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Ride A CraigCat Boat In Florida

The CraigCat boat is a popular type of boat that provides one of the most thrilling boating experiences.  You can use it for multiple purposes, like traveling on a lake or river. There are many options for using the boat, whether fishing, touring, or simply enjoying it. A CraigCat boat provides a unique, one-of-a-kind experience with ergonomic side-by-side seating and dual-action controls. It’s the only power catamaran boat with the versatility for fishing, day cruising, relaxing, or diving. A CraigCat power catamaran sets the standard for aquatic excitement! Because of the boat’s high-speed stability, all-day comfort, power, and technical handling set the standard for aquatic thrills and excitement! 

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What is a CraigCat?

A CraigCat is a compact, high-speed boat that people can use for different purposes. It is a two-seated watercraft that is quite popular nowadays because of its speed, comfort, and compact size. Boats like the CraigCat offer unsurpassed design and performance for recreational water sports, off-shore and lakes, and rivers, including diving, fishing, and cruising. The price is meager compared to other small boats of its kind – thousands less. And, the are comparable in cost to jet skis. The boat features comfortable side-by-side bucket seats and a foldable cover. With a striking design and exuding fun, the 11-foot CraigCat catamarans are attractive to people who love adventures on the water. The unique design and shape are worth your attention.

There are different versions of CraigCat boats. Although the basic design is the same, they differ in engine speed and style. The compact boats are indeed a special type of watercraft. In current market conditions, there are no other compact power catamarans of this type. The CraigCat is an ultramodern, speed-efficient bicycle with a patented design that offers exhilarating performance. In addition to using a boat planing hull, unlike other types of the catamaran, the CraigCat rides on top of the water rather than in it, making it a banking catamaran. A stability control system (ASC) is also available on the CraigCat, so even if the user issues an erratic command, the movement will automatically adapt to a nice, smooth, effortless one. For portability and stability, the boat is lightweight and easy to operate. There are no water traps on the deck.

The History Of The CraigCat

Craig Catamaran Corporation was founded in 1976 in the United States to provide consumers with an affordable, easy-to-maintain, comfortable, stylish boat. This boat was powered exclusively by an electric motor at the time. Craig’s Catboats are incredibly stable and very comfortable, with side-by-side seating. The combination of safety, affordability, and fun made them ideal for boating on lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. In addition to providing a relaxing, comfortable ride, the boat also proved a great fishing vessel. It is common to see CraigCat electrics in world-class resorts worldwide.

Note: If you plan on fishing, make sure you have the appropriate florida fishing license.

Craig Corporation has been building catamarans for the past 30 years, and a great deal of attention to engineering has gone into making them as safe as possible and easy to operate.

What Makes CraigCats Unique?

This boat is so good that it is patented due to modern technology and state-of-the-art design. The best part is there’s no need to suffer from cramped seats when you can now enjoy the comfort of cushioned side-by-side bucket seats with unlimited leg room. Small boats are also highly portable and economical. It will certainly turn heads wherever you go with its advanced futuristic styling. Its ride and stability will amaze even the most seasoned of riders.

CraigCat Boat

With a 25-hp gas engine, the CraigCat has been in production since 1995 and is now sold worldwide. Unlike the electric version of the Craig, the gas version of the boat offers more recreational options, along with the diving package, which allows you to experience water sports at their best. The King of the CraigCat fleet it’s the top-of-the-line, high-performance model loaded with the most popular accessories. The perfect balance of precision aquatic handling and ergonomic comfort. Full of features and long on the excitement! This is the most luxurious ever offered within our Small Power Boats.

Where Can You Ride CraigCat’s in Florida?

In Florida, there are thousands of miles of coastline, thousands of lakes, and dozens of rivers. Getting out on the water is a traditional way to enjoy the state and see many things you wouldn’t usually be able to see on the highways. The Craig power catamaran sets the bar in aquatic excitement with top-of-the-line hydrostatic stability and in-dash comfort, not to mention the high output of its engine and high-tech handling! In Florida, there are so many places where you can ride CraigCat:

Here is us riding CraigCats in Mount Dora. A great place to take a tour and an experience I’ll never forget! I’ve only ridden the CraigCats at Mount Dora but it’s the perfect destination. Mount Dora is no ordinary town. It’s a beautiful town to explore so riding here it like a two for one!

Ride CraigCat's in Florida
Ride CraigCat's in Florida Mount Dora

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A CraigCat?

The CraigCat can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour in the nearby open-speed area. Because it utilizes a catamaran-style hull, these boats are stable and safe even at high speeds. In addition to providing low water resistance, the dual pontoons offer high and low-speed stability. Different boat rental services allow you to rent CraigCats for a ride. Other companies rent CraigCats to various lakes and rivers. This is why the rental prices vary.

The rental rate varies depending on your location and company. But for a two-hour rental, you will have to spend around $150. If you want to rent for half-day, you will have to pay $250 and up. For a full day, the cost is around $500, depending on the boat rental company. 

Tours vs. Private Rentals of CraigCats

With a CraigCat, you will have a great time regardless of your boating experience. How can you make a thrilling ride even more fun? Bring a friend! You can both enjoy the thrill of CraigCats, as the boat can carry up to 250 pounds per person. Those born after January 1, 1988, are required to complete the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) course to rent a CraigCat boat. On the lakes, different companies can provide you with the CraigCat boat for rental with or without a tour guide.

Personally, I enjoyed the tour. The tour guides are fabulous and very knowledgable about the area and the boats. Having never ridden one before, it was the right decision for us.

CraigCat Rentals and Tours in Florida

A typical travel question I get asked is where can I take a tour? Here’s where:

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How much does a CraigCat cost?

Craigcat 2

There are different models available for CraigCat boats. Although the basic features are the same size, they look different from each other. With two seats, a CraigCat electric costs approximately $2,691. If you add rear-facing seats, that price rises to $2,827. In the case of rental, the price varies depending on the company you are renting from. For rental, the price begins at around $150 per hour.

How fast will a CraigCat go?


The CraigCat is a fast, compact watercraft popular among people because of its speed. Sporty looks and nimble handling make this high-performance boat perfect in virtually any condition. This boat reaches speeds of 30 mph while using only one gallon of fuel per hour and has a 25-hp outboard. Despite its high speed, you will feel comfortable and at ease while riding. The watercraft provide effortless and safe moving on the water. This is why it is such a popular watercraft among people that love water sports.

Is a CraigCat a Personal Watercraft (PWC)?

CraigCat Boat

The CraigCat is an open motorboat or runabout- not personal watercraft (or PWC). A PWC is typically classified as a small watercraft in which the operator sits, stands, or kneels on the watercraft instead of being entirely inside (as is the case with a traditional boat). This is why the open motorboat CraigCat is not classified as PWC.

What type of boat is a CraigCat?

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It is a compact, high-speed boat that people can use for various purposes. It is a two-seater watercraft that has become very popular with people nowadays because of its speed, comfort, and size, making it a fascinating piece of recreation gear. This is the only power catamaran boat with a high degree of versatility that can do everything from fishing to cruising, relaxing, or diving. Thus, it is an easy-to-operate, simple-to-launch boat that is comfortable for you and easy on your wallet.

Where are CraigCat boats made?

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The Craig Catamaran Corporation, headquartered in Central Florida, is privately owned and operated by the company. The boat is designed and manufactured in Orlando by the company. The company’s owners are committed to excellence at all times. Founded in 1976, Craig Catamaran Corporation’s vision is to offer consumers an affordable, easy-to-maintain, stylish, and comfortable boat that they can enjoy for many years. At the time of construction, this boat was powered exclusively by an electric motor.

How do you drive a CraigCat?


You can quickly drive the boat even if you are riding it for a fast time. You need to get into the boat and start the engine. The boat is easy to handle and move. The compact size and modern design make the users’ operation simple. It is quite a high-speed boat but easy to handle Once you start the engine, you can take excitement journey on the water.

What’s the maximum weight limit for a CraigCat?


The maximum weight of CraigCat’s light is around 550 LBS.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you want to rent for yourself or go on a tour, this is one of the most unusual ways to explore Florida’s waterways. I’ve even see people ride them on the atlantic ocean and occasionally on Florida’s well-known springs!  The boats are compact, comfortable, safe, high speed, and usable for multiple purposes. Combined, all of the above features make it possible for users to feel relaxed, secure, and confident while aboard the CraigCat, thus ensuring they will have a memorable time on the water. These catamarans appeal to couples, friends, and travelers because they are unusual and provide a one-of-a-kind water experience.

What about you? Are you ready to drive a CraigCat? Where’s your perfect place to ride?

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