Graceland, the home of the “King Of Rock n’ Roll,” is a place almost any Elvis fan wants to visit. On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley passed away when I was three. Obviously, at three, I had no clue that this happened, and I did not know the significance of his passing or the impact of his contributions to music. It was much later in life when I came to appreciate a legend that had already left the world I lived in.

I vividly remember his influence on my childhood. Elvis’s music blared at every event, from weddings to funerals. Later in my teen years, Elvis became a more prominent staple as my paternal father re-entered the picture. My father, a devoted fan, would play Elvis to the point that I could jump onto a stage and sing almost any hit without a teleprompter. And, for context, I am equally qualified to do a cover of anything, Queen!

So, I have a somewhat historical connection. I am sure similar to lots of other people of my era. Our parent’s hero’s eventually become ours. This hand-down of musical appreciation is something we all hold near and dear. It is symbolic of our childhoods and the comfort that we all associate with and grow to love.

If you add my upbringing to my obsession with mansions, history, and travel – visiting Graceland should be no surprise. Visiting Graceland has been on my bucket list for years. And the only reason I have not been before is logistics. Graceland is located in Memphis, Tennessee. And while I’ve been to Tennessee many times, this was my first visit to Memphis.

Visit Graceland

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If you are not visiting Memphis, you can take a day tour like a VIP from Nashville. And this tour also includes entrance to Sun Studios!

Nashville to Memphis Daytrip with Graceland VIP Tour and Sun Studio Admission

Visit Elvis’s Graceland 

Everyone has either “read or heard” that Graceland is not in the best area and that the actual mansion is small – I’m going to call bullshit on both.

  1. Graceland’s area is not precisely in the countryside, but it’s not in the ghetto or on the wrong side of town. Many districts within Memphis are improvised, the same as any city. What’s fascinating is that Graceland sits on 14 acres precisely as it did when the King lived there. It was never in the countryside – he rode his gocarts down Elvis Presley Blvd back then. The home video inside Graceland shows you that the smaller homes beside Graceland were there then and now. I chalk this all up to optics. In everyone’s imagination is a mansion in the middle of nowhere. It never was in the middle of nowhere, it’s not downtown, but it’s within the city limits.
  2. Mansion means “large dwelling house,” and “large” is subjective. Graceland is not sprawling like the Biltmore and is not a French Chateau. However, it is significant – quite large.

Elvis’s Graceland Mansion

When Did Elvis Buy Graceland?

Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957 for $102,500 – a steal. He was only twenty-two when he bought and chose the estate because he wanted a great place that offered privacy. Graceland is owned by his only daughter Lisa Marie Presley; however, in 2005, she sold 85% of Graceland Holdings LLC to CKX, Inc., an entertainment company.

Lisa Marie kept the Graceland Mansion and owned 100% of it. She holds most of Elvis’s possessions but makes them available for Graceland tours.

Elvis’s Fact File

Before we get inside of Elvis’s Graceland, here are some facts to acquaint you with the King of Rock and Roll:

Elvis Presley
  • Elvis received his first guitar at eleven, a gift from his mother.
  • In 1953 he made this first demo record at Sun Studios.
  • “That’s All Right” was Presley’s first single in 1954.
  • Elvis Presley had 149 songs appear on Billboard, and 18 went to number one.
  • In 1958, Presley was drafted into the U.S. Army. He served for two years and was discharged on March 5, 1960.
  • He received 14 Grammy nominations from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and won three.
  • To this day, Presley remains the best-selling solo artist ahead of Michael Jackson and Madonna! Sales estimates range from 600 million to 1 billion in sales.
  • TCB is Elvis’s logo. TCB means “taking care of business,” The logo is displayed in a flash.”  Elvis had TCB medallions and bracelets custom-made for himself and his crew.
  • The King only played five concerts outside the U.S. All five were in Canada in 1957.
  • Elvis was only married once to Priscilla Beaulieu; they had one child Lisa Marie Presley.
  • His last concert was in June 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • On August 16, 1977, Elvis died at Graceland. He was only 42 years old.

What It Is Like To Visit Elvis’s Graceland

Once I got off the shuttle and landed in front of the main doors, I felt queasy, hot, and clammy. Then I felt emotional. I know this is ridiculous, and few will get this. I thought it was a bit much. And I am glad there was a group of us. Otherwise, I might have cried.

For me, there was something exceptionally overwhelming about even being at the front door. Maybe the years spent imagining that I would visit, the romantic connection to my youth. Who knows? I can tell you that it was a bit more than I bargained for. Fortunately, I had good cause to keep my composure!

So we enter, and boom. I am looking at and standing inside Elvis Presley’s home.

Can I tell you, speechless!

Pause……………. Breath

When you enter, you face the iconic staircase that any historian could peg, and instantly you can see the dining room to the left and the living room to the right. Where to look first?

Graceland Staircase

Graceland’s Living Room

I decide to gawp in the living room first. As I took in the details, I immediately noticed how low the ceilings were. If I had to guess, they are ten feet high at best.  The ceiling height diminishes the size of the actual rooms.

Visit Graceland

I notice the number of photographs of Elvis and his parents, a theme that continues throughout the tour.

Graceland’s Dining Room

Now I take in the dining room. Apparently, to this day, Pracilla and Liza-Marie dine here when in town.  I started fantasizing about what it would be like to have dinner with them at their historic home. I also giggled a tad because, as sentimental as the dining room is, it’s not precisely appealing by today’s standards.

Visit Graceland

Having taken in the two receiving rooms, I wander down the hallway to Elvis’s parent’s suite. It’s on the first level, directly past the grand staircase. Oddly, this room is decorated timelessly. The style does not resemble anything close to the seventies – it’s regal. I am still scratching my head around how his parent’s quarters escaped the house’s overall style.

Visit Graceland

You can not explore or tour the upper level. Elvis’s bedroom is on the upper level, and this is where he passed away. Out of respect, the family keeps this section of the home closed. I understand this sentiment, yet selfishly I wish I could have gone upstairs even if the bedroom of rest is off-limits.

Returning from the parents living quarters, it’s time to explore the kitchen directly to the dining room’s right.

Graceland’s Kitchen 

Holly seventies! If you ever confuse the eras, the kitchen will solidify that you are in a place of the seventies! The harvest gold refrigerator sets the stage and confirms your thinking.

Much bigger than you would expect, darker than the room can hold, and home to an eerie staircase up to the Kings’ quarters. I found humor in the stairs from the upper level to the kitchen. Comedy in that the main entrance stairs are a mere ten feet away, and the side staircase is not needed. It’s as if there needed to be a secret slip to the kitchen, a hidden staircase reserved for one.

Graceland Kitchen

Directly after the kitchen and before you explore the Jungle Room, you head downstairs. Let me start by saying I had no clue there was a level below the main level. And, it’s the same size as the upper level. So, bear this in mind to dispel some myths or opinions on size!

You immerse yourself into the holly seventies when you enter the lower level! I thought the first level was an overdose of time-relevant decor, but the journey was only taking off. Downstairs you have two rooms left to right, the same as the receiving rooms upstairs, only you enter downwards. To the left is the most over-the-top media room you will ever see.

Graceland’s Media Room

Suppose you can plant yourself in the seventies and appreciate this room’s forward-thinking. In that case, you’ll understand its significance today: three televisions, an oversized sectional couch, and a jukebox containing Elvis’s collection. Undeniable airline Esque decor is accompanied by a corner bar. And, to top it off, a mirrored ceiling! I found this room about as relaxing as diving with sharks. And, the decor made me quince.

Graceland Media Room

This photo is unfiltered and unedited. The room is as yellow and tacky as you see, and there are no windows.

So why three televisions?  Elvis came up with the idea after hearing that President Lyndon Johnson had three sets to keep up with all the foremost network newscasts simultaneously. A sports fan, the three side-by-side televisions enabled Elvis to watch various football games simultaneously.

The only thing he didn’t like about watching TV was Robert Goulet. Despite being musically inclined, Presley disliked the actor for reasons unknown to him. Before remote controls were invented, Presley found the fastest way to remove Goulet from the television was to shoot it with a pistol. 

Elvis Collectables

Gracelands Pool Room

A pool room (billiard room) is direct across from the media room, reminiscent of a bad trip.

Graceland Pool Room

I spent ten minutes trying to take in this room, the thought behind it, and how it fits into the rest of the home. Recall there was a bar in the media room that’s opposite? Bars are a feature in many rooms.

As I gazed at this room, I imagined my wildest nights. You know, the ones you do in your 20’s with no holds barred?  I all but vomited. It’s a known fact that Elvis partied and took all kinds of prescription drugs that he believed harmless. I get it –  but this pool room. Detailed as it is, it’s the most unfitting and distasteful room of the entire estate. And that’s saying something, considering I thought the media room was awful. I am still at a loss as I add the photo to this room.

It’s as if someone was high as a kite on acid, commissioned a lousy dose of artistry, and woke up to this unexplainable mess. The only thing is Elvis did not do hallucination drugs. Elvis either picked this decoration out, or someone else did. If someone else, I have to imagine they were “touched.”

Taking inspiration from an 18th-century billiards room in a painting. Bill Eubanks acted on the idea and purchased 350 yards of 100 percent cotton fabric from a local custom furniture store. It took ten days to bolt and pleated the material.

I can’t find one element of this room that I can appreciate artistically.  Functionally I can’t imagine playing in here sober or otherwise. I can, however, imagine having a drink in this room and immediately needing to excuse myself.

Let’s leave the lower level and head to the infamous Jungle Room—perhaps the most well-known room in Graceland. I don’t know why for my life, and I’m not going to research this one for yah – it just is.

Graceland’s Jungle Room

You come up the stairs from the lower level. You view the Jungle Room through a corridor that ultimately leads to the outside to the right. The Jungle Room. Another head-scratcher for me but more in theme than the lower level. It’s the seventies and true to form. Shag rugs, stand-up ashtrays, dark greens, and burnt oranges galore. This room is not only what you expect but is as overdone as the photo’s display. Perhaps this is why this room is so famous.

Fortunately, this room is at the back of the house. If you were a guest, you could only make it to the Jungle Room if you passed through the kitchen.

So what’s in the Jungle Room, or what’s the big deal? Well, it’s massive. It takes up 3/4 of the backside of the house. You step down into it, right to the seventies style. It’s got a bar and a whole wall of the waterfall. Then there are the ornate wood-carved chairs that you can’t miss. The entire room is obscurely overdone and to excess. Most importantly, this room dramatically transforms from the front to the back. I can’t imagine Elvis’s parents chilling out or in the lower level.

Visit Graceland Jungle Room

Leaving the Jungle Room, it’s time to head outside and explore the other buildings’ pastures on the estate.

Outside Grounds of Graceland

As you leave the inside of the Graceland mansion, you will go outside. The first thing you will see is pastures that still have horses! You’ll then enter a racquetball court followed by a tour through The Trophy Building that tells the Presley family’s story.

The Iconic Graceland Pool

Elvis installed the kidney-shaped pool in 1957. It cost $8,400 and measures approximately 18 by 36 feet. People often say the pool is underwhelming. I disagree. Its size and location are fitting for the mansion. I also think the shape and style align with the rest of the estate.

Graceland Pool

Graceland Cemetery – The Meditation Garden and Final Resting Place

Elvis was initially buried in Forest Hill Cemetery next to his mother. Due to a graverobbing attempt, Elvis and his mom were moved to Graceland. I don’t know how to describe what it feels like to be at the King’s final resting place. While it’s a peaceful and relaxing garden, a sobering sadness hits you.  I did not know before I visited Graceland that he was laid to rest here and that you could view his grave. I am not sure how I feel about this. On the one side, I can see that people want to pay their respects; it must be difficult for the family on the other side.
Elvis Grave
In addition to Elvis, the following family members also rest here:
  • Benjamin Keough – Grandson
  • Gladys Presley – Mother
  • Vernon Presley – Farther
  • Minnie Mae Presley – Grandmother


Lisa Marie Presley, 54, died suddenly on January 12, 2023. I am so sorry for her loss. Peace be with you, beautiful one. Graceland held a memorial service on Sunday, January 22, at 9 am. She was laid to rest in the Meditation Garden.

The Elvis Planes You Will See When You Visit Graceland

Elvis was a huge fan of toys, in addition to his elaborate collection of cars and guns. Elvis Presley owned five planes, two of which are on display at Graceland.

In 1975, Elvis purchased a Convair 880 jet for $250,000 and named it Lisa Marie after his daughter. The plane’s exterior has the famous TCB  – “taking care of business in a flash” – logo on the tail. He then spent $800,000 customizing the plane. Not an ordinary remodel by anyone’s standards! The Liza Marie jet has two half-baths, a lounge area, a conference room, a sitting room, and a master bedroom. Today, the decoration is questionable, but for the ’70s, it is a fit – more greens and gold.

The Lisa Marie went on display at Graceland in 1984.

Elvis Planes

And, as with all things Elivs, there must be some bling! Gold-plated belt buckles, 24-karat gold-flecked sinks, leather-topped tables, a state-of-the-art 8-track stereo system, and a phone system.

In addition to the Lisa Marie Jet, there is a 1960 Lockheed Jetstar, which Elvis named the Hound Dog II. This smaller aircraft was also customized by Elvis with a yellow and green interior and displayed at Graceland.

Elvis Plane

Elvis Presley Complex

Once you have finished touring Graceland, you will take the shuttle bus to the main complex with several exhibits. There is the Presley Motors Automobile Museum, which includes a car museum called “Presley Motors.” It is here that you understand just how much Elvis enjoyed toys.  The motor collection includes everything from Cadillacs, golf carts, boats, and tractors! I enjoyed this part of the tour. I never knew his collection was this extensive. And I still wonder where in the world did he store all these vehicles?

Then the Elvis The Entertainer Career Museum. In this exhibit, you will follow his fantastic career. Most importantly, you can view his collection of gold and platinum records, stunning jumpsuits, and other clothing.

Note: You will need at least a couple of hours to view of of the memorabilia on display. 

Elvis Complex

Where To Stay Near Graceland

Graceland has a hotel across the street called The Guest House at Graceland. And, there are plenty of other options in the area:

Events At Graceland

Throughout the year, Graceland hosts all kinds of events. The most popular is the annual event Elvis Week.

Elvis Week

During Elvis Week 2022, Graceland will welcome fans worldwide to Memphis as we mark the 45th anniversary of Elvis’ passing and honor the man, the star, the icon – the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Elvis Week 2022 will offer an impressive line-up of concerts, conversations, tributes, and more. 2022 highlights include the August 16 Elvis Presley in Concert featuring Elvis on the big screen backed by a live band; All the King’s Men, showcasing those who shared the studio and stage with Elvis; The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Dinner Show, where fans can enjoy Elvis’ gospel favorites; the annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and performances by many of EPE’s past Ultimate winners; and the cornerstone event of the week, the annual Candlelight Vigil on August 15 where fans gather in quiet remembrance of the king. 

Things I Bet You Do Not Know About Elvis Presley and Graceland

Elvis Had A Pet Chimpanzee Called Scatter

There is an old horse barn on Graceland’s grounds. Scatter, Presley’s chimpanzee, was the most unusual pet on the estate. Most accounts describe the King’s pet as a royal pain. In addition to pulling down women’s skirts, the simian let out an ear-splitting “Woooo!” Despite Scatter’s ill behavior, Presley dressed him in elaborate costumes. Scatter was always in the car’s front seat when we drove around Memphis. It appeared that Presley was driving the car when he ducked down at traffic lights. At some point, Scatter’s mischief became too much even for Presley, and he was forced to live in a climate-controlled room.

How Did Graceland Get Its Name?

Upon purchasing Graceland’s estate on March 19, 22-year-old Elvis Presley sought a rural retreat away from the pressures of fame and wild fans. It was already known by its famous name when Elvis acquired the property.  Designed in the Colonial Revival style, it was built in 1939 by Thomas Moore and Ruth Toof, whose father owned the land previously used as a farm.

Elvis Was Extremely Particular About Food (And groceries)

We all know he loved peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches. However, he had other peculiar tastes. In true Elvis style, he demanded that all his fancies were kept well stocked at Graceland.

Here are some of the items that were consistently on hand:

  • Bacon (lots of bacon…)
  • Bananas
  • Bread
  • Brownies
  • Cans of biscuits 
  • Fudge cookies
  • Gum
  • Ice cream, vanilla, and chocolate
  • Ingredients for meatloaf
  • Orange drink 
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pepsi 
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Shredded coconut
  • Wieners, aka banana pudding

Many claim that the king would go through a case of both Pepsi and orange drinks in a week.

If he needed anything, a buzzer was installed in the kitchen under his place at the table. 

FAQs About Graceland

Is Graceland worth visiting?

If you are interested in musical history or are an Elvis fan, then Graceland should be on your bucket list!

How much does it cost to visit Graceland?

Tickets cost $77 for adults and $44 for children aged 4-10.

How long does it take to tour Graceland?

The tour of the house takes about an hour and a half. But the amount of time you’ll spend at Graceland depends on how much time you’ll spend in the Elvis Presley Complex, which is vast. Realistically, if you plan to see it all, you need at least four hours, if not more.

Can you visit Graceland for free?

There is a special period for free-admission walk-up visits to the Meditation Garden at Graceland, where the gravesites of Elvis and his family are located. Visitor walk-up times are daily from 7:30 a.m. – to 8:30 a.m. All guests must enter the gates by 8:30 a.m. to walk up, and guests must leave the mansion grounds before Graceland tours start. There are no walk-ups on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 

Who just bought Graceland?

Lisa Marie Presley retains 100% sole personal ownership of Graceland Mansion, its over 13-acre original grounds, and her father’s personal effects.  She has made the mansion property and her father’s personal effects permanently available for tours. Lisa Marie Presley sold the bulk of the Elvis estate, including rights to her father’s name and image, in a deal worth approximately $100 to businessman Robert F.X.Dec 16, 2004.

Why are you not allowed upstairs in Graceland?

Sadly, Elvis died upstairs, so visitors are not allowed to visit the upper level of the house out of respect for the family.

Elvis’s Musical Achievements

Elvis has had no less than 149 songs appear on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart in America. Of these, 114 were in the top forty, 40 were in the top 10, and 18 went to number one. His number one singles spent a total of 80 weeks at number one.

  • Elvis has had over 150 albums and singles certified gold, platinum, and multi-platinum.
  • Elvis still holds the record for Most Top 40 hits at 114 total. 

Closing Thoughts

We spent almost a whole day at Graceland. There is so much to take in. It is overwhelming; however, it is well worth your time. Despite the decorative tastes of the times, Graceland is magical and then some. I left feeling that I understood Elvis as a human rather than a famous performer. And I learned more about his fantastic journey than I expected.

Even if you are not an Elvis fan, Graceland was named to the American National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Drawing in over 600,000 visitors a year, Graceland is for anyone that appreciates history or music.

Lastly, one visit to Graceland is not enough for me, knowing I will return.

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