Single Trip Travel Insurance

5 Reasons To Buy Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip travel insurance policy covers one trip or one vacation. In comparison, an annual travel insurance policy covers all trips you take through the year. The first step to choosing travel insurance is determining what you need.

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Annual Travel Insurance Policies Are Best For:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Business travelers
  • Any traveler with multiple trips per year

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies Are Best For:

  • People who only travel once or twice a year
  • Specialty needs like travel to high-risk countries or participation in extreme sports
  • Elderly travelers who can’t get an annual travel policy

What Is Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance covers you for a specific single trip. In other words, one vacation. The premium is determined by the cost of the journey, where you are going, the age of the traveler, and the length of stay. 

Coverage starts when you buy the policy and ends when you return home. Even though it’s called a “single trip,” you can visit multiple countries. It is still conceded one trip as long as you don’t return home in-between visits.

The typical length of a single trip policy is 180 days. What is included varies policy by policy. As such, single-trip travel insurance is slightly more challenging to shop for!

What Does A Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

Travel insurance policies typically cover the following:

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Medical
  • Baggage Loss
  • Flight Accident
  • Accidental Death

However, each policy is different. No two are the same, and you need to compare apples to apples.

Here are 5 Reasons to Buy a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

They Are Almost Always Available as An Add On

Have you noticed that all companies ask if you want to ensure your purchase regardless of where you book whenever you book a plane ticket or a hotel?

For example, if you buy your tickets from an airline and your hotel from Expedia, you’ll be asked twice if you want to purchase Insurance to cover each item separately. Complicating this is that each company you buy something from uses a different insurance company to offer coverage.

Convenient, but you must be willing to read the fine print and make some independent comparisons.

They Are Extremely Affordable

A single trip policy only covers one trip or one vacation, which tends to be more affordable.

For example, if you are only planning two trips for a year. Two single trip policies will likely cost less than an annual policy.

You provide specific details on where you are going and when. Whereas with an annual travel insurance policy, you are covered for all trips you take in a year.

*Note, all travel insurance policies have some exclusions – even annual ones.

They Are Perfect for Domestic USA Road Trips

A typical annual travel policy offers few benefits for domestic road trips. Single trip policies are significant for this.

They Usually Include Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Coverage

Even the cheapest and most basic travel insurance policy will include trip interruption or cancel coverage. It pays prepaid and non-refundable trip costs for specific covered reasons. It is easy to assume that this covers “any type” of cancelation or interruption from its name. However, this is not the case.  Trip cancellation coverage provides coverage for “covered reasons,” The eligible reasons vary by reason.  

*Note,  trip cancellation does not inclide cancel for any reason is typically an add-on feature to most travel insurance policies.

Single Trip Policies Typically Have No Age Restrictions

Annual travel policies tend to have age restrictions. Or, if they don’t, they are expensive to get coverage.

If you are over 65, a single trip policy is a way to go.

Single trip policies typically cover individuals up to 75. Some providers cover people older than 75.

Where To Buy Buy Single Trip Travel Insurance

I am going to make this really easy for you.  There are thousands of travel insurance companies online. However, few enable you to compare coverage for coverage across the various carriers. not only allows you to compare a variety of quotes in a couple of clicks, but the website is also super easy to use. Once your quote pops up, you can click on each coverage and read the details long before purchasing coverage.

Click on this image, enter your travel dates and compare:

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