In 2005, the US Congress passed the REAL ID Act in response to the events of 9/11.  The REAL ID Act establishes a set standard for the issuance of State identifications such as driving licenses.

The REAL ID Act is designed to eliminate terrorism on planes by making it more challenging to obtain a driving license or identification card.

US Congress is now mandating what State Agencies are required to collect before issuing a form of identification. Add to this; the new compliant cards have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that reads the information contained in a wireless device or tag without making any physical contact or requiring a line of sight.

What is REAL ID

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What is the REAL ID’s Purpose?

To restrict access to federal facilities, nuclear power plants, and commercial boarding aircraft without the proper identification.

How Does REAL ID Affect Me?

It depends!

  • Not A US Citizen or US Resident: There is no effect because you will have entered with your passport, and you can use your passport to travel.
  • US Citizen or US Resident: Effective January 22, 2018, travelers who do not have a license from a compliant state or a state that has been granted an extension will be asked to provide acceptable alternate identification. You can check the status of each state here.
  • Children Under Eighteen: It does not apply to children under eighteen accompanied by an adult that has a compliant REAL ID. The guidelines of how TSA will treat an unaccompanied minor are vague, so you will need to check with the airlines directly.

Effective October 1, 2020: You will no longer be able to use a driving license or ID that is not REAL ID-compliant as identification for domestic flights within the United States of America.

How to tell if an ID or driving license is REAL ID Compliant:

This is straight forward; compliant ones have a star in the upper right-hand corner.

Ironically, Florida has been compliant forever, and Brian has never had an issue using his ID. However,  I suspect this will change next year, and he will need to get a new and updated license.

Here is Brian’s non-compliant license and notice that there is no star:

What is REAL ID

My old Florida license, which was a complaint:

My new Florida license that is compliant:

What if my ID is not REAL ID Compliant?

Fortunately, you have options!

  1. Renew your current ID or Driving License
  2. Replace your existing ID or Driving License
  3. Use an alternative method of identification. Here is a complete list of acceptable identification.

What is REAL ID Closing Thoughts:

Most states are already compliant. This does not mean your ID or Driving License is. Check yours and make sure they are REAL ID Compliant. Some states are in extension through 2020, and one, California is in a review. You can check the status of each state here. The bottom line is that by October 1, 2020, if you cannot provide an acceptable form of identification, you will not be permitted through the security checkpoint.

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