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Brit on the Move ™ Travel Hacks

Travel hacking is the art of taking advantage of free travel, travel upgrades, and loyalty program elite status.

Or as stated by Urban Dictionary: A Clever solution for a travel-related problem


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The term “hack” implies something shady such as breaking into a computer. However when used in the context of “travel” it simply means that you are maximizing resources to your advantage.

Broadly applied travel hacking means being travel savvy and navigating the complex industry of travel. Done correctly, travel hacking will not only save you money but will also minimize potential issues while on the road.

Common travel hacking involves earning points via credit cards, airlines and hotels however there are many other ways to hack your way into free or less expensive travel.

I’ve been using a combination of travel hacks for years. I often fly free, my hotels are often free and I am no stranger to upgrades.

Here are practical travel hacks that you can start using today to earn free travel or avoid costly mistakes.


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How Does Airbnb Work?

People often ask how does Airbnb works, and should you use Airbnb vs. a hotel? For me, the answer is yes, but only when renting the entire place. [...]

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