Located in York, northern England is Castle Howard. Despite its name, it is not a traditional castle. Castles are a fortified structures to defend against attacks, but the term “castle” is often part of an English estate home’s name. Likewise, when a building sits on a prior castle site, the term castle is common.  Castle Howard is a stately home. Furthermore, the term stately home is an English phrase for a large and fine house occupied or formerly occupied by an aristocratic family.

There are approximately 3,000 stately homes in England. Of the 3,000, most are privately owned. Three hundred are maintained by the National Trust, an organization founded in 1895 to promote public access to historic or architectural interest buildings and the land of natural beauty.

The Howard Family privately owns Castle Howard.  Castle Howard is one of England’s largest private stately homes, Brideshead Revisited’s film location, and is open to the public.

Castle Howard

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The Family History Of Castle Howard

The Howard family is a famous English family with a long linage.

William Howard is the founding member.  Howard’s family acquired the duchy (the territory of a duke or duchess; a dukedom) of Norfolk through Robert Howard’s marriage with Margaret, daughter of Thomas Mowbray, 1st duke of Norfolk.

Robert and Margaret’s son, John, was appointed The Duke of Norfolk in 1483 but killed in 1845 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, fighting for Richard III.

Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk, served in King Henry VII’s court as councilor and military commander.  His son, Thomas Howard, the 3rd duke, continued as his father did under Henry VIII. King Henry, infamous for multiple wives, married Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, both Thomas’s nieces.

The execution of Catherine leads to accusations of treason for both Norfolk and his son Henry Howard. Consequently, a series of tragedies and deaths ensued. As a result, it was not until 1660 that the Howards regained the duke of Norfolk’s title.

Castle Howard sits on the former location of the ruined Henderskelfe Castle. Construction started in 1699; however, it took almost a hundred years to build under three Howard Earls.

The House 

Charles Howard, The 3rd Earl of Carlisle, commissioned John Vanbrugh to design Castle Howard. The 3rd Earl of Carlisle was the great-grandson of Lord William Howard – the youngest son of Thomas Howard. Duke of Norfolk. Charles Howard, the 1st Earl of Carlisle, took possession as part of his wife, Elizabeth Dacre’s inheritance. Both Charles Howard and John Vanbrugh died before the completion.  Carlisle’s son-in-law, Sir Thomas Robinson, continued the project, and  Charles Heathcote Tatham completed it in 1811.

The design set out to be Baroque, a theme common with the times. However, when Sir Thomas Robinson took over the build, he toned down many of the original plans and added new elements.

The house has two symmetrical wings that protrude on both sides. The iconic gold dome is a late addition. The gold dome took shape in the final stages while the central block was built. While a late addition, the gold dome is a focal point internally and externally.

Castle Howard Dome

The enormous house and estate boast approximately 8,800 acres and a staggering 145 rooms. Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini decorated many of the rooms inside Castle Howard.

Note: While open to the public, not all rooms are on display and the Howards still live in Castle Howard.

Touring Castle Howard

When you visit Castle Howard, you can either take a self-guided tour and explore at your own leisure. Likewise, you can take one of many guided tours.

Self Guided Tours

There are two self-guided tickets:

  • House & Gardens Ticket
  • Gardens Ticket Only

If you visit Castle Howard for the first time, you must do both the house and the gardens to appreciate the entire estate. The garden option is great for those that have seen the house and want to bask in the expansive manicured gardens.

Guided Tours

Choose from any of the following or enquire about a particular area of interest; additional charges apply:

  • House Preview Tour -Enjoy an early morning private tour of the house before opening to the public.
  • Introduction to Castle Howard Talk– Familiarise your group with the house and family history before enjoying your house visit.
  • Gaslight & Riot: The Visit of Queen Victoria– Discover more about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s visit to Castle Howard in the summer of 1850.
  • The Hidden Lives of the Women of Castle Howard – The stories of Castle Howard’s women, told through paintings, documents, and hidden objects from our collection.
  • Castle Howard and Brideshead – Uncover the relationship between Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel and Castle Howard, as well as the filming of Brideshead not just once but twice at Castle Howard.
  • The Pre-Raphaelites and Castle Howard – Explore a wealth of paintings, textiles, wallpapers, and archive material that tell the story of the 9th Earl’s relationships and his Pre-Raphaelite friends.
  • Grand Tours and Farcical Journeys – Discover hidden objects from our archives brought back from the Howard family ancestors’ Grand Tours.
  • Duty Calls – Uncover the impact of war upon the Howard family and estate, with a chance to look at precious mementos for past generations.

The Chapel 

Originally intended to be a part of a dining room, the Chapel forms a part of the House’s mid-18th century west wing.  In the 1870s, a radical alteration took place—a change to the lower floor entrance. Boasting impressive Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris designs, the Chapel was redecorated in the pre-Raphaelite style.

The chapel is still active today. It is used for organ practice and occasional services. There is a prayer box in the Chapel, where almost 100 prayers are left every week. Prayers left are always prayed by the Chaplain each week.

Castle Howard Chapel

Castle Howard As A Film Location

Castle Howard England is a popular film location for multiple television productions and films since the 1960s. The beautiful grounds and home is the ideal setting for feature films, costume dramas, and documentaries.

For example, these productions all took place at Castle Howard:

  • Barry Lyndon
  • Lady L
  • Brideshead Revisited
  • Death Comes To Pemberley
  • Victoria

What You Need For The Perfect Day Out

Exhibitions & Displays

Some past exhibitions include Duty Calls, Magnificence and Convenience, and Mat Collishaw Exhibition.

Current Exhibitions

Currently, the estate has the “Brideshead Restored” exhibition on display.

Dates: Sat 24th March 2018 to Thu 31st December 2020

This exhibition tells the story of the fire of 1940 and the subsequent restoration and the extraordinary transformation of the derelict rooms into film sets for both the 1981 and 2008 versions of Brideshead Revisited.

Admission to the exhibitions & displays is included in a house and grounds ticket.

The Gardens And Monuments

Castle Howard has vast gardens that span miles. There are formal gardens, lakes, walled gardens, and various temples and monuments enriched with wildlife. For example, it’s not uncommon to see peacocks on the estate. The gardens are ceremoniously listed as Grade I on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. The diverse landscape at Castle Howard is so unique that it needs protection. The estate is home to several kinds of wildlife, ranging from badgers to bats to rare flora and fungi species.

The Main Garden 

As with most estates on this scale, a formal garden in the front can be viewed from the main house. Symmetrically placed with the Atlas Fountain as the masterpiece.

Castle Howard 2

The Atlas Fountain

William Andrews Nesfield is the Atlas Fountain and pond designer, and the sculpted figures are John Thomas’s work.

Castle Howard Fountain

Four Winds Temple 

Beautiful as this structure is, it does not have a formal purpose; it simply adds to the view.

Castle Howard Four Winds Temple 

The Mausoleum

One of the most famous monuments is the mausoleum. The mausoleum is the private burial place of the Howard family. Located almost a mile away from the main house, it is not accessible to the public. You can see the mausoleum from the waterfall at Temple Basin.

Castle Howard Mosuleum

Walled Garden

The Walled Garden includes a rose garden,  manicured borders, ornamental vegetable patch, and pretty summer blooms are the perfect place to relax and discover a stunning collection.

Woodland Garden

This garden houses a collection of plants worldwide with over 800 species of rhododendron, magnolias, maples, and rowans.

Additional Things To Do

Skelf Island

Skelf Island is a new adventure playground in Castle Howard. Perfect for children, Skelf Island offers children the opportunity to explore the treetop adventure across the Great Lake’s dormant water.

Attractions Close By

If you are visiting Yorkshire, England, here are some additional attractions in the area.


Staying At Castle Howard

One day is not enough at Castle Howard. Therefore, the estate has various options for you to stay on site:

  • Holiday Cottages
  • Lakeside Holiday Park
  • Camping & Caravan Park

Note: You cannot stay inside Castle Howard, rather on the grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Castle Howard worth?

Castle Howard is estimated to be worth $80 million.

Is Castle Howard Part Of The National Trust?

No, Castle Howard is not a part of the National Trust.

How Far Is Castle Howard from York?

Castle Howard is located just 15 miles North East of York and is easily accessible from the A64, which connects Leeds, York, and the Yorkshire Coast.

How Owns Castle Howard?

The Howard family company, Castle Howard Estate Limited, owns Castle Howard.

Closing Thoughts

I have visited Castle Howard many times. As a child, we used to visit frequently. As an adult, I spent time here with my mother as she battled cancer. When you arrive at Castle Howard, you immediately feel like you have transcended into a world lone gone. A world that is excessive, overt, and opulent. Yet, it is oozing romance. You can feel it in the air as you walk around.

When you are inside the house and look at the formal gardens and the Atlas Fountain, you can’t help but wish you grew up here or could move in! Finally, as you walk the gardens, you will be left with a new appreciation for the formal gardens famous for the 1870s.

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