A language shared by intelligent beings with distinct cultural differences. A cross of British and American English butchered with slang and idioms. Proverbs are often backward, upside down, and frequently incomprehensible.

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Brit did not create some of the Britlish™ on the Move™ Brit defines all the examples for you. Some of these originate from Northern England slang and are understood by most from this region. Others are cockney rhyming slang, widely known by all in England. Several of these can’t be explained and are simply Nikkism’s ™.

Word or PhraseTranslationContext or Used in a Sentence
AyeYesAye, go on then I'll have a beer
AvHaveDo you av' five minutes?
AyupHelloAyup Tommy, what you been up to?
BarnetHead or hairJesus, sort your barnet out it's a mess
BellendPenis, used to convey idiotYou are a total bellend
BevyDrinkWhat's your favorite bevy?
BirdGirlfriendR' Tommy has got a new bird and she's hot
BloodyCurse word used to emphasize a comment or make an angry statementDon’t be bloody daft, pigs don't fly
Don’t bloody start with me
BlokeManThat bloke is a such a laugh
Boat loadA lotThat cruise was boat load of rubbish
Boat raceFaceSort out your boat race you look miserable
Bob’s your uncleYou're all set or you've got it madeWe sorted out the overdraft and Bob's your uncle!
BogToiletDo you av' any bog roll?
BollocksTechnically, it’s testicles but it’s used to convey nonsense or a mistakeThat show was total bollocks
I made a right bollocks of that paint job
BonneyPrettyThat lass is bonney
Boris BeckerPecker (Penis)Your fly is open, we can all see your Boris Becker
Bray, brayingBeat, beatingI'm going to bray r' Tommy when he gets in
ButtySandwichWill you make me a ham and cheese butty?
CertifiableInsaneR' Tommy is certifiable
Change your boat raceChange your faceChange the expression on your face
Chelpin’Talking, complaining, moaningStop chelpin about Tommy, I’ve heard enough already
ChippyFish and chip shopRun to the chippy and get us some tea
ChuffedPleased, excitedI am well chuffed with my raise
Council housePublic housing owned by governmentR' Tommy got a council house
Council estatePublic housing estate owned by government, in the USA this is the projectsR' Tommy lives on a council estate
Cream crackeredKnackered, tiredI am so cream crackered I am going to bed early tonight
C***A derogatory name for a person, male or female.
But Ricky explains it best! @rickygervais
He's such a C***
Daft as a brushStupidTommy is as daft as a brush
DeffoDefinitelyI will deffo sort that out tomorrow
DickheadA stupid man, an idiot, irritating, or ridiculous manThat dickhead thinks that the world revolves around him
DidyaDid you?Didya pay the credit card?
DingbatSillyOmg, you thought the world was flat - you dingbat!
DivIdiotMy follow Brit Ricky Gervais sums this up best!
DoleWelfare, unemployment moneyTommy is out of work and is on the dole
DoshMoneyI have plenty of dosh saved for my holidays
Eeh by gumOh my GodEeh by gum, I can’t believe me mar is in the hospital
EghWhat?Egh, you mean to tell me you did not pay the credit card?
FaffingMessing aboutStop faffing about with the remote control
FamishedStarving, hungryI can’t wait until 1:00 for lunch, I am famished
Flippin 'eckShock and surpriseFlippin' eck r' Tommy's only gone and quit his job
FancyBe romantically interested in, attracted to or wantI fancy that bird
I fancy fish and chips for tea
For “fox” sake (FFS)For “f***” sake, like saying OMG or not againFFS, can you believe that we are re-writing it again?
Friggin'Curse, like f****** but politer!Don’t friggin' get me started
GafferBossI don’t know if we can do that, we need to check with the gaffer
GanderLook atLet's av' a gander at those new houses
GearStuff, things, itemsDon't pack my gear I will sort it out myself
Get your feet dirtyGet your hands dirtyIdiom gone wrong! A Nikkism
Get your hands wetGet your hands dirtyIdiom gone wrong! A Nikkism
GibberishNonsense, rubbishSome would consider “Britlish™” to be gibberish!
GinnellAlleywayI saw your two dogs running through the ginnell
GizGiveGiz a piece of that pizza
GormlessStupidR' Tommy is so gormless, he's only gone and lost his wallet
GrubFoodDo you av' any grub at your house?
Gunna, gonnaGoing toI'm gunna get that new job
HovelA squalid, unpleasant, or simply constructed dwelling.I can't stay here, it's a hovel
In't - (in it…)Isn't it?In't a beautiful day
JammyVery luckyHow jammy was it that we did not get a ticket?
Jammy dodgerVery lucky personThat Jammy dodger did not even get a ticket
KiddingJoking, teasingIt really cost $1,000, no kidding
KnackeredTired, exhaustedI am totally knackered
KnobheadDickhead, bellend, a stupid man, an idiot, irritating, or ridiculous manThat knobhead spent his entire paycheck tonight
LassGirl, women, sister, girlfriendR’lass, aka our sister or bird (girlfriend)
LavvyToiletWhere is the lavvy?
MankyNot nice, unpleasant, dirtyThat restaurant is well manky
MarMotherMe mar will be 65 this year
MinginShanky, stinks, unpleasantThat lass is totally mingin
Mithered, Mitherin(g).Irritated with something or meddlingStop mitherin in r' Tommy's business
Monkey in the wrenchThrow a wrench in the works or Throw a (monkey) wrench in(to) the worksIdiom gone wrong! A Nikkism
NebNoseKeep your neb out of my business
North South, West or East and all in reverseBrit on the Move gibberish or dyslexia
NoshFoodDo you av' any nosh at your house?
NoutNothingI ain't got nout to say
NowtNothingI ain't got nowt to say
Oh aye?Oh really?Tommy got arrested! Oh aye?
One flew over the cuckoo's nestCrazyI swear, one flew over cockoo's nest
OwtAnythingI ain't got owt to say
Pack it inStop itKids, pack it in I am not going to tell you again
PaggeredKnackered, tired, exhaustedI'm completely paggered
I just paggered the car
Literally penis, but used as a derogatory term or an idiot.R' Tommy is a plonker
PMSLP***ing myself laughingThat was so funny I am PMSL
PopFizzy drinkDo we have any pop or should I pick some up?
PrattIdiotThat bloke is a total pratt
PudgyFat, ChubbyR' lass has gotten pudgy
R’"Our" used in family context, sometimes used with close friendsR' Tommy is in getting engaged
R' Tommy said he has an interview next week
RadgedPissed, mad, angry, crazyThat bird r' Tommy brought round is radged
RubbishTrash, garbage, nonsenseThat story Tommy told us is a boat load of rubbish
S*** tipHovel, diveThat hotel we stayed in was a total S*** tip
S*** holeHovel, diveThat hotel we stayed in was a total S*** hole
S*** off a shovelFastWhen the doctor touched Peggy's leg she jumped off the table like s*** off a shovel
SarniesSandwichesWhat sarnies did you make for lunch?
ScranFoodDo you av' any scran at your house?
See You Next TuesdayToo naughty to translateUse your imagination for this one!
SectionedThe term that is used when someone is detained (against their will) under the Mental Health Act.R' Tommy's been sectioned
SlagHooker, easy, hoeWhy is Tommy going out with (dating) that slag?
SnapDittoDitto, we have the same bag!
SnogKissTommy is a right good snogger
SprogChildWhy are sprogs allowed to fly?
State SideSomewhere in the north riverside of ChicagoBrit on the Move gibberish or dyslexia
SummatSomethingTommy, do you av' summat to say like?
TaThanksTa love, it was lovely to get those flowers
Taking in the PissMaking fun offWhen Tommy said she looked good, you know he was takin' the piss right?
TarraByeTarra love, I'll see you next week
TeaDinnerWhat’s for tea tonight?
Ten a pennySomething of low value, or very common. In America it's "Dime a Dozen"Don't but that, they are ten a penny
ThrottleStrangleWhen I catch up with r' Tommy I am going to throttle him!
TippleDrinkLet's av' a tipple
Tits upFails completelyThe project went tits up and I lost my job
TosserMost commonly used like wanker or to insult someoneThat tosser cheated on r' Pauline
TosspotOriginally a habitual drinker, most commonly used like wanker or to insult someoneThat tosspot cheated on r' Pauline
Town bikeLose girl, aka everyone can get a "ride"R' Tommy only spent the night with the town bike, can you believe that?
TwatReferring to a person considered obnoxious or stupidYou gormless twat
That twat pulled his usual stunt and did not show up
VexedAngryI am so vexed right now I could literally smack you
WankerA worthless man, dickheadThat wanker cheated on r' Pauline
Went to the water one to many timesWent to the well one too many timesIdiom gone wrong! A Nikkism
YonderWalk or lookLet's av' a yonder at the lake
You having a laugh?Making fun off or are you being sarcastic or "funny"You think it's a good idea for us to swim in that alligator infested lake? Are you having a laugh?

Whenever I use slang, proverbs, or idioms throughout my blog, I will refer back to this page so that you can follow along.

Additionally, this list will continue to evolve. I will add more Britlish as I go along! Feel free to remind me of any I have missed or any other phrases that you have wondered about! If you have some of your own that you want to share, please do.

Enjoy; if nothing else, you will get a giggle from some of these!

What is an Idiom, Proverb, or Slang?



  1. an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements, as kick the bucket or hang one’s head, or from the general grammatical rules of a language, as the table round for the round table, and that is not a constituent of a larger expression of like characteristics.
  2. A language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to a people.



  1. a short popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought; adage; saw.
  2. A wise saying or precept; a didactic sentence.



  1. a specialized dictionary covering the words, phrases, and idioms that reflect the least formal speech of a language. These terms are often metaphorical and playful and are likely to be evanescent as the spoken language changes from one generation to another. Much slang belongs to specific groups, as the jargon of a particular class, profession, or age group. Some are vulgar. Some slang terms have staying power as slang, but others make a transition into everyday informal speech, and then into the standard language. An online slang dictionary, such as the Dictionary.com Slang Dictionary, provides immediate information about the meaning and history of a queried term and its appropriateness or lack of appropriateness in a range of social and professional circumstances.

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