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20 Ways To Save Money On Your First Cruise – A Guide For Newbies

Going on your first cruise and want to know how to save money on your first cruise? We are here to rescue! There are many ways to save money on your first cruise and every cruise thereafter - you just need to know how! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information. 20 Ways To Save Money On Your First Cruise - A Guide For Newbies So let's get straight to [...]

  • Bermuda Car Rental

Bermuda Car Rentals – Why You Should Avoid Them

You've booked your dream trip to Bermuda and are looking for a Bermuda car rental. Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor, and all other car rental sites tell you there are no rentals available. Very odd! Then, you dig further and discover that you can't rent a car in Bermuda. This is because of Bermuda Government policy. Gas car rentals aren't permitted on the island. And residents can only own one motor car per family or household and only one [...]

  • Free Thing You Can Do On The Oasis of the Seas Cover

75 Plus Free Activities On The Oasis Of The Seas – Amplifed

The base fare of a cruise includes most things, but are the free thing you can do on The Oasis of the Seas? Well, there's a lot of free stuff to do. Understanding what's free or "included" will help you stick to a budget. Or,  if you are on a limited budget this guide will help you minimize your spending. The Oasis Class of ships are floating resorts and there's no need to spend on activities because [...]

  • Oasis Of The Seas

Oasis of The Seas – The Amplified Version

When first launched in 2009, Oasis of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world. And by large, we are talking five times bigger than the Titanic. Part of Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class, she is now the fourth-largest globally. And she continues to lead the rest of the Oasis Class ships.  This cruise ship earned the title of game-changer because it revolutionized how cruise ships offer their services, elevated the types of attractions available [...]

  • Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands – The 6 Best Ways To Explore Them

The Caribbean Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations globally, with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and a balmy climate. One of the best ways to experience the sights is island hopping when visiting the Caribbean Islands. Rather than staying in one place, you get to experience a variety of the diverse cultures the Caribbean has to offer. You can either navigate between the islands yourself using ferries and planes or opt for a more [...]

  • Travel To Barbados & Explore Shipwrecks

Travel To Barbados & Explore Shipwrecks

Many of us would like to travel to Barbados, and it's one of the most beautiful of all the Caribbean islands.  In addition to having some of the most beautiful beaches globally, this nation is an independent British Commonwealth nation. Additionally, it is home to sea turtles and shipwrecks, both of which can be easily explored. Barbados is home to nine shipwrecks. Some are located just off the coastline and can be explored with a snorkel. And [...]

  • Things To do In Turks and Caicos

Things To Do In Turks and Caicos

Visiting the Turks and Caicos and needs some ideas on things to do in Turks and Caicos? You are in luck because there's plenty to see and do!  This tropical getaway not only offers up some of the best beaches in the Caribbean but also has a rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking scenery.  The Turks and Caicos Islands are the British heart in the American body, a British territory located a few miles near Miami, Florida. [...]

  • Cruise Cabin

6 Reasons To Choose An Inside Cruise Cabin

Every cruiser lusts after the raved about the balcony room. What if I told you some serious advantages to an inside cruise cabin that you might not have considered? I just took my 8th cruise. I don't think of myself as a cruising fanatic, but I am not a novice cruiser. I've stayed inside, window view and balcony cabins. All have pros and cons, but the inside is my favorite, and I don't think I'll ever spend [...]

  • Travel to Cuba

Travel to Cuba – Yes Americans Still Can!

Many of us have romanticized travel to Cuba. We often don't because of the unknown. We did it in May of 2017, and it was terrific. Cuba is rich in history and culture, safe, inexpensive, and unique. It's not the typical Caribbean most Americans are accustomed to, but that's what makes it unique. Cuba is not for a novice traveler because you need to know plenty before your visit to ensure a smooth trip. We were [...]

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