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The Dream Solo Trip – Why You Need To Explore These Top Destinations

Thankfully, there is no longer a stigma around a solo trip, and more people are considering visiting the world without a companion. The world has never been more accommodating for those who want to travel alone, and travel agencies have special programs meant to combat loneliness. 

If you want to explore the world without a travel buddy, worry no more because you can go anywhere. The following destinations will be even more thrilling if you visit them alone. Suppose you’re a little anxious about your next adventure; this article provides enough information to alleviate some of your nerves. 

However, before discussing the destinations you should add to your travel list, it is necessary to examine the preparation process. 

Solo Trip For All

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Getting Ready For A Solo Trip

The secret to a successful solo trip is meticulous planning before leaving home. It implies picking the destination, establishing the budget, booking accommodation, ensuring you have the necessary travel documents, getting travel insurance, and establishing the best way to stay connected with your loved ones. By carefully preparing for your trip, you ensure you have the most rewarding experience. 

Establishing your budget is a priority because you have to stay realistic about how much it costs you to travel alone. Consider factors like accommodation, transportation, food, activities, and other similar costs when estimating your expenses. You must also buy a travel eSIM to connect with your loved ones at home. Visit this site for more information about an eSIM and its advantages to a trip.

Organize your documents and research the destination to ensure you have the necessary paperwork. Keep copies of your documents on your cloud and digital devices; you can always use those if you lose the originals. 

Safety is a priority when planning a solo trip because there’s no one to get your back if you encounter any issues. Listening to your intuition and being aware of your surroundings is paramount. Try Holafly’s eSIMs to inform your loved ones of your itinerary. Installing a location-sharing app to stay in touch with them would also be helpful. 

Best Destinations For Solo Trips


Whether you’re EU- or US-based, Ireland is one of the top destinations for solo travelers due to its friendly locals and easy access.


It’s best to book your Ireland trip with a local travel agency, as they know the best places to visit as a solo tourist. Some of these agencies even offer group tours, so while you might leave home alone, you might not be alone during your vacation. 


If you want to take some time off and enjoy a peaceful vacation, Bali is the best destination. While there, you can learn more about the Buddhist practice of meditating, which can alleviate some of the stress you face daily. There are several places in Bali where you can meditate, but the Bali Silent Retreat is one of the most popular.

Travel to Bali

However, be prepared for utter silence because, as the name suggests, the retreat does not allow music, talking, or other sounds. You’ll only listen to the noises of nature and reconnect with your inner self. While in Bali, visit the surroundings and walk through the rice fields. This place is the ideal destination when you want to get away from the world. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is another safe place you can visit in 2024 if you want to travel alone. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations because it’s cheaper than Australia but offers access to similar wonders. And considering that it’s a small country, it’s also relatively easy to get about and explore the outdoors.

rotorua new zealand

The epic scenes will captivate your attention because it’s home to volcanic landscapes, sandy beaches, blue water bays, and breathtaking mountain scenes. Making an itinerary from home is advisable to have the best possible experience when visiting the Lord of the Ring’s country. 

Many people choose to rent motorhomes to explore New Zealand. A long-wheelbase van gives you enough space to complete most jobs in a single trip.


Greece might be one of the busiest destinations on this list, but it’s also ideal for solo travelers, mainly due to its party islands. There’s no easier way to make friends while traveling than attending a party. As a European, you might find it more comforting to stick closer to home, so traveling to Greece sounds like a great idea.

Greece Solo Trip

It’s a country that combines charming, antic cities, beach life, and fascinating activities. There are also plenty of wild spots you can still discover if you have a passion for the outdoors. If you want to avoid the crowd, plan your trip off-season. The weather is still lovely, and you can save money for accommodation and other travel-associated expenses, as everything is more affordable when there is little demand. 


While Canada isn’t often listed among the most popular travel destinations in the world, it should be placed among the places solo travelers can visit without worrying about their safety. The country is home to epic scenery, and there is plenty to do for someone who enjoys the outdoors, sports, and everything related to nature.

Jasper Canada

However, you might need to rent a car due to the country’s vast landscape and the long distances between large cities. Therefore, expect a vacation in Canada to be more expensive. British Columbia is the best place to start a trip to Canada because it’s a welcoming city with a vibrant nightlife and many tourist attractions. 


What does a solo trip mean?

Solo Trip

How does solo travel work? The and websites define solo travel as when a tourist travels alone and decides everything based on their needs, such as services, activities, places, etc. In a solo trip, the individual makes the decision and choice.

Is it normal to travel solo?

Solo Trip

Globally, solo travel is the #1 trend, with 25% of people wanting to travel alone. Don’t worry. About 14 of your fellow travelers also travel alone, so they won’t think you’re weird – they do it all the time!

Is a solo trip a good idea?

Solo Trip

The well-being benefits of either traveling or spending time alone are well-known. Combining these two is like a match made in heaven. Sometimes, escaping your usual life and friends is the best thing that can happen to you.

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of your destination, try to immerse yourself in local culture, as it’s the greatest reward you can get when you visit a new place. Research before leaving home to find the best experiences in each place you see and create an itinerary that includes them. Lastly, although you might travel alone, don’t say no to connecting with other tourists. If you’re looking for cheap vacations and day trips, visit this site.

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