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Originally from the UK, Brit has managed to travel to all fifty of the United States of America. Additionally, Brit has visited more than half of the states at least twice. Brit has combed the United States enjoying everything from the big cities to the vast National Parks. Brit uses various travel hacks that work to navigate the United States. Therefore she often travels for free! Come on the journey and explore all fifty States with Brit!

Bartow Florida – A Sleepy Town Making a Comeback

Located in Polk County, referred to as "City of Oaks and Azaleas," Bartow Florida is unheard of by most. Like many small towns, the first appearance is the same as any: the classical main street, a four-way stop, the local courthouse and the silence of empty storefronts. As you arrive on a Saturday, finding parking [...]

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Lakeridge Winery – Florida

Believe it or not, Florida is home to a winery or two!  California move over you got nothing on us! My personal favorite is Lakeridge Winery located in Clermont. It’s my favorite because the actual grapes are grown here, the actual vineyard is here and you can tour the vineyard along with sampling the products. This [...]

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Titusville Florida’s Private Islands

A private island in Titusville? This can't be right. Well, if you head out onto the Indian River Lagoon - an estuary, you will find a few! And, they are like a scene from Robinson Crusoe. I'm willing to bet most boaters don't think about sandbars or having a private island to themselves when you mention [...]

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Detroit Buildings – The Abandoned Ones in Pictures

Detroit Buildings. What comes to mind? Eminem’s childhood home, the GM Renaissance Center, The Detroit Tigers Stadium? Perhaps it’s all and more. For me, it is the historical and abandoned buildings. The architectural marvels that now lay in ruin, covered in graffiti, a shamble of their original glory. We spent a long weekend in Detroit to [...]

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The Howey Mansion – Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida

The Howey Mansion in Florida might not be as well-known as other mansions from the 1900’s era. It might not be as famous, as big or as opulent, but it is packed with rich history, a fascinating story and it’s been renovated to capture the original luster. A massive fan of mansions, palaces, and stately homes, [...]

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Cape Romano Dome House – Marco Island Florida

Cape Romano Dome House History The Cape Romano Dome House is not technically on Marco Island, Florida.  It is on the next Island down called Ten Thousand Island, which is only accessible via water. The island belongs to a larger group of Ten Thousand Islands.  Built by Bob Lee, a now-deceased retired oil producer in [...]

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Five Best Airboat Rides Near Orlando

Almost everyone who visits Florida asks what Orlando has to offer other than the theme parks. People are in search of cultural or Floridian things to do. There are hundreds of options from springs to historical forts and back! But my all-time favorite crowd pleasurer is an airboat ride! And contrary to popular belief, you [...]

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Scalloping in Florida – A Helpful Illustrated Guide: Where and How to Catch Scallops

Scalloping in Florida is essentially an underwater scavenger hunt for dinner! It's a Floridian tradition that many enjoy year after year. Florida scalloping is a family-friendly way to spend the day on the water catching juicy edible mollusks that appear on many seafood menus across the globe! There are a variety of different types of [...]

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Vero Beach – A Tropical Paradise

Central Florida’s east coast beaches are not known for tropical blue waters. Every magazine and every article will show you tropical blue water.  I’ve lived here for over 20 years and done my fair share of east coast beaches. Usually, you don’t see the blue water until you get to West Palm. There are some exceptions. [...]

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