Hobbitenango Guatemala And The Hobbit Holes

Hobbitenango: Unveiling the Magic of Guatemala’s Hobbit Village

Nestled in the highlands near Antigua, Guatemala, Hobbitenango offers a unique escape into a world inspired by the famed “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” series. This eco-friendly park blends the enchanting allure of Middle Earth with breathtaking views of Guatemalan volcanoes. Visitors can explore a landscape dotted with hobbit-style homes and partake in various activities celebrating the region’s natural beauty and the whimsical spirit of hobbit culture.

I’ve visited many Hobbition creations and stayed in various hobbit holes. None come close to this one – none! Aside from the views, staying on site and experiencing the most magical accommodations is like being cast in a fairytale. Stay in La Cala Esmeralda (the deluxe hobbit hole). You’ll enjoy uninterrupted views of the volcanoes blowing steam and many hummingbirds, and possibly the best view I’ve ever woken up to.

Living Room View From Window of La Cala Esmeralda:

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Fella’s, if you want to impress me (I’m single…) or your lady, book a few nights here! Specifically in La Cala Esmeralda. You will not want to leave this room; you’ll find it difficult to pry yourself out. Singles, don’t miss out on this. It is not all about romance! I stayed with my friend, and it was just as magical. This is a place that anyone will appreciate, and while we did our fair share of posing here, we enjoyed the ambiance just as much, if not more!

The Concept Behind Hobbitenango

The park’s concept extends beyond mere aesthetics; it is designed sustainably, encouraging a harmonious relationship with the environment. Travelers can indulge in fresh, locally sourced cuisine at the restaurant, engage in interactive games, and hike along scenic trails. Accommodation options include cozy hobbit-like casitas, providing an immersive experience for franchise fans and eco-tourists.

Hobbitenango stands out as a distinctive destination for those looking to combine their love for fantasy with an appreciation for nature. Aside from the themed attractions, the park’s location offers an exceptional viewpoint for observing the surrounding volcanoes, making it a splendid spot for photography lovers and adventurers seeking a one-of-a-kind experience in Central America.

About The Surrounding Volcanos

A volcano can be seen from almost any vantage point. The four volcanoes surrounding Hobbitenangoare Volcán de Agua, Volcán Fuego, Volcán Acatenango, and Volcán Pacaya. And I promise you you will not get better views than this:

Surrounding Volcanos of Hobbitenango

The Back Story Behind Hobbitenango

Hobbitenango, conceived as a small eco-village, has evolved into a distinctive eco-themed park fusing natural beauty and fantasy-inspired architecture.

The motivation behind Hobbitenango’s creation stemmed from a trio of friends united by their admiration for nature and whimsical entertainment. Seeking an escape from the hustle of modern life, they chose a site in Vuelta Grande, a mere 20 minutes from Antigua, Guatemala. Infused with inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythical universe, Hobbitenango was meticulously designed to mimic the enchanting land of Hobbiton. The project debuted as a sanctuary for friends to enjoy. Still, it soon expanded due to growing interest, developing into an attraction that invited the public to explore its hobbit-sized homes and Middle-earth-themed environment.

As an eco-park, Hobbitenango does not have a permanent population. Instead, it caters to an eclectic array of visitors ranging from “Lord of the Rings” fans to eco-tourists and families seeking a connection with nature. The demographic is as diverse as the experiences, including local Guatemalans and international tourists. They’re drawn to this retreat for its culinary offerings, picturesque landscapes, and the novelty of living like a hobbit for a day.

Hobbitenango Guatemala And The Hobbit Holes

Hobbitenango is situated at an impressive elevation of approximately 2,500 meters above sea level. This highland region features rolling hills with striking views over the valleys below, providing a serene backdrop for the Hobbit-like setting. A cooler, temperate climate defines the area, offering a respite from the tropical heat in other parts of Guatemala.

Location Of Hobbitenango, Guatemala

Hobbitenango is situated in the highlands near Antigua, Guatemala.

Address: Antigua Vuelta Grande, Aldea El Hato, Guatemala Vuelta Grande, Antigua Guatemala

Getting To Hobbitenango

To reach Hobbitenango, visitors can travel from Antigua, roughly 5 miles away. If they are staying in Guatemala City, it’s about 21 miles. It’s effortless to travel to.

Transportation Options

The easiest way is to take an Uber there and back. It costs about 200Q one way from Guatemala City.

A shuttle run by the park operates between Antigua and the park regularly throughout the day. This costs approximately 95Q per person for a round trip but does include the entrance ticket (making the shuttle 45Q return). You must book the Hobbitenango shuttle in advance, either by phone (3090-8812) or at the Antigua office.

Day Trip To Hobbitango or Stay At Hobbitango?

I will say this before I give you my two cents on whether you should stay. You need your head checking if you are in Guatemala City or Antigua, and don’t visit! Even if you only go for a day, it is worth every dime. Even if you do not like “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit” series, this place offers some of the most dramatic views of the area’s volcanoes. It’s also a photographer or Instagrammers heaven.

Hobbit Hole At Hobbitenango

However, I think the real magic occurs when you stay! And I’ll give you 10 reasons to skip the day trip to Hobbitango and stay overnight:

  • Staying on-site includes your entry to the park, which will give you more time to explore.
  • All activities are included in a stay, for example, the mini-golf or axe throwing.
  • It’s ridiculously inexpensive to stay on-site.
  • You will see the volcanoes before the fog and mist sets in.
  • Breakfast is included, and the food at Hobbitango is phenomenal.
  • If you want to capture the dreamy photos you see without an audience, staying overnight allows you to do this without a crowd watching you strike your pose.
  • You get to explore the park when there are no other guests. It gets dark early, but running around as if it’s your home is still cool and exciting.
  • The accommodations are unique, quirky, and dreamy. The spectacular, jaw-dropping views will bring you to your knees. You are set atop of the clouds—literally.
  • You will most likely have the bar to yourself! This may not be a big deal for most, but I enjoyed the one-on-one service we received. I also enjoyed exploring the odd decorations and meeting the resident fur ball.
  • It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

It is like stepping into another world dimension that’s genuinely a John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Lords Of The Rings fantasy come to life!

If You Can’t Stay Overnight In A Hobbit Hole, Here Are Options For DayTours That Include Transportation:

Interested in an ATV tour of Hobbitenango and exploring the countryside and mountain towns around Antigua? 

Experience the thrill of an ATV ride! Some of the options sound epic, but these options stand out:

Attractions and Activities At Hobbitango

Hobbitenango offers guests a unique combination of nature and entertainment. Visitors can engage in various recreational activities within the park’s boundaries, inspired by the fantasy world of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

If you’re feeling playful, you can enjoy archery, axe-throwing, seven holes of mini-golf, traditional fair games, and the largest tree swing in Central America as of 2024.

On weekends and holidays, Hobbitenango hosts a wide range of artisans in the artisan market. You can try local chocolates, coffee, and typical Guatemalan sweets from local makers. Also, mini-golf tournaments and live music are held on the weekend outdoor stage. 

Try the following while you visit Hobbitenango, Guatemala:

  • Coffee Tasting
  • Archery
  • Axe-throwing
  • Mini-golf (seven holes)
  • Central America’s largest tree swing
  • Hiking the extensive trails that offer panoramic views

Hobbitenango Guatemala Hand Statue – “El Coloso”

One of Hobbitenango’s main draws is the giant hand statue. It’s seen in almost every advertisement or article about this park. The hand is called “El Coloso” (The Colossus) and is a tribute to the Hobbits’ courage and strength. It’s also a great (and slightly famous) spot to take photos with the stunning backdrop of Antigua and its volcanoes.


Pro Tip: If you want the once-in-a-lifetime photo without rushing, stay overnight and make El Coloso your first stop.

Photo Opportunieis At Hobbitenango

Since the explosion of social media, lots of parks all over the world have become photographic playgrounds. For example, Bali is now famous for its swing parks where people capture once-in-a-lifetime photographs. Hobbitenango, like many destinations, has seized the opportunity to cash in on this trend. Like many other parks, there are ample photo opportunities:

The Hobbitenango Bench Swing

Much like Bali, swings are all the rage right now. The swing at Hobbitenango is adorable. It’s not a swing that glides over a mountain and won’t give you the flowing dress opportunity, but it’s still a great photo spot. Gosh, had I known the flowers were pink in advance, I would have chosen a pink outfit instead of red!

The Hobbitenango Swing

The Largest Swing In Central America

I did not partake in this; I am scared to death of heights! But this is what you can expect:

Photo Credit: Hobbitenango

El Coloso – The Giant Hand

I talked about the giant hand earlier. It’s probably the most iconic shot you can get at the park. If you visit Hobbitenango, this is the image you want! Or a variation of it.

The Colossus

This is the giant sculpture behind El Coloso – The Giant Hand.

The Butterfly Wings

There are several butterfly swings throughout the park. It’s a novel way to create memories.

Butterfly Wings At Hobbitango

The Bench

Almost everyone I saw stopped here to get their photo, and you can see why. The signage and stunning flowers scream, “I was here.”

The Bench At Hobbitenango Guatemala

The Hobbit Holes

Throughout the park, there are several hobbit holes that you can take pictures of both outside and inside.

Hobbitenango Guatemala Hobbit Hole
Hobbitenango Guatemala

The Nest

The wooden platform resembling a bird’s nest is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view. Trees and flowers surround this platform, which is located near El Coloso.   

Photo Credit: Hobbitenango Intagram

The Painted Concrete Benches

Tons of benches dotted across the park make for colorful memories.

Shopping At The Numerous Artisan Markets

As with any park, there are ample opportunities to shop until you drop. Hobbitenango is no exception. From the entrance and throughout the park, tons of local fare is available at reasonable prices, if not giveaway prices.

Shopping At Hobbitenango Guatemala And The Hobbit Holes

Staying At Hobbitenango – The Accommodations

The eco-lodge at Hobbitenango offers three hobbit holes and a camp-style cabin.

The Hobbit Holes

All three hobbit-style houses are nestled in the mountains of our magical region. Built with natural materials and innovative eco-friendly methods, you’ll be comfortable when you arrive. 

All three houses have double beds, a large fireplace for evening fires, low tables in the living room, a private bathroom with a hot shower, and a furnished outdoor patio. 

The Casita del Sueño is perfect for a couple or a small family, and the Casita del Nido is ideal for two couples or a larger family group. La Cala Esmeralda – the newest and most elegant casita is a new option for a super private stay with more space to explore.

La Casita del Sueño – The Nest House

Hobbit Hole La Casita del Sueño The Nest House

Photo Credit: Hobbitenango

La Casita del Nido – The Dream House

Hobbit Hole La Casita del Nido The Dream House

Photo Credit: Hobbitenango

La Cala Esmeralda – The Emerald Cove

This is the hobbit hole that we stayed in, and there are no words to describe just how amazing it is, so here is a video so that you can see what to expect:

El Descanso – Rest

El Descanso is a self-contained cabin neighboring Hobbitenango that is perfect for those looking for an independent nature retreat. With 360-degree views of the valley and mountains, this family-friendly cabin includes two bedrooms: a king bed and a bunk bed, a kitchen and separate bathroom, and a large garden to relax in.

El Descanso - Rest

Photo Credit: Hobbitenango

What’s Included With A Stay At Hobbitenango Guatemala

  • Breakfast
  • Entry to the park
  • Private access to the park when it’s not open to the public
  • Wood burning chiminea and the woods included

What Does It Cost To Stay At Onsite At Hobbitango

Rates start at approximately $100 per night. However, the further out you book, the better off you’ll be. We paid $165 for the night in La Cala Esmeralda. To book an overnight stay, you have to book directly with Hobbitenango.

Important: This place sells out! With only three hobbit holes and one cabin, the place sells out way in advance. So, book as early in advance as you can.

Dining Opportunities Onsite At Hobbitango

There are two restaurants onsite. The bistro and a buffet are available on weekends and holidays. The tavern is also full of exciting drinks and collectibles.

The Bar At Hobbitenango Guatemala

The food is inexpensive, and some of the best we ate in Guatemala. Here’s the breakfast, and you can choose anything from the extensive menu for your breakfast

Dining Opportunities Onsite At Hobbitango

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Hobbitenango Guatemala For the Day?

  1. Adults: Q50 (approximately USD 7)
  2. Children: Q30 (roughly USD 4)

Opportunities For Improvement

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, I take pride in telling you the good, the bad, and the ugly—regardless of whether the stay was sponsored or not. This stay was not sponsored, and we paid to stay. Here are the things that do need attention.

  1. The lights on the way down the steep steps to La Cala Esmeralda do not work. The staff told me via Google Translate that they are solar-powered, and there was not enough sun that day. This was not true – the lights are electric and do not work.
  2. There is no phone service to the staff or reception area. The resort relies on a walkie-talkie system, which is cute but completely impractical. Tuning into the right channel alone is a challenge.
  3. While included, breakfast is not delivered to your room, as the pictures on Onsite At Hobbitango’s website imply. This was a real bummer, as I wanted to eat breakfast in the restaurant rather than take in the view.
  4. The outdoor jacuzzi of La Cala Esmeralda does not work. I complained about this. This one is a huge deal. I am a fanatic about hot tubs and jacuzzies. This is one thing that would stop me from spending more than one night here. If fixed, I’d happily spend a week in La Cala Esmeralda.
  5. Each room has a fridge with soda, beer, and water. There’s no indication that this is not included, and there’s no price list. I assumed it was included. It’s not. Thank goodness I only had a beer.
  6. A tree directly blocks the entryway down to La Cala Esmeralda. I’m only 5.2 feet tall and had to dodge this tree. Imagine it’s pitch black because the lights don’t work, and you forget it’s there. It’s an accident waiting to happen.
  7. Some of the props for the photo opportunities are tired and need re-doing. All of the butterfly wings and color drained from the sun.

The staff speaks little English, so be prepared to use a translator. This is not a requirement or something we should expect. After all, you are in Guatemala. However, it’s a challenge to communicate issues.

Now, would any of this stop me from staying again? None, except the jacuzzi of La Cala Esmeralda.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the transportation options available to reach Hobbitenango from Antigua?

Hobbit Hole La Casita del Sueño The Nest House

Tourists can reach Hobbitenango by shuttle service from the Hobbitenango office in Antigua, which is a convenient option for many. Alternatively, one can drive to the location, about 8 kilometers away from Antigua, taking roughly 20 minutes of travel time. Or, take an Uber – that’s what we did!

What are the operating hours for Hobbitenango?

Hobbit Hole At Hobbitenango

The eco-park typically opens every day, though the hours can vary. Visitors should check the latest schedule before planning their trip, as weekend and weekday hours may differ.

What accommodation options are available near Hobbitenango?

El Descanso - Rest

There are multiple accommodations near Hobbitenango, ranging from hobbit-style houses on-site for an immersive experience to various hotels and guesthouses in Antigua, catering to different preferences and budgets.

How far is Hobbitenango located from Antigua, Guatemala?

Hobbitenango Guatemala And The Hobbit Holes

Hobbitenango is approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from Antigua. The journey can take about 20 minutes by car, making it an accessible day-trip destination.

What dining options are offered at Hobbitenango?

Dining Opportunities Onsite At Hobbitango

The park provides a distinctive dining experience with options such as a restaurant serving local cuisine. On weekends, visitors might encounter lunch buffet options, highlighting the flavors of Guatemala.

What key attractions should visitors not miss when at Hobbitenango?

Visitors should not miss the giant swing, the hobbit-style houses, and the medieval fair games. The Lord of the Rings inspires the park’s theme, offering unique attractions that capitalize on the fantastical setting. Most importantly, do not miss El Coloso—The Giant Hand!

Closing Thoughts

I’ve been fortunate to stay in a variety of unusual places all over the world. Many of them stand out for their reasons or amenities. And in fairness, comparisons are not apples to apples.

The ambiance at Hobbitenango, the views, and the serenity will bring out the child in any of you!

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