Travel Essentials You Should Always Pack

Regardless of where you are going or how long the trip is, you’ll need to pack a bag, and you’ll want to bring the right things—determining which travel essentials can be a tedious process. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what to get: the type and length of your trip, your itinerary, the weather, the size of your luggage, and any weight limits imposed by airlines.

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Here is my list of travel essentials that we do not leave home without:

Activated Charcoal If you get sick, this is a must! It stops diarrhea by absorbing whatever toxins are in your system. Likewise,  this is good to take when consuming alcohol to ward off a potential hangover!
After Bite Living in Florida, we try to prevent being bitten with Off. After Bite Advanced Formula, Failing this is a portable solution that relieves the itch and sting from a mosquito, flea, and other insect bites.
Blue Dawn I bet you are thinking, what does Blue Dawn have to do with travel, right? Well, this product is the mecca of stain removal. I carry it in a travel-size bottle everywhere I go. If something gets stained, I dab this on. Therefore, I’ve treated the stain long before the laundry is done.
Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief I carry Dramamine whenever we travel to ensure that bases are covered when we go on the water. I also bring in on our boat for guests. Dramamine treats severe symptoms on the spot. Prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting & queasiness
Dry Shampoo I have long hair, and I’m addicted to dry shampoo. Dry shampoo has revolutionized my life. I can comb this into my hair, touch up with straighteners, and boom – ready to go! It’s also great to freshen up after a long flight.

What I love about this brand:

  • It’s not chalky
  • It comes in a travel size
  • Absorbs oil, sweat, and odor
  • Color safe
  • Cruelty-free
Charging Cord I was stuck in the Denver airport on a connection, lost my USB, and was persuaded to make this purchase. At the time, I thought it was absurd to spend $20 on a USB cord. However, these are guaranteed for up to a year. I’ve used my warranty twice with no issues. I would not consider another brand period. These cords are the only way to go. Think about how much you spend on the cheap ones that do not last. Before converting to Ventev, buying USB cords was at least a monthly event for me. Trust me; this cord will pay for its self in no time.

What I love about this brand:

  • 12 Month hassle-free warranty
  • It comes in various lengths
  • Brushed aluminum housing for enhanced durability
  • Durable wrap that prevents breakage
Charging Tower Who does not travel with a ton of electronic gadgets? A charging tower is a must for us. This guarantees that no matter how many outlets we have, we can still charge all our gear. I’m a big Aduro fan, and their products go the distance.

What I love about this brand:

  • Durability. They last forever; we have had ours for at least five years.
  • Fast charging
First Aid Kit Everyone needs a first aid kit when they travel. We also have one on our boat. This particular one is perfect for travel because it’s small, light, and clipped onto a belt or luggage. This little set contains a whopping 92 items, and it’s only 0.35 pounds!
Foldable Travel Duffel Bag I won’t even go on an overnight trip without one of these. I have several of them, and there is one inside of each case we own. Here’s where these come in handy. You know how you pack what you need, and if, like me, you avoid hand luggage? Well, how do you get all the stuff your buyback? Easy, you use your fold-up duffel bag. I’ve also checked a couple of these when needed.😊
Germolene Cream Growing up in England, this is a cult classic. If you’re English, you know about this magic potion. Germolene contains a local anesthetic that helps to prevent infection, numbs pain, and helps to heal. You can use this on anything from a cut to a burn.
Hanging Toiletry Bag for Travel Accessories We all have a toiletry bag that’s a part of most people’s packing gear. However, the hanging design takes the concept to a new level. I love my hanging bag because once you get where you are going, you can hang it on the back of your bathroom door. It saves a ton of space and allows you to organize all of your products.
Hip Flasks Who does not travel with a flask? You know, for water and all. I was kidding. Let’s be real. These are for a bevy, aka alcohol. These come in really handy when you want to add some Baileys to coffee or fancy a shot throughout the day. They are also instrumental at events where the prices for a drink are astronomical.
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter This gadget comes in handy if you find yourself unable to find bottled water or get stuck and run out of water. The LifeStraw is a cheap and eco-friendly alternative, and it’ll take up very little space in your bag.
Luggage – Soft Side In the last 30 years, I have probably purchased at least 20 luggage sets and various one-offs. I’ve tried every mainstream brand. We converted to Samsonite about five years ago.  Samsonite is the only stress-only luggage we now use, and for a good reason. These products last. They go the distance. I travel at least 12 times a year to work alone. I was replacing a bag a year just due to wear and tear. Samsonite might seem expensive, but luggage is a product that is you get what you pay for.

We have a couple of sets in different sizes for different purposes. For example, I need a cabin size for work. We both need cabin sizes for weekends. For long-haul trips, we needed significant, durable hard-side locking cases with 360 mobility. We own two sets of the soft side, and I have a hard red side, and Brian has an orange hard size.

What I love about this brand and the models we own:

  • Durability and warranty
  • 360 degree upright rolling
Luggage – Hard Side
Luggage Scale Most airports have scales you can use, but who wants to re-pack at the airport. For me, a luggage scale is a must as I want to check my bags and go. Therefore, knowing the weight in advance is critical. I just bought this model to replace an older non-digital version and am very happy with it!
Luggage Tags It would be best if you had luggage tags for practical reasons, such as losing a bag. But whoever said they had to be boring? I have a collection of different labels that I rotate out based on mood. I like these; the colors pop, especially on my black luggage.
Insect Repellent I think this is essential for any trip where there is no snow! No one wants to be eaten alive by bugs; this is standard practice for us.
Passport Holder You’ll need your passport to travel overseas.  Given this, you should consider your passport as one of the most important documents you have; therefore, it should be protected.

What I love about this brand:

  • Leather and durable
  • Has compartments for visas
  • 20 plus colors and very stylish
Power Bank Charge while on the go is essential. I swear by the Aduro power banks. They charge your devices are lighting fast, and you can charge three items at once.

This little charger is a must-have for any trip. As a result, this has also been the most popular gift we have given. We got our entire family these chargers; everyone is now an Aduro fan!

What I love about this brand:

  • Durability, they last forever.
  • Fast charging
Sarong Travel and sarongs go hand in hand for me. A sarong is excellent for the cover-up at the pool or spa. And, they double up as a dress — a lightweight multi-purpose item that needs to be in any suitcase.

What I love about this brand:

  • It comes in various sizes, including plus sizes
  • Multiple colors
  • Inexpensive
Sunscreen This might seem obvious, but sunscreen can be pricey overseas unless you come from the US or UK. If you know anything about me, you’ll see a brand is not my thing. Therefore, for sunscreen, for me, it’s about cost and practicality. No Ad is my go-to, particularly the cream versions, which I can transfer into smaller bottles if I need to.
Travel Adapter It goes without saying that if you are off overseas, you need a travel adapter. I’ve owned several over the years, and I recently bought this one. Above all, I decided I needed an all-in-one to save on space and handle power conversion for standard items. The color of this was lovely as well. Due to the color, it’s unlikely going to be forgotten because it stands out.
Travel Bottles I use these for specific items that I don’t want to haul full sizes of. For instance, blue dawn that I don’t leave the house without. Eye makeup remover and blue toning shampoo and conditioner.
Water Shoes I’m squeamish, and I wouldn’t say I like anything in the water touching my feet. As a result, I won’t go anywhere without water shoes, and these are perfect for travel. They are light, bright, and durable.

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