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Hernando Beach Restaurants

People who visit or stay in Hernando Beach often ask about the Hernando Beach restaurants. Despite being a small town, Hernando Beach has plenty of options for food!

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Lei-Lo Tiki Hut “On The Water” (Formerly ZigZag Scallop)

By far, it’s one of my favorite Hernando Beach restaurants!  Try the scallops, the calamari, or the fish and chips. We’ve never had a bad meal here. Everything is 100% fresh and hand-breaded!

Lei-lo’s also offers daily specials and hosts the Monday burger special. And every Tuesday and Friday, they have all-you-can-eat crab legs!

You can also pull up to Lei-lo Tiki Hut on your boat – they have boat slips on the canal.

Menu For Lei-Lo Tiki Hut “On The Water”

Hernando Beach Tropical Grille

Hernando Beach Tropical Grille is another of my favorite Hernando Beach restaurants! The food here is off the chain; regardless of if you fancy steak or oysters, this low-key tiki hut restaurant is a hit with everyone. One challenge is they close at 7:00 pm, and that’s because they are located inside of Hernando Beach Marina. Due to the liability of being inside the marina, it closes early. And they don’t serve liquor. Try the lobster roll – it’s incredible!

Another place where you can pull up via boat.

Hernando Beach Tropical Grille

Photo Credit: Hernando Beach Tropical Grille

Menu For Hernando Beach Tropical Grille

Silver Dolphin Restaurant

Another Hernando Beach restaurant favorite for us! This place appears trapped in time, but that’s deliberate. I can only describe the vibe here as “Dirty Dancing,” when you visit, you’ll know what I mean. It has a summer camp feel.

Eat outside; they have an amazing outdoor patio on a canal. You can feed the turtles or the gigantic catfish and see gators here.

This place has fantastic food, not a bad meal, and tons of happy hour specials. Try the cod sandwich – it’s good. There’s also a gift store on-site, a fudge counter, and an ice cream parlor.

Menu For Silver Dolphin Restaurant

Bayport Inn

Technically, it’s not in Hernando Beach because it’s in Bayport, but this is a restaurant that Hernando’ites frequent, and for good reason! This is another favorite of mine!

Bayport Inn serves up two-for-one margaritas, often has live music, and has a great selection of seafood. It’s also located on the water, so the patio has great views.

Menu For Bayport Inn

Bayport Inn Hernando Beach Restaurants

The Drunken Mullet

This is not one of my favorite Hernando Beach restaurants, not because the food is not great – it is. It’s just busy, perhaps the busiest of all the restaurants. It’s just not as homely as some of the others. However, this is definitely where you want to watch a game! The locals are beyond friendly and passionate about their teams.

Menu For The Drunken Mullet

La Bella Napoli

Located at the front of Weeki Wachee Gardens, this authentic Italian restaurant was established in 1989. The De Luca family runs it. As expected, the food here is 100% Italian, with all the classics and signature dishes. It’s on the higher end of pricing, but the food’s fresh and authentic, and the serving size is enormous.

La Bella Napoli
La Bella Napoli

Menu For La Bella Napoli

The menu for La Bella Napoli is extensive – overwhelming. Due to this, I won’t share it here, but you can easily google it.

Sharky’s Hernando Beach (Formerly Sunset Grille of Hernando Beach)

I think this place gets a bad rap for no apparent reason. People “claim” that it’s a unique crowd. It’s no different than any other crowd at the beach. They have a fantastic collection of unusual drinks – think chocolate tequila! Great food, a vast beach area, and karaoke. I mean, what more could you ask for? This might not be the best place for a family to dine after dark. Cause while they are a restaurant, it does become party central, but I think that’s what makes this special. If you’re looking for a great night out and want to be out past 10 pm, this place is for you!

Sharkys Hernando Beach

Menu For Sharky’s Hernando Beach

Sharky’s Hernando Beach still has the Sunset Grille menu; however, it is being updated.

The Lazy Lizard

This is my least favorite of the Hernando Beach restaurants, purely from a food standpoint. The atmosphere is excellent, and they have live bands, but the food is hit and miss, assuming they have the items on the menu available. From what I’ve heard from locals, the Lazy Lizard was struggling with staffing issues and the ability to deliver products during COVID-19. However, it has since rebounded! It’s business as usual, and the place is thriving.

The Lazy Lizard

When I dine here, I usually get the wings or the peel-and-eat shrimp.

Menu For The Lazy Lizard

Louies Liquor Store

The Lazy Lizzard is home to Louies Liquor Store, a great place to pick up booze without driving to Spring Hill.

Brian’s Place – Hernando Beach Restaurants Fine Dining!

Considered by most locals to be the most upscale restaurant, this is a fusion restaurant with an innovative & elegant Latin/Italian menu. The cross-over of Latin and Italian has initially kept me from trying Brian’s place. I’ve heard it’s excellent, but my experience is that it typically does not work for me when a place dabbles in two food genres.

When I first wrote about Hernando Beach, the locals all stressed that I should try Brian’s Place. I did, as told by locals, and it’s spectacular! The menu is fusion, but it works, and the food is delicious.

Menu For Brian’s Place

It’s important to note that Brian’s place offers a seasonal menu, and the main courses do change. Here is a sample menu:

Chinese and Pizza

I can’t even list the options in Hernando Beach – sorry! Avoid it unless you are starving or desperate. Stick to the seafood options, and you’ll be happy. Even if you don’t eat seafood, all the other restaurants above have various non-seafood options.

La Florizza Pizza

La Florizza is a highly recommended pizza food truck. However, it’s in Spring Hill, not Hernando Beach. They serve authentic wood-fired pizza. Handmade wood-fired pies prepared with fresh ingredients, fantastic flavor, and outstanding service are the specialties people cite for this vendor.

I’ve never eaten here, so I cannot tell whether it is good or bad. All I can say is that the locals swear by it.

Address: 3275 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34607. Located right next to the enormous pink dinosaur.

Upper Deck

About three miles down the road at Roger’s Park is Upper Deck. This restaurant sits right on the Weeki Wachee River. The food here is fantastic, especially the lobster bisque and cajun shrimp! If you visit here, try to do so at sunset. It’s not uncommon to see manatees swimming up and down. We saw four during one of our visits. 

Upper Deck Menu

Jabo’s BBQ & Seafood

One of the newest editions to Hernando Beach, this food truck is a hit! You’ll find it here whether you are looking for a good old-fashioned BBQ or steamed blue crabs. And they do a wicked cajun broil!

Jabo's BBQ & Seafood

Jabo’s BBQ & Seafood is at the Chevron Gas Station – 4307 Calienta St., Hernando Beach, Florida 34607.

The Beach Bar Menu

Oddly, I’ve yet to give this place a try. Well known as a local karaoke spot, this bar also serves food. It’s a low-key, casual spot with a patio and serves frozen drinks.

The Beach Bar Hernando Beach

Menu For The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar Menu

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