Fussen Germany

Fussen Germany, Schnapps Tasting

Is Fussen Germany worth visiting? Beyond. This medieval town called “Füssen” is at the end of the Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse), which runs 217 miles north along the west border of Germany to Wurzburg.

This little town in Bavaria is often skipped over, yet it’s only a six-minute drive away or two miles from the world-famous Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles.

Fussen is Hohes Schloss’s (High Castle) site, the former summer residence of the prince-bishops of Augsburg. The castle walls still encase the town; oddly, this place is not packed with tourists.  I suspect this is for a couple of reasons:

  • Everyone is more concerned with getting to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.
  • No one realizes that the town center is behind this wall, and it’s packed with experiences for you.

Our visit to Fussen, Germany, was deliberate. We had the fortune of advice from friends that had experienced it.

We visited specifically to participate in schnapps tasting. However, there’s much more to see and do behind the castle walls of Fussen.

We enjoyed it so much we spent two afternoons here!

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Schnapps Tasting in Fussen Germany

I bet you did not know that schnapps is a thing across Bavaria.

Schnapps or “schnaps” are alcoholic beverages often referred to as flavored liqueur. The drink is made from fruit and grain, then infused with an endless array of flavors. Many stores in Bavaria distill their own and sell their brands. All offer free tasting, and some are rather generous with their samples.

Once you know what you are looking for, you’ll notice schnapps in almost all delicatessens, plant shops, houseware shops, and gift shops.

The old-fashioned bottles look like they came straight from a screen out of Harry Potter. And this is what enticed us to venture into Fussen.

Fussen Germany

Places for Schnapps Tasting in Fussen

Schmankerl Lädle Füssen

Schmankerl Lädle Füssen

What a find this little store was. This charming place is where we tasted the most schnapps, and this is where we ended up buying.

The owner welcomed us and encouraged us to sample many different flavors until we found the ones we liked. The flavors range from excellent to odd!

I ended up buying Rhubarb, Coffee, and Baileys flavors.

Here, we learned that it’s not just schnapps that adorned the beautiful pharmacy-like bottles; in some cases, it’s a salad dressing.

Address: Schrannengasse 13, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Lila Haus

Even if you are not on the hunt for schnapps, you should search for this store in Fussen. It sells all kinds of household goods that are trendy and different.

We tasted some schnapps here, but we had language challenges explaining the flavors we would like. Our fault as we don’t speak German.

Address: Sebastianstraße 4, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Even if you don’t drink alcohol, consider bringing someone a traditional gift from the region.

Shopping in Fussen

You will be spoilt for choices in Fussen. And, even though Europe, it was surprisingly inexpensive.

Mensels – Geschenke & Souvenirs

Don’t miss this place. You can buy everything from a pair of socks to a sheepskin rug, and it’s affordable. My friend purchased a sheep’s skin run for about 20 Euros, which is beyond a good deal.

Mensels Fusion Germany

Address: Reichenstraße, 87629 Füssen, Germany


How unusual is finding a Moroccan shop in a medieval town in southern Bavaria? We did not find this by chance. Another tip from a friend we sought this place out hunting for handmade leather purses. And score!

If you make your way to this store, be aware that the owner comes and goes on a whim. It was fascinating to locate the shop with all the merchandise on display, only to find no one there.

Marrakesh Fussen

Hang around a bit, he will return, and the wait will be worth it.

This beautiful shop does not have a website to link to, and the store owner only accepts cash. Lastly, be prepared to negotiate – it’s expected.

Address: Brunnengasse 16, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Canvero Accessories

Finding this store online has proved fruitless; I don’t know if it is still open as nothing comes up, which is odd; we were just there.

Of course, I did not take any photographs. Another lesson learned.  Canvero Accessories is a franchise, so perhaps the title of the shop is different.

We loved this shop! It sells bags, purses, hats, and scarves. It also sells the most unusual accessories I’ve ever seen that I wish we had stocked up with. We purchased magnetic blinged-out badges that you can add to a scarf, hat, or boots. You can add them to anything!

We also bought key ring/purse accents with a coin built in them for Aldi carts! Aldi might not be your thing, but they are huge in Europe, so these come in handy.

Address:  Reichenstraße 32 87629 Füssen

Where To Eat In Fussen

There are endless choices; the main street has an abundance of restaurants. Many of which offer traditional German food.  Here are the places we ate and drank at.


Technically a grocery store/deli/market hall. This charming place has a bar and a small café with seating.  This building has a serious history.


It was initially built in 1483 as a granary. Then in 1570, a small tower and clock were added. The building is listed in the German Monument Registers.

Address: Schrannengasse 12, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Restaurant Ludwig Gaststätte

This place will have a special place in all of our hearts from here to eternity.

Here, we fell in love with German food, something I never thought possible.

We all opted to try a traditional dish with red cabbage with Schweinshaxe (Roasted Pork Knuckle). Not only did we thoroughly enjoy this dish, but we’ve also since recreated it at home, and we are planning an event around this delicacy.

Restaurant Ludwig Gaststätte

Note, they only take cash. Something we ran into all over Bavaria.

Address: Reichenstraße 19, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Gasthof Weizenbrauerei

We ran in here due to rain and to warm up. We did not eat dinner, and we just had splendid drinks.

Hidden inside, there is an even better reason to visit. The decorations! Selfie fans, take note!

My friend Lisa loves to create iconic Hallmark-worthy shots whenever we come across places like this in Europe. Specifically restaurants with dressed windows. We have a few of these fantastic photos. One day, we will have enough for a “Hallmark Instagram” post of the collection.

Gasthof Weizenbrauerei

Address: Schrannengasse 10, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Buildings Of Fussen

While our purpose of visiting was schnapps tasting, I would be doing you a disservice not to share the beauty behind the castle walls. There is no end to the charm. Fussen is what you dream of when romanticizing European towns!

You could spend an entire afternoon just wandering around town. I’ll give you fair warning, though we got lost inside the walls as small a town as it is.

Where To Stay In Fussen

We did not stay in Fussen because we had our timeshare for a week at Ferienpark Oberallgäu in Missen-Wilhams. A quick thirty-minute drive and we were in Fussen.

In hindsight, I wish we had spent a night or two inside the castle walls.

Here are the highest-rated hotels in Fussen, Germany:

  • Best Western Plus Hotel Füssen
  • Schlosskrone Hotel
  • Sonne Hotel
  • Hotel in Old Town, Füssen
  • Fantasia Hotel
  • Central City Hotel
  • Luitpoldpark-Hotel
  • Ludwigs Hotel
  • Hirsch Hotel
  • Villa Toscana
  • Parkhotel Bad Faulenbach

You Can Book Hotels in Fussen, Germany, Here:



It depends on where you start from. It’s located approximately 2 miles away from Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. It’s an easy drive if you have a car.

Fussen is in southern Germany.

Yes, you can, but it’s a long walk, at least two miles. You will take the route via Füssener Str./B17 and Schwangauer Str.

Closing Thoughts

Since hearing about my friends’ experiences here, Fussen was on my must-see list.

I did not anticipate that this town would be worth visiting twice. It has every element of a fairytale village that you fantasize about seeing.

The best part is that it’s hidden behind the walls! Most will pass by; the lucky will stop and take in the charm.

Lastly, you now have a real reason to visit – schnapps tasting!

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  1. What really caught my eye (besides the creepy-looking Schnapps bottles), lol, are the absolutely gorgeous and intricate painting details on some of the buildings there in Fussen. How cool are those?! I’m wondering if that architectural/decor style is pretty prevalent throughout that area? I count you as brave for trying some of those unlabeled concoctions. They truly look like science experiments, lol.

    1. Hi Elaine,
      The buildings are gorgeous – tons and tons that are painted in different themes. Yes, it’s like this throughout the whole area. Brave, I am giggling! We had a blast trying these concoctions and even though unlabeled they do tell you what flavor they are:) Nikki

  2. Hi there

    what other flavors did you try of the schnapps but didnt buy? my mom and i will be there in a few months and schnapps is the only alcoholic beverage she ever drinks so we are excited to hear that this is in Fussen. Thank you so much for this information

    1. Hi there,
      We tried tons! Apple, rhubarb, coffee, vanilla a menthol one which was awful (you can’t miss it as in a bright green bottle). One like baileys, a cream one, peppermint (another one we did not like). I think we also tried strawberry which was too sweet and chocolate. There are hundreds to choose from:) Make sure you go to Schmankerl Lädle 0 by Füssen – this was the best shop by a mile. They will let you taste as many as needed till you find one you like:) Let me know what you end up buying. Nikki

  3. Wow, Fussen looks really cool. I really want to do the Romantic Road trip and was thinking about trying to plan it for the fall if things improve. I’d love to do a tasting of the schnapps. We have a similar national drink in Denmark called snaps and a lot of them are flavoured with anise.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I have actually had Snaps – good stuff :) I grew up in the UK. I too want to do the whole Romantic Road vs. just certain sections. If you do hit the area you must also visit Lichenstein :) Nikki

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