Travel Essentials You Should Pack for Uluru

If you are planning to travel to Uluru while visiting Australia there some items you should pack. Most of these items can be purchased on site but at a premium price. Setting out to conquer the big red rock without the right supplies will ruin your experience.  Here is what you need to pack and why.

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Here is my list of Travel Essentials You Should Pack for Uluru:

Head NetA head net is probably the most critical thing you will need while visiting Uluru. The flies are relentless and will chew away at you all day. Bug spray helps but it’s difficult to protect your eyes.
Travel EssentialsInsect RepellentI think this is essential for any trip, but it’s beyond necessary for Uluru. You need this even if you get head nets!  Not only will you get eaten by flies at the rock, but you will also encounter hungry bugs all over the resorts. Spray this over your clothes to ward off as many pests as possible. You will also need this if you plan to spend any time at the pool.
Travel EssentialsAfter BiteEven with a head net and insect repellant, you may still get bitten.  Be prepared. After Bite Advanced Formula is a portable solution that relieves the itch and sting from a mosquito, flea, and other insect bites.
Travel EssentialsGermolene CreamGrowing up in England this is a cult classic. If you’re English, you know about this magic potion. Germolene contains local anesthetic which helps to prevent infection, numbs pain and helps to heal. You can use this on anything from a cut to a burn. This handy product will help you with sunburn, insect bites and chaffing.
Collapsible Walking SticksMost people visiting Uluru will hike. Having a walking stick will be very helpful for many of the hikes. These walking sticks collapse and are sold in pairs, perfect to travel with.
HeadlightYou could opt for a flashlight but let’s assume you plan to tackle the rock at dusk. Or, you get stuck there at sunset. A headlight enables you to be hands-free. This headlight is also USB chargeable.
Foldable Water BottleWater, water,  water! You will need lots of water. Plan well in advance and take advantage of having a foldable water bottle.
Travel EssentialsLifeStraw Personal Water FilterThis gadget will come in handy if you run out of the water. However, only if you can find a source of water. The main natural one is The Mutitjulu Waterhole which lies at the foot of the Uluru – follow the signs. The LifeStraw is a cheap and eco-friendly way to get water if you are in a jam.

*Note: You can get water at the visitors center.

Travel EssentialsFirst Aid KitEveryone needs a first aid kit when they travel. We also have one on our boat. This particular one is perfect for travel because it’s small, light and can be clipped onto a belt or luggage. This little set contains a whopping 92 items, and it’s only 0.35 pounds!
Travel EssentialsSunscreenThis might seem obvious, but there is little shade at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. If you are hiking, you will need a lot of powerful sunscreens. Yes, you can buy it at the resorts but at four times the cost.
SunblockYou will need this for your lips! And, if you’re going to be running around in the head net, you might as well have some sass on your lips! Zinka Colored Sunblock Zinc is waterproof, moistening while protective and it looks great!
Travel EssentialsActivated CharcoalIf you get sick, this is a must! It stops diarrhea by absorbing whatever toxins are in your system. It’s also been said that this is good to take when consuming alcohol to ward off a potential hangover!

In addition to all of the above t
ravel essentials you should also consider:

A Good Pair of Hiking Boots:

A Good Pair of Long Hiking Pants:

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