Lake George in Florida
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Lake George in Florida – The Complete Guide

The second largest lake in Florida is Lake George not to be confused with Lake Georgia, which is second in size behind only Lake Okeechobee. You can find everything here from beautiful hikes, from fishing and swimming to shopping. Florida’s Lake George is a perfect destination for vacation, travel lovers, couple tours, and recreation excursions. So are you looking for a perfect vacation this summer? There are quite a few exciting things on the largest freshwater lake in Florida, George, FL. Throughout this article, we will learn more about this fantastic place and what it can offer to its visitors.

Lake George in Florida

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About Lake George in Florida


Lake George, with its circumference of approximately 11 miles and a diameter of roughly 6 miles. During the 1700s, the British purchased Florida. An explorer named John Bartram named the lake after King George. In addition to Juniper Creek, Salt Creek, Silver Glen Springs, and Lake Kerr, the lake is driven by the northern flow of the St. Johns River. To the east of the lake is Salt Cove, taking the flow from Salt Creek. There are 383,000 acres of the Ocala National Forest on the western shore of Lake George, covering the entire west side of the lake, which provides another dimension of beauty to the lake. By far, the best way to see the lake and enjoy its many unique features is by boat.

Location Of Lake George in Florida

There might be a question in your mind about where Lake George is located? This large and shallow brackish lake is located near the Gulf of Mexico on the St. Johns River in Florida. It is sometimes called Lake Welaka. Regarding location, it lies between Jacksonville to the north, Daytona Beach to the east, and Orlando to the south. There’s nothing like Lake George to take you back to Olf, Florida. Located 8 miles west of Crescent City, Florida, the lake is in the central part of the state. I hope it has helped you know the lake George Florida map. Besides, you can use a search engine to find the map of lake George Florida.

Approximately 10 feet is the average depth of Lake George; the depths range between 3 and 12 feet. The low water velocity of the St. Johns River and relatively flat terrain cause shallow waters in the area. As a result, it is one of the “laziest” rivers in the world because it drops only 30 feet along its 300-mile journey. For hundreds of miles upstream, salt water from the Atlantic Ocean infects the river because of the slow flow. Lake George, therefore, supports both freshwater and saltwater fish and plants.

Lake George or Lake Welaka is located in Volusia County and is considered one of the largest freshwater lakes in Florida.  This is the second-largest freshwater lake in Florida; only Lake Okeechobee is bigger.   Lake George covers 46,000 acres and is 14 miles by 6 miles. Boaters visit Silver Glen Springs from the St. Johns River and Lake George. 

Lake George Cover

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Unusual Things About Lake George

Lake George’s salt content is very unusual from area feeder springs along the St. Johns River. This mix of fresh and saltwater provides a sustainable habitat for marine life ranging from Atlantic stingrays to various mullet species, striped bass, and blue crabs.

The blue crab population in Lake George is so vast that it supports one of the only freshwater blue crab fisheries in Florida. The nearby town of Palatka hosts an annual Blue Crab Festival that is worth checking out if you love blue crab!

Why Visit Lake George in Florida?

One unique aspect of this lake is that once you leave the shallow waters near the shore, the bottom stays mostly constant with few changes. On Lake George, you will find a wide range of boating activities to choose from, so whatever you are looking for on your vacation, you will find it.

Fishing on Lake George in Florida

Lake GeorgeFlorida fishing is quite fascinating for travelers. Fish such as largemouth bass, bluegills, and shell crackers are commonly found t at Lake George. The lake’s vegetation and depth make it an ideal habitat for bass. You can have a great time fishing on this lake using all fishing techniques, including wading. On the other hand, you can also fish from the shoreline or your boat if that is the way you prefer to fish.

Despite the shallow waters surrounding the lake edge, you can still enjoy any water sport in the open water, regardless of your interest. You and your boat should travel cautiously along the edges where there are potential snags. After running your engines, you can enjoy your favorite water sports activity while out on the open water.

Anglers can pursue many fish species, including bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, striped bass, hybrid striped bass, chain pickerel, bowfin, and gar. Finding fish often depends on the water temperature, affected by the numerous creeks, springs, and river systems that flow into the lake. Look for cooler water in the summer and warmer water in the winter.

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Boat Ramps on Lake George 

Several secluded spots are available along the shoreline where you can anchor your boat. You can spend the night on your boat deck watching the stars and listening to the wildlife, or you can go ashore and set up a camping area. You can observe many species of wildlife from the deck of the boat or the deck of your campsite no matter which way you choose to look. During the summer months, the lake offers a variety of opportunities for swimming along the shallow shorelines. Lake GeorgeFlorida boat rentals are pretty affordable for visitors. The lake’s shallow waters provide a great play and splash area for children on a camping adventure, which is perfect for anyone traveling with children. Due to the shallow water, space is also a good place for those who want to relax and swim because the shallow water does not allow for boating.

Astor Boat Ramp

  • 55400 Butler Street, Astor, Florida 32102
  • Hours: Dawn To Dusk

Bass World Lodge Boat Ramp

  • 209 Browns Fish Camp Road, Crescent City, Florida 32139
  • Hours: Open 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Labor Day until Christmas; rest of year, open as late as 8:00 pm.

Drayton Island Ferry Public Boat Ramp 

  • 122 Drayton Island Ferry Road, Georgetown, Florida 32139
  • Hours: 24 Hours

Lake George Boat Ramp aka Volusia Wharf – Blue Creek Lodge Road Public Boat Ramp

  • 58300 Lake George Road, Astor, Florida 32102
  • Hours: Dawn To Dusk

M-Port Marina and Boat Ramp

  • 30600 NE 96th Place, Salt Springs, Florida 32134
  • Hours: Dawn To Dusk

Nine Mile Boat Ramp

Note: For small boats only.

  • West end of Nine Mile Point Road, then turn south to the boat ramp., Pierson Florida 32180
  • Hours: 24 Hours

Shell Harbor Park & Boat Launch

  • 1800 Shell Harbor Rd, Pierson, FL 32180
  • Hours: 24 Hours
Shell Harbor Park & Boat Launch

South Moon Fish Camp Boat Ramp – On St Johns River

  • End Of Camp South Moon Road, Astor, Florida 32102
  • Hours: Varies by day

There are a few other ramps further south on the St. Johns River that have access and a couple of boat ramps north of Drayton Island and at Little Lake George.


You should also consider the wildlife of Lake George when you go there. A large part of the water in Lake George is supplied by springs which emit sufficient ocean water to sustain the life of many saltwater species.

It is also home to migratory birds, alligators, and several commonly occurring marine animals. One of the few freshwater blue crab fisheries in the world, it is also a habitat suitable to resident and migratory species of marine life, such as Atlantic stingrays, mullet, striped bass, and blue crabs.

There is a large enough population to sustain a local fishery among the freshwater blue crabs. Kayakers seeking adventure on the ocean surface or bird watchers looking for a relaxing excursion can find several exciting opportunities around the shoreline. Paddling your kayak around Lake George and watching the numerous animals can make your vacation more memorable.

Alligators on Lake George

Florida Fish and Wildlife estimate that Lake George is home to 2,322 gators, 26 of which are bull gators. A variety of alligators can be encountered throughout the year, making this one of the most alligator-infested lakes in the United States. Lake George is where alligators can be spotted easily if you get out on the water. During a boat ride out for the day, you will be able to see alligators cruising through the water and sunbathing along the far shore.

Things To Do At Lake George in Florida

There are many things to do in Lake George for visitors and travelers. The mountains and waterways around Lake George have been a popular destination for city-dwellers since the mid-19th century. The area has become a significant tourist destination with millions of vacationers still visiting Lake George Village.

Many cultural sites can also be discovered in addition to the town’s namesake. Lake George offers a wide range of attractions, from colonial landmarks to sandy beaches to shopping outlets. No matter where you go, you can escape the urban hustle and still enjoy modern comforts.

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Enjoy the best food
  • Experience wildlife
  • Shopping in the town
  • Campaigning on the forest
  • Couple tour
  • Overnight boat stay and much more

Towns Close to or on Lake George

The city and town are unique and offer various attractions, restaurants, and lodging for visitors to enjoy. Waterfront towns in the Lake George area provide a wide range of dining and lodging options and endless shopping. The city’s streets boast boutiques, trendy restaurants, and a thriving performing arts scene. You can also go on a Lake George tour and visit these cities for a new experience. There’s always a community that feels like home in the Lake George Area.

  • Seville, FL (6.6 miles )
  • Pierson, FL (8.5 miles)
  • Astor, FL (9.6 miles )
  • Welaka, FL (14.2 miles )
  • Pomona Park, FL (14.9 miles )
  • De Leon Springs, FL (18.7 miles )
  • Crescent City, FL (11.3 miles )
  • Lake Kathryn, FL (19.7 miles )
  • Pittman, FL (20 miles S)


In the northwest Florida area, near the St. Johns River, Lake George has the most, with more than 2,322 species. Besides, the lake is quite popular among visitors for swimming, boating, and fishing.

The answer is a resounding yes; you can swim in Lake George! Those who love to swim in water should take advantage of Lake Florida. This lake is one of the cleanest and most beautiful in the country. It has several wide bays, islands with forests, and secluded coves.

The lake with the most gators is Lake George, situated along the St. Johns River. The lake is home to an abundance of alligators all year round, making it the second most alligator-infested lake in the United States.

A single study identified two thousand three hundred twenty-two gators by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. And there are 26 bull gators. George covers approx. Forty-six thousand acres (14 miles by 6 miles) and is situated between the mouth of Missouri and the headwaters of the St. Lawrence River.

Lake George’s unique feature is its salt content, which derives from springs that feed into the St. Johns River. This mix of fresh and saltwater provides a successful breeding ground for marine life, including stingrays, mullet, striped bass, and blue crabs, making it an excellent place for wildlife. This lake contains significant amounts of saltwater. This area has a very high saline level, which is a perfect habitat for many saltwater fish and plants. Blue crab fishing is a significant part of the local economy and forms an essential part of the local economy.

There are no sharks in Lake George. Arguments in favor of Hudson Bay were deemed inadequate, and the arguments that the Hudson is full of barriers such as waterfalls and that saltwater fish do not adjust well to non-saline environments, as well as the argument that sharks have not been seen in Lake George, were all deemed incomplete. So they need to consider sharks if you are going for a tour of lake George.

In terms of volume, Lake George is the second-largest freshwater lake in Florida, trailing only the world-famous Lake Okeechobee. St. Johns River is undoubtedly the most extensive system in the United States. Located in the St. Johns River’s tributary, Lake George is the second-largest freshwater lake in Florida. Lake George occupies the largest concentration of fresh water in Florida.

Closing Thoughts

Lake George provides visitors to explore all new things in Florida. If you plan to go for a tour this year, you should consider Lake George. Lake George is an excellent place for snorkeling and scuba diving since there are so many different species of plants and fish.

Watch the many kinds of fish swimming by you as you swim in a calm lake during a hot summer day. There is a wide range of water activities that you can enjoy on Lake George. You can take a family tour, a couple’s tour, and a friend’s outing here. Consider Lake George when planning your next boating trip; you will not be disappointed by what it offers.

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