Originally from the UK, Brit has managed to travel to all fifty of the United States of America. Additionally, Brit has visited more than half of the states at least twice. Brit has combed the United States enjoying everything from the big cities to the vast National Parks. Brit uses various travel hacks that work to navigate the United States. Therefore she often travels for free! Come on the journey and explore all fifty States with Brit!

Homosassa – Is It Better Than The Crystal River?

I’ve previously written about  The Crystal River and Scalloping. I also shared that in 2018 we would be scalloping out of Homosassa which is considered the mecca of scalloping. For many Floridian’s, scalloping out of Homosassa is an annual event, a tradition and many swear by Homosassa over the Crystal River. We [...]

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Hocking Hills State Park – Why You Should Visit

Hocking Hills State Park - Why You Should Visit Why should you visit Hocking Hills State Park Ohio? Because the towering cliffs, waterfalls, and deep gorges this park offers will captivate anyone who enjoys the outdoors. And, it’s an affordable option for families. The park itself is free. When most [...]

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Busy Bee Gas Station Bathrooms – Florida

You may wonder why on earth anyone would write about a bathroom? Well, it’s simple why. Most public restrooms are crap – pun intended. And, if you happen to be on the road, your experience will probably be dismal. You might encounter the dreaded gas station or the truck stop. [...]

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The Crystal River – Scalloping and Swimming With Manatees

The Crystal River is best known for scalloping and swimming with manatees. It is the most popular place in Florida for both. And, the only place in America where it is legal to swim with manatees. Deceiving as the title is, it’s not a river. This area is a combination [...]

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Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder – Over Priced!

Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder - Over Priced! The Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder is worthy of this review even though I’m not a big fan of writing hotel reviews. I’ve only written a few, and one was for a spectacular place in Argentina. I tend to spare hotel reviews [...]

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