Social Distancing in Style at Geyserville CA

Who knew that social distancing would dominate this year's Spring Break? I didn't, and it dramatically altered my California trip with my eleven-year-old nephew Landon aka "The Monkey" in an adventurous way. The original plan was two nights in each of the following locations in California: San Francisco Yosemite Monterey San Simeon We made it [...]

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Inside Hohenschwangau Castle – The Mad Kings Childhood Home

Shadowed by the fame of Neuschwanstein Castle, many tourists skip a visit inside Hohenschwangau Castle. For the life of me, I can’t understand why. If you like castles, why would you not go inside both? Fortunately, in recent years, people have started to state that they think Hohenschwangau Castle is [...]

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Inside Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany’s Fairytale Castle

Perhaps one of the most famous castles in the world, a visit inside Neuschwanstein Castle may not be what you expect. This fairy tale castle often referred to as the "Disney Castle" the "Sleeping Beauty Castle and the "Cinderella Castle," almost everyone recognizes this Romanesque Revival Castle perched on the rocky hills of Hohenschwangau.  Neuschwanstein, [...]

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A Weekend In Dubai – The Best Places to Visit

Many people opt to spend a weekend in Dubai, given that Dubai is the central hub to the Middle East. It's not uncommon to spend a long weekend during a layover, and it's becoming even more common for people to spend a day while en route to other locations. Many Emirate airlines offer free layovers [...]

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15 Biggest Travel Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Travel is the best education that money can buy, that is unless you make a travel mistake. Making a travel mistake will not only add stress to your trip, but it could completely derail it. Worse, it could halt your plans. Here are fifteen travel mistakes that people make and how to avoid them. This post [...]

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How to Explore Changi International Airport – Complete Guide Including the Free Tours

Changi International Airport is the home of Singapore’s airport waterfall. Yes, a waterfall inside the airport and not a small trickle of water flow. It is the tallest inside waterfall in the world, and it free falls from the sky! Even if you are not familiar with Changi International Airport, I bet you have heard [...]

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The Best Guide To The Floating Villages of Siem Reap Cambodia

Everyone heads to Cambodia to see the temples, and most opt to see a floating village of Siem Reap. Visiting a floating village is recommended by all tuk-tuk drivers, hotels, and travel agents. It’s marketed as an opportunity to experience the cultural life of those living off the lake. The reality is outside companies run all [...]

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The Marina Bay Sands Pool: Is It Worth the Cost of Staying?

If you are not familiar with the Marina Bay Sands Resort or The Marina Bay Sands Pool, let me be the first to introduce you to the best $400 hotel room that is worth the cost! Marina Bay Sands is a five-star luxury hotel resort located in Singapore. The hotel is famous for its unusual [...]

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