Kings Landing Florida and The Iconic Emerald Run
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10 Reasons To Stay At Kings Landing, Florida

Most people don’t even realize that you can stay inside Kings Landing. And, inside, I mean behind the closed gates of one of Central Florida’s best-kept secrets. You can and don’t have to tent it unless your heart is set on camping. Kings Landing has five cabins inside that can be rented. Here are the ten reasons to stay at Kings Landing, Florida.

Stay At Kings Landing

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1. Kayaks and Canoes Are Included in Your Stay

Renting a kayak from Kings Landing costs $59 daily for a single-person kayak. When you rent a cabin, kayaks and canoes are included. Assuming you are not traveling solo, this alone is a reason to rent.

Cabin rentals throughout the week start at $135 a night! Close enough to the cost of renting kayaks. This is a sufficient reason to stay at Kings Landing, Florida.

2. Avoid The Crowds

Once onsite, you don’t have to launch from the central entry canal. You can take off morning or night and have the whole place yourself.

Kings Landing

3. One Day At Kings Landing Is Not Enough

You need more than one day to see it all and do the north and south runs. Why drive back and forth when you can stay onsite?

4. The Wildlife Comes Out To Play

Once the park is closed, the river slows down. With virtually no kayakers and only locals, you see the wildlife come to life. We got to watch the gators right off of our dock. Look closely; you’ll see him (or her) towards the lily pads. I bet you didn’t realize just how common alligators are in Central Florida.

Gator At Kings Landing

5. The Cabins Are Adorable

Each cabin is newly renovated, and they are packed with modern amenities. Each cabin has a separate blue glass fireplace and grill. It is one of the best ways to experience Kings’ Landing.

6. Fish From The Shore Or Dock

Here’s your chance to fish, but not from a kayak. When you stay inside Kings Landing, you have full access to the river to fish all day and night. There’s even a fish feeder to ensure that the fish are there!

7. Invite Your Friends Over

There are restrictions on how many people stay in each cabin; you must disclose this when you book. However, you can invite your friends, assuming you adhere to the rules and don’t cause a ruckus.

We invited friends over and had dinner on the deck. And we invited the family to kayak with us.

Kings Landing Rental

8. You Don’t Need to Pack Coolers

When you stay onsite, you can skip all the cooler packing. Come back and have lunch at the cabin. The only thing you need is your water vessel (and some drinks).

9. You Can Hike In The Park

Forget about taking a tour. If you stay onsite, you can hike at will. Kings Landing is the perfect spot for hiking, with plenty of nature trails. You will see lots of native wildlife, like wild turkeys, gators, and bald eagles, all in a natural setting.

10. RV and Trailer Parking Is Allowed Onsite

It doesn’t get any better than this. Suppose you’ve been on the road in your RV for a week or two and need a place to stay. Finding an area that has parking for RVs is challenging. There is a vast parking lot onsite.

About The Cabins When You Stay At Kings Landing

When you stay at Kings Landing, you have two choices: cabin rentals or tents. The Cabins are inside Kings Landing, and the campground is outside across the street.

Bear Cabin

This is the cabin we stayed in, and boy, did we make the right choice.

Bear Cabin, Turtle Cabin, and Otter Cabin are connected and share the walkways and deck. This is not explained on the website. Fortunately, we were the only guests and had the entire place. However, it could be a challenge if different groups book all three. You would be sharing an outdoor space.

If you score Bear Cabin, you’ve got the one at the front with the view. Bear Cabin sleeps four comfortably.

Turtle Cabin & Otter Cabins

Both are set up and designed like Bear Cabin, but they face the garden—Vs.—the water.

Both Turtle and Otter cabins sleep four people comfortably.

Studio Waterfront Bungalow & Two Bedroom Waterfront Bungalows

Like Bear, Otter, and Turtle, these bungalows share common spaces like the deck and walkways.

The studio sleeps four, and the two-bedroom sleeps six.

Pro Tip: All the cabins are almost $100 per night more on the weekend. If at all possible, stay on weekdays.

What You Need To Know About A Stay At Kings Landing, Florida

  • You can only reserve the cabins through AirbnbKings Landing will direct you to Airbnb.
  • You can rent multiple cabins and have the entire place to yourselves. A great way for families to all come together.
  • You must be 18 years of age to make a reservation.
  • When you book, you receive a gate code to access the properties.
  • All properties are keyless entries.
  • The Airbnb listings for Bear, Turtle, and Otter say that canoes are available. Both canoes and kayaks are available, along with life jackets.
  • There is a large parking area on site.

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Kings Landing Campground – Aka Eagle Boy Scout Retreat Campground

Just steps away from the launch area across the street, you can sleep under the stars in your tent for just $30 a night! This is primitive tent camping. It’s a great place for accessing the Rock Springs Run but is primitive. It’s the perfect place for camping enthusiasts and ideal for quality time with the kids.

Kings Landing Campground

What You Need To Know About King’s Landing Campground

  • One tent per campsite.
  • All lots are open and primitive, with no power or water hookups.
  • You can not hang hammocks on the trees.
  • Each campsite has a picnic table and fire pit.
  • Access to the onsite outdoor shower rinse-off area, cold water only.
  • Outhouse with toilet and sink, also two porta-potties on site.
  • Access to many hiking trails in the area and the old-fashioned swimming hole.
  • Guests may check in to campsites between 12 pm and 5 pm. Check-out is between 8 am and 12 pm.
  • Each party will receive a parking pass for their cars.
  • You have to complete an online waiver to stay at the campground.
  • An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.
  • No minors under the age of 2 years old
  • Cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled reservation to receive a full refund.
  • If canceled within 48 hours, you may reschedule or opt to receive an eGift Certificate.
  • All eGift Certificates will be valid for up to one year.

Closing Thoughts

So, now you know! You can stay inside King’s Landing, one of the most popular springs, in a fabulous cabin or camp across the street. I enjoyed this stay; it will be one of many to come. I can’t stress to you the value for money. Think of it like this: you may as well stay for what you’ll pay for tours or rent kayaks!

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