting out to conquer the big red rock without the right supplies [...]

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