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Bermuda Car Rentals – Why You Should Avoid Them

You’ve booked your dream trip to Bermuda and are looking for a Bermuda car rental. Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor, and all other car rental sites tell you there are no rentals available. Very odd!

Then, you dig further and discover that you can’t rent a car in Bermuda.

This is because of Bermuda Government policy. Gas car rentals aren’t permitted on the island. And residents can only own one motor car per family or household and only one per family.

But wait, the article’s title is “Bermuda Car Rentals – Why You Should Avoid Them.”

That’s because while you can’t rent a traditional gas-powered car, you can rent a tiny electric car. However, I strongly recommend that you don’t, and here’s why!

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There are Only A Few Types of Bermuda Car Rentals

Tazzari Zero Junior

We rented the Tazzari Zero Junior from Oleander Cycles.

Features and Specifications

  • Multipower integrated 230V battery charger, three-speed (max 2KW) with active PFC
  • Tazzari automated Battery Maintenance System with Equalizer
  • Daytime LED running Lights
  • Rear lights and 3rd Brake light FULL LED
  • Adjustable mirrors with integrated LED Turn signals
  • Electric Windows
  • Central locking with an anti-theft system and automatic window closure
  • USB charging port for phone charging
  • 4-wheel disc brakes with energy recovery
  • Rear window and cabin heating
  • Tazzari Infotainment system with Touch screen
Tazzari Zero Junior Bermuda Car Rental

Note that the specifications don’t tell you charge time or miles per hour. I’ll get to that later.

I should consider us lucky as this was at least a genuine two-seater. Some of the rentals are Anaig Electric Mini’s, which look even worse.

Anaig Electric Mini’s – Commonly Known as a “Twizy”

This subcompact electric car has a body of unusual design and two seats, one in front and one behind.  It has a power reserve of 70 km, and the top speed is 45km per hour. The battery can be fully charged from an electrical outlet in 8 hours.

Anaig Electric Mini Bermuda Car Rental

The Bermi (Revolt) 200

The newest electric car in Bermuda is the Bermi (Revolt) 200. While more recent, they don’t look any better, faster or comfier than the other electric cars.

Features and Specifications

  • LED daytime running lights
  • Panoramic roof
  • Electronic opening rear door
  • BlueTooth™ for smartphone
  • Radio
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rear camera
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • McPherson Suspension
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Maximum speed 75Km/h (governed to 50Km/h for rental version)
  • Autonomy 200Km ( @ 50Km/h, lithium battery)
  • Charging time from empty 3-5 hours with lithium battery
Bermi Revolt 200

They Are Exceptionally Uncomfortable

Talk about close quarters. You are almost sitting on each other. The roof is so low that you cannot avoid bumping your head as you go over speed bumps.

The cars rattle as you drive and make a ton of clatter notice. The noise feels like the car will fall apart if you go over a pothole.

I can’t think of anything worse than spending a day on one of these cars.

They Drive Like Crap

Have you ridden both an electric and a gas-powered golf cart? If you have, you already know where I am going with this.

These electric cars drive like electric golf carts. You will struggle to climb hills. There’s zero acceleration, and you must wait for enough road clearance to pull out. They don’t handle the roads well and shake and rattle as you drive.

In addition, the brakes and petals are so close together that controlling the car takes a lot of getting used to.

Bermuda Car Rentals Are Slow

They go about 47 km an hour which is 27 miles per hour. This might seem adequate, but it’s not. The bottom line is you will have a hard time, especially when coming around corners or going up a hill. These cars do not handle the road well.

In addition, advertisements for these cars will tell you that you can drive around Bermuda in two hours. This is entirely untrue. One charge is insufficient to get you from the Dockyard to St George and back, much less around the entire island.

You, Will, Be Public Enemy Number 

Remember I told you that the fastest they drive is 27 miles an hour? Imagine this as you try to keep up with gas-powered vehicles on the road.

You go so slow that you end up with a procession of traffic honking at you. Ultimately this winds up in you pulling over to let the traffic pass.

All Bermuda car rentals are covered in advertisements, so everybody knows you’re in a Bermuda rental car. You stick out like a sore thumb.

Bermuda Car Rental

Charging Stations Are Hit and Miss

Even though the car rental companies have an app, you can download to show you where to charge – charging stations are unreliable at best.

Sadly, we left our electric car charging for two hours to find out it did not charge a percentage. This resulted in a staff member coming to ours to get enough charge to return the car.

We were due to return our rental car at five. We ended up being two hours late!

It Takes Hours to Charge A Bermuda Car Rental

Don’t buy the hype that these cars charge quickly. They do not. Even when the charger works to get a 50% charge, it will take you at least two hours. Realistically, the cars take hours to charge.

Now, you can park, charge, and take in the sights. However, know that this could turn into your worst nightmare if the car does not charge – which ours did not.

Any Comfort You Use Drains Your Battery

Suppose you want to use the advertised air conditioning or charge one of your devices. If you do, guess what? That already ridiculous charge will drain at least 25% quicker.

Say you need to put the vehicle in “race mode” to try quickly navigating through an area. Well, it, too, will drain your battery.

Suppose you want to maximize the battery’s life and avoid a charging dilemma. You need to drive on the economy setting, which is even slower. And, with no AC, no devices charging, and no stereo.

Tazzari Zero Junior Dashboard

Safety Is a Concern

I’m not a car safety expert or an expert in statistics. However, I’ve been driving worldwide for over thirty years.

I don’t think these cars are road worthy, much less safe.

There are no airbags. They are lightweight and can easily be toppled. There is little to protect you.

Now, I’ve rented my fair share of scooters, which many consider wickedly dangerous. I agree. You would fare worse on a scooter than inside an electric car.

All I am saying is that while they have the title of a car, it’s a little of a step up from a scooter in terms of safety.

It’s Stressful

I’ve told you everything that can go wrong.

Imagine, like us; you get stranded. You’ve been charging for two hours and nothing. You don’t have enough electricity to get back.

You will end up having to call the rental company for assistance. A staff member will show up and assist, but you’ll still need to wait for it to charge.

If you’re on a cruise or have a deadline, this will ruin your plans. Fortunately, we did not have to be anywhere except the rental company to return the car. Our two-hour delay had minimal impact, but it could have been a total disaster.

Bermuda Car Rentals Are Expensive

An electric car in Bermuda will cost almost $200 daily, regardless of season or rental company.

An electric car rental is twice the cost of a scooter for two. And public transportation in Bermuda is excellent.

FAQs About Bermuda Car Rentals

Tourists are not allowed to rent gas-powered cars in Bermuda. Only electric car rentals or scooters are available for rent.

Anywhere from $150 to $200 per day.

A Bermi is the newest electric car in Bermuda.

There is no Uber like service in Bermuda yet

Closing Thoughts

I love to try new things. Bermuda Car Rentals appealed to me because I’ve never driven one before. It was also one of only a few options on the island to tour at our own pace.

While booking, I imagined it to be a lot more comfortable. I completely overlooked (technically did not research) what I was getting into.

  • Would I rent one again? No!
  • Do I regret renting one? No – I now know what to expect.
  • Would I recommend you rent one? No, they are not for the faint of heart or for anyone who’s not comfortable being stranded.

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  1. this is a silly article. Ive been to bermuda several times, we go once a year ( except for through covid ) for 3-6 weeks each trip. we rented mopeds before the cars were available…..if youre not comfortable or if you have balance issues, mopeds may not be for you. We rented twizys before also, we thought they were super fun. we couldnt stop laughing all the weeks we have had them. they are a rough ride, but thankfully bermudas roads arent bad. Its not a big deal these cars go slow ( our twizy always went much faster than you are saying ), but even still, the speed limit in bermuda is only about 15-20 MPH anyway, so theres no need to go any faster. The locals know the tourists and have respect for us when they see us in the rental cars or on mopeds, theres never been a time where we were in the grocery store with a lot of bags and we werent offered help by the wonderful locals….and ( before we knew the island well ) every time we were pulled over, a local was always asking us if we needed help or directions. Any car can break down, even expensive gas cars…..crap happens.
    we have had nothing but great and fun experiences with all our personal transportation. i highly recommend renting a car of your own to enjoy this gorgeous island on your own time.
    I could not disagree with this article more…….and I am a frequent traveler and car renter in bda.

    1. Hi there,
      Glad to hear electric cars work for you. It’s not for me, and it was a terrible experience. And, you can’t rent a gas car rentals aren’t permitted on the island – or we would have! I also rented electric scooters in the Galapagos Islands in Nov – a similarly terrible experience.

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