Looking to find the best Key West beaches? We have you covered! Key West is a popular destination in Florida with lovely nightlife, beautiful beaches, amazing water spots. It is one of the best places in the world that you should visit in your life. You will get multiple tourist destinations in only one place. If you are planning to visit any beautiful beaches with your family then key west beaches should be your first choice.

These are famous for their calm environment and relaxation spots. These beaches are perfect for relaxation and mediation purposes due to their shallow and calm water. You can enjoy your life with your family away from the city and other boring life routines that make you feel tired.

Key West Beaches

Most of the beaches being full of people makes you more tired instead of enjoying. The best key west beaches are different from each other and every beach offers particular attractiveness to the people. Key West is an island with a total area of 10.9 km2. It is perfect for enjoying the shadow crystal water with palm trees and soft white sand under an umbrella with your family.

There is a total of 10 beaches at key west with luxurious private resorts for guests. The key west beach has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on another side. This whole area is covered with an extensive network of coral reefs and other beautiful species underwater. You can enjoy sun, sand, and even swimming, snorkeling, and fishing in the key west beach water.

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Smathers Beach

The Smathers beach is one of the largest and popular beaches in key west, Florida. The total area of the beach is two miles where anyone can be easily reached with the help of Key West International Airport. As compared to most of the beaches, Smathers Beach has a white smooth sand area which is perfect for chair rentals, volleyball courts, and taking a calm breath under an umbrella. Despite having a crowd of people, it is perfect for swimming due to its clean water and soft sand.

Smathers Beach

Most of the beaches are made with ground coral or pebbles and are bounded by mangroves. It is famous for its ambiance, calm and smooth water that attracts everyone here, that’s it is also a populous beach of key west. Other activities that you can do here are Hobie Cat sailboats, windsurfers, paddleboards, kayaks, Sun Fish sailboats, and jet skis, and parasailing. You can easily sit and enjoy yourself here in different places like picnic tables, snack bars, and bike paths. These are also some points on which this best key west beach is preferred on others.

South Beach

It is a smaller size beach that is closest to Cuba and located at the southern end of the key west. It is very famous among families with kids and foreign tourists due to its closeness to Cuba. Another feature of the south beach is its crystal-clear water which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other underwater activities. The beach is also famous for its relaxation and mediation activities. For enjoyment, there is a couple of water fountains are present along with a beach café and stalls where you can get drinks, towels, and bears. You can also get free refreshment if you get a sunbed. You should also be careful as drinking or eating at the bar is not allowed except the beach offers. The beach is recommended to see because its location is at the southern end which offers an excellent view and attraction to enjoy.

Higgs Beach

This beach is located near Smathers beach with a smaller area as compared to others. Except for the area, it is a lovely beach with beautiful scenes, crystal clear, and shallow water. It is highly recommended for enjoying while sitting on the chairs on any lounge of the best key west beach.

Higgs Beach

There are various bars, picnic points, paths, sunbathing, a full-service restaurant, a playground, volleyball nets, tennis courts, and a dog park. Due to the presence of so many adventures, it is preferred on many other beaches even after having a smaller area as compared to Smathers beach. It is very easy to reach the beach as it is located near Reynolds Street. This is a complete park for the families as it also contains a public washroom, parking, showers, and clubs. To visit the beach is very easy as you can get two lounge chairs and an umbrella for the whole day.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach is located on a southern street with unique features as compared to others. The beach is also famous for some historic places to attract tourists. Unlike other beaches, it is made with ground coral instead of soft sand. It is also covered with trees all around the beach. Like others, it is also recommended for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. You will also see different underwater species including dolphins, snappers, parrotfish, lobster, turtles, and different fishes.

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

There you can also visit historic Fort Zachary which shows different Civil War-era fortifications. There are few ideal spots for fishing and sunbathing. For eating and drinking, there is a café, picnic tables, and grilling point for doubling your adventure. For admission to the park, there is a fee of $6 per vehicle. There are also natural trails around the see which are perfect for outdoor adventurers.

Bahia Honda State Park

If you love camping then this beach is perfect for you. The beach is 30 miles away from key west which can easily access by boat or car. You will love to spend your precious time here as it is famous for its calm environment, clean water, underwater species, soft sand, and vast beautiful scene. It is preferred to other beaches due to its some extra features like camping facility, clean drinking water, electricity, luxurious resorts, and others. You can come to the beach at any time whether day or night.

Key West Beaches

You will also see some sharks in the beach water. There is also an abandoned structure of steel trestle railroad bridge which is a remnant of Henry Flagler’s railroad destroyed in the 1935 hurricane. With attractive water beauty, you can easily snorkel to see the small reef fish, nurse sharks, barracuda, and rays. This is also a preferred and beautiful place for kayaking in Florida. This is the only Miami Blue butterfly that was established in the park in 1999.

Rest Beach

The next beach is rest beach which is named for city commissioner Cornelius Bradford Harvey. As compared to other beaches it has a very smaller size of 300 Yards only. The rest beach is located near the Higgs beach near the west side. The rest beach is unknown to people as it doesn’t feature beautiful underwater species, picnic points, camping, snorkeling, or swimming features. The only reason the beach is recommended to visit is its sunrise and sunset view which is beautiful as compared to others.

The sand has softness but somewhere it got mixed with gravel that created discomfort. This best key west beach also featured some benefits like there is shade, picnic tables, a path for wheelchairs and bikes, a boat ramp, and a yoga deck. For activities, you can perform swimming, fishing, and enjoying the sunset or sunrise by sitting at the chairs at any lounge. The parking and entry to the beach are free which is an advantage for the tourists. Visitors can also attend morning or evening yoga classes in the Yoga deck here.

Dry Tortugas Beach

This island is present at a distance of 70 miles in the key west with a historic civil war fort. If you are planning to visit key west then you must visit Dry Tortugas Beach which is full of oasis and crystal clean water. It is covered with crystal blue water all around which is perfect for wading, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, or just dipping. If you want mediation and relaxation under the shadow of the palm tree with soft white sand then you should visit Dry Tortugas.

Dry Tortugas Beach National Park

Having beautiful marine life is highly recommended for snorkeling lovers. Another amazing thing to see here is Fort Jefferson civil war structure that was used by thousands of civil war heroes. You can enter the historic fort and learn the fact about the place. There are also 300 species are present including different birds like a sooty tern, which roosts on Bush Key. You will also get a luxurious lifestyle here with complete breakfast, lunch, and beverages. The visit to the best key west beach like Dry Tortugas is a little expensive as compared to others. If you love eco attractions and want to visit a natural place that is full of calm, relaxation, and historic features then this beach should be your priority.

This To Do In Key West



Things To Pack For Key West Beaches

If you are planning to visit the best key west beaches then this guide will help you to choose the right things that you need during your trip. Most of the guest comes with a suitcase that is full of unnecessary things that they will never use or need at key west. To make your adventure useful and organized at key west we have collected a few things that you must pack in your backpack or suitcase.

1. Cooling Towels

A cooling towel is essential for keeping you comfortable and dry while sitting on the chairs or laying on the sand. This will also save you from too much heat from the sun. The towel will keep your body comfortable and as calm as compared to the outside temperature.

2. Shoes

Key West beaches are full of crystal water, sand, and rocky sides that need a special shoe for comfort as well as enjoyment. Most of the tourists do swimming, snorkeling, diving into the water so water shoes are highly recommended for the tour. A pair of shoes that should be lightweight, comfortable, soft, and stylish will keep you happy and convenient throughout your adventure.

3. Beach Bag

A special design beach bag, suitcase, or EDC backpack will keep all your essentials organized. You don’t have to invest time in finding or adjusting different things and gadgets. EDC backpacks are highly recommended because they are lightweight, versatile, water-resistant, and affordable to carry for any outdoor adventure. This is perfect storage to carry, clothes, towels, shoes, sun Creem and other things.

4. Sunscreen

Those who have sensitive skin should use sunscreen to prevent any harmful effects of UV rays. A sunburn can cause serious effects on your face, lips, and other body parts. Any cream or lotion that should be oil-free or can last long should be used for keeping your body’s skin healthy and safe.

5. Waterproof Umbrella

To keep enjoying sunny weather in key west a waterproof umbrella is a must. Under the umbrella, you can sit on a chair and enjoy the large crystal water and historic place all around. You can also attach an umbrella with your backpack.

Closing Thoughts

There are tons of beaches to visit in Key West and a plethora of things to see and do.  What’s your favorite beach in Key West and why? Drop your thoughts in the comments box below!

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