The Red Room

The Red Room Bogota Colombia

The Red Room Bogota is one of the bars in Bogota that we were fortunate enough to experience. I will post a review on all the places that we ate and drank in Bogota, Colombia, but the Red Room Bogota deserves its own article – even if just for the photos.

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bars in bogota

Following a fabulous morning tour of Hotel del Salto at Tequendama Falls, we spent the afternoon exploring the neighborhood and enjoying the local food and drinks. A couple of bevies’ in, Brian started to research Bogota bars that are “hip.” Chapinero, the neighborhood we stayed in, is lathered with cool places to eat and drink, but the Red Room stands out.

The Red Room Bogota Vibe

As you cascade through the Chapinero, you will see a collection of Colonial, Tudor, and mid-century modern homes. In-between, these homes are bars and eateries. Often hidden behind the front of a house. We head to the Red Room, and on the surface, it appears to be a courtyard. Throwing caution to the wind, we enter.

Upon entry, we are advised to climb the stairs. For me, this was odd – there is a fully equipped bar downstairs.  I go first. I climb the first set, and as I turn the corner, it is pitch black – no lighting. A man awaits, saying “this way,” pointing to the upper level. I’ll be frank; in my head, this is what I thought. Are we being lured into a no-return tourist scam? Are we in for it, are we screwed? My heart beats faster, but I’ve been around the block a time or two. I enter and see what beholds us.

What’s Next?

Dramatic thoughts aside, we all climb the stairs, and guess what? A whole pharmaceutical play on the bar scene opens to us – three stories worth! So, where do we start? My first impression of the dark, burlesque, and raunchy design is “red light.” In other words, a brothel. I mean, the walls are red, and the lighting is sparse.  None of these assumptions or impressions are even remotely correct. For instance, this place is a French boudoir at its finest, but it’s a bar. This place is trendy! You would have to be blind not to get it.

So, what’s pharmaceutical mixology look like? In a nutshell, sexy drinks that are hand-carved with bravado:

bars in bogota
bars in bogota

Or, a bar that looks more like a pharmacy than a bar:

bars in bogota
bars in bogota

Want to be elite? Store your reserve at The Red Room Bogota and impress your guests with your choice:

bars in bogota

We all are looking for the next best drink or drink trendy, and this place delivers!

Closing Thoughts

If you are lucky enough and brave enough to visit Bogota, Colombia, food and drinks should be on your “experience list.” If, like me, you like a tipple, you should consider the trendy bars in this area. The Red Room is sexy, current, relevant, and mysterious. The ambiance sets it apart from the other beautiful options. Don’t get me wrong; you will have a great tasting experiencing in Colombia no matter where you go, but The Red Room standard is out for reserves, mixology, and décor!

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