Quito, Ecuador, is the gateway to the Galapagos Islands. Most people fly through. However, this is a mistake! Quito might not be a modern-day Jurassic park, but it’s the first city to become a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Quito is Ecuador’s capital and sits at an altitude of 2,850 meters in the Andean foothills. Built on the foundations of an ancient Incan city, it’s known for its well-preserved colonial center, which contains churches and other structures of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Even if you are only connecting through, you should spend at least four days in Quito to explore this fantastic city!

So, where to stay in Quito, Ecuador? Here’s where!  Hotel Casona 1914!

Where To Stay In Quito Ecuador - Hotel Casona 1924

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While researching hotels in Quito, I realized early on that the options were abundant. It was overwhelming to narrow it down to a relatively affordable and historic downtown hotel.

I found Hotel Casona 1914 via Booking.com and studied the reviews. Rarely will you find a hotel that ranks as high as this one! The hotel has a 9.7 rating on Booking.com – almost unheard of.

And, if you’ve ever read any of my content, you know that I only write about unusual or exceptional places. Hotel Casona 1914 falls into the exceptional category!

You can book here: Hotel Casona 1914

Quick Facts About Hotel Casona 1914

  • Rooms and Suites – 9
  • Year Built – 1914
  • Restored – 2019

Our Experience At Hotel Casona 1914

This hotel is undoubtedly an architectural gem transomed into a modern retro boutique hotel. The rooms and suites are fantastic, a real throwback to colonial times. The old (and original) hardwood floors squeak as you cross them, adding charm and authenticity.

A central atrium is the hotel’s hub, but you’ll spend most of your time in a restaurant or relaxing in your room after exploring Quito.

We were treated so well, like a part of the family, and the stay was relaxing. I particularly enjoyed the serenity; it was so peaceful. We rarely saw the other guests; even when we did, it was still quiet. 

Where To Stay In Quito Ecuador

The Location

Address: Av. Gran Colombia N11-274 y Briceño, Centro Histórico, 170130 Quito, Ecuador 

You can’t get to a more central location than Hotel Casona 1914. The hotel is directly across from The Basilica of the National Vow.  So when you are trying to figure out where to stay in Quito, Ecuador – this hotel should be on the top of your list.

The Basilica of the National Vow

Located in the historic center of Quito, Ecuador, the Basilica of the National Vow is a Roman Catholic church. The basilica is the largest neo-Gothic structure in the Americas.

Quito Ecuador

The rooftop provides stunning views of the city and the church. It’s also a safe central location.

The Rooms and Suites

All of the rooms are spacious and modern. Each room has a private bathroom, high-end towels, toiletries, bath robes, and slippers if you book a suite!

My favorite feature of all is the antique bathtubs. The water was piping hot, lovely, and deep. Most importantly, insanely relaxing!

Hotel Casona 1924 The Rooms and Suites

The beds are comfortable, and the bedding is high-end cotton.

Hotel Casona 1924 Suite

Seriously, the rooms and suites are Gatsby-style! It’s impossible to find anything that’s not luxurious.

Filming At The Hotel

If the photos have not already enticed you, you get this! While there, a local group called “El Cartel Vallenato” were filming. Once the video’s released, I’ll share it with you all. You will recognize the rooms. The suite we stayed in is where they filmed.

The Staff

Being a small boutique hotel, you’ll get to know the staff quickly, and they are a pleasure. They will go out of their way to accommodate any requests you have. They are also really knowledgeable about the area.

All speak excellent English, which is a bonus.

The Alamo Restaurant

You’ll eat breakfast here every morning. However, this is a hidden gem. You can only eat dinner here if you are a guest, and what a treat!

The food is spectacular, so much so that we ate here twice! In addition, it is inexpensive.

The steak dinner is $18; honestly, it’s way more than one person can eat. So if you opt for steak, consider splitting one.

Alamo Restaurant Steak Dinner

Then there’s the shrimp ceviche. Quite possibly the best I had in Ecuador:

Shrimp Ceviche Alamo Restaurant Steak Dinner

Eating at The Alamo Restaurant really is exclusive. Even when the hotel is at full capacity, you will probably get the dining room to yourself. The food is cooked to perfection, the portions are huge, and the table settings are beautiful, like the hotel.

Reservations are required for the restaurant, and you will pick your meal when you make your reservation.

Meet Otto

In addition to all the amenities, you’ll make a new friend with Otto – a very friendly German shepherd. This guy waits patiently for you to throw his ball. He’ll greet you as a new best friend.

Spa Services

The spa, like the hotel, is small but impressive nonetheless. I opted for the traditional massage, and it was beautiful to experience.

And, as with all things in Quito very affordable. There is also Kundalini Yoga available if you like yoga.

Airport Transfers

The hotel does offer a transfer service to and from the airport. It’s $25, and the driver will wait for you at the airport exit with a sign and your name.

For us, there was a mix-up, and the driver did not show up; however, it was quickly resolved. The hotel arranged a cab for us, and we paid for the taxi—a very sincere correction to a minor mishap.

History Of Hotel Casona 1914

La Alameda sector of Quito was established in the early 1900s as a new and upcoming real estate development center for the upper class who sought to escape the Historic Center. In honor of the great architect Francisco Durini Cáceres and his family, La Casona D’Alameda Boutique was built on the site of the old neoclassical mansion.

Architectural Design

Francisco Durini Cáceres, an Italian-Swiss architect, was commissioned by Dr. Antonio Sáenz Marino to design the House.

His design consisted of a two-story neoclassical house with elaborate facades and interior details in Italian design. To create one of the essential aspects of the building, the architect took advantage of the property’s privileged location, in front of the south entrance to La Alameda Park. Numerous corbels on the lodge’s covered balcony allow the interior rooms to open up towards the street.

A traditional feature of the Historical Center was Durini’s Andalusian-style rooms and halls encircling the central courtyard. Metal and glass structures covered the yard on the first floor, and wooden and glass screens separated the galleries on the second level. Stairs lead to the second floor from each side of the courtyard’s hallways.

Where To Stay In Quito, Ecuador

In combination with the land’s incline and the lot’s depth, Durini designed the back garden at two distinct heights, one at half elevation from street level and one at the level of the second-floor galleries. A rear façade was engineered to take advantage of this unique characteristic. Two semicircular stairs descend towards the garden from what is known as the “Yellow Room,” which has a glass bow window.

The 2018 Restoration

In 2009, the house was put up for sale after many years of ownership by politicians, military personnel, and business people. Among the buyers were the Morán Baldeón family, who were looking to acquire a heritage property in Old Town Quito to transform into a boutique hotel.

After spending a few years in Spain, Diego, along with his sister Belén and his parents Germán and Fanny, negotiated the purchase of Dr. Sáenz Merino’s neoclassical mansion in 2015.

Different parts of the hotel are furnished in a Louis XV style, inspired by the Morán Baldeó family’s furnishings in their home, but in a more modern style. Skilled artisans made the furniture from San Antonio de Ibarra, who learned their techniques from the prestigious school in Quito.

Ecuador - Hotel Casona 1924

La Casona D’Alameda Boutique Hotel old town Quito opened in May 2019. A major Ecuadorian tourist attraction inspired each of the hotel’s nine elegantly decorated suites. Its suites include the Galapagos Suite, the Amazon Suite, the Chocolate Suite, the Orchid Suite, the Roses Suite, the Cotopaxi Suite, the Montecristi Suite, the Otavalo Suite, and the Mitad del Mundo Suite. A roofed central courtyard, perfect for dining, relaxing, and events like weddings and parties, is located in the hotel’s exquisite back garden and terraces.

What You Need To Know

  • Breakfast is included with all stays.
  • Due to the age of the building, there are no elevators.
  • There is no air-conditioning which could be a potential concern if it’s hot.
  • Streaming & Netflix are available.
  • Wifi is included, and it is super fast.
  • Laundry service is available.
  • There is a small gift shop on site.
  • While there is no formal “bar,” you can buy drinks from the lobby.

The Gift Shop

Gift Shop


Closing Thoughts

Hotels are hit-and-miss. Sometimes you read glowing reviews, get there, and the place does not live up to its reviews. Hotel Casona 1914 is every bit as wonderful as its reviews describe. By far, the best hotel in Quito, Ecuador.

Relaxing, decadent, and homely. You will not find a better hotel in the $100-$150 price range.

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