Hello, Kitty enthusiasts around the world all long to experience a Hello Kitty flight. Currently, this is something you can only experience on Taiwan’s EVA Air. And, long before people get to embark on the Hello Kitty flight, they frequently ask, “What’s it like to experience like on a Hello Kitty flight?”.

Hello Kitty Flight

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Hello Kitty

Created in 1974, Hello Kitty, otherwise known as Kitty White, is a fictional character that the Japanese company Sanrio produces. Contrary to popular belief, Hello Kitty is a female cartoon character, not a cat. And Hello Kitty, the girl is the owner of a pet cat called Charmmy Kitty, and she has a sister called Mimi. Originally popular in Japanese pop culture, the character has become a global multi-billion media franchise.

Hello Kitty

History of Hello Kitty Flights

The first Hello Kitty Airbus A330-200 debuted in October 2005. A second was introduced one year later. In 2009 Kitty disappeared when the initial product license ran out. Fast forward to 2011, and she returned in 2011 to celebrate EVA’s 20th anniversary and Sanrio’s 50th.

EVA Air now has seven jets decorated in the Hello Kitty theme. The Hello Kitty jets are called EVA Special Livery Jets.

The character is larger than life on the aircraft’s sides, and each plane features a different scene. One of the aircraft depicts the adorable sight of Hello Kitty holding hands with other Sanrio characters.

The Seven EVA Special Livery Jets 

  1. Shining Star: EVA Air takes passengers through the starry sky to destinations around the globe. Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala join Hello Kitty and Melody on the delightful trip. We invite passengers to reach for the stars with us.
  2. Sanrio Family Hand in Hand: Sanrio Family extends a warm hand of friendship to all Sanrio Family Hand in Hand passengers and makes passengers feel all the love and care. Let us take each other’s hand and build the bridge of happiness and friendship.
  3. Celebration Flight: Enthusiastic and full of energy, fun-loving Sanrio Family members, accompany you for the journey of a lifetime.
  4. BAD BADTZ-MARU: Travel Fun. Cute and naughty Bad Badtz Maru is exploring the world! Checking in for a cheerful flight with his friends, sun hat, and camera in hand, he is off for a fun and relaxing, laughter-filled holiday.
  5. Joyful Dream: Hello Kitty, Kiki and Lala, cute Pom Pom Purin, and many other Sanrio Family members parade along the length of the plane on a magical path where dreams come true in destinations waiting to be explored.
  6. Comfort Flight: The Lazy Egg, Gudetama, takes his time packing his luggage since he is going on an overseas vacation. Therefore, the Comfort Flight concept invites passengers to escape from the monotonous life and travel at their pleasure. Let’s all get on board, lay back, and carry out the “Gudatama’s philosophy of laziness”!
  7. Friendship Bows: Hello Kitty’s red bow symbolizes friendship. Board our Flight of Friendship Bows and let us take you around the world, exchange bows with Hello Kitty, and make friends where you go!

Friendship Bows is the jet we got to experience!

Where Do The Hello Kitty Planes Fly

Fortunately, some routes come to America; here are the current routes starting from Taipei, and all have return service:

Hello Kitty Flight Route

EVA Air Helly Kitty Routes © EVA Air

How to Book a Ticket on a Hello Kitty Flight?

The airline has a unique website dedicated to Hello Kitty flights. You can book directly here: Book a Hello Kitty Fight.

Note: Due to the impact of COVID-19, EVA Air temporarily suspends our Hello Kitty Jet service from 2020/04/01. The special livery aircraft are subject to route adjustment and do not provide Sanrio-themed inflight service items.

What to Expect on a Hello Kitty Flight?

Taking a Hello Kitty flight is full of surprises! When you board, the flight attendants greet you dressed in pink Hello Kitty aprons. After that, you will make your way through the sea of Hello Kitty headrest covers. You will notice that Hello Kitty is present everywhere to welcome you! From an adorable Hello Kitty pillow to your safety instructions manual, everything here is cute, joyful, and a must for Hello Kitty fans.

The bathrooms have specially created Hello Kitty toilet paper, Hello Kitty-themed handwash, shampoo, hand cream, air fresheners, and more!

The acute attention to detail is impressive. From the completely edible Hello Kitty meal to the adorable Hello Kitty cutlery, there’s plenty of detail that all fans will appreciate.

What’s the best part? The flight attendants even serve bubbly pink champagne to make your travel experience celebratory!

Hello, Kitty Airbus A330-300s has something even more special. You get a meal service on this flight, including an assortment of seafood designed by a fine Michelin star chef Motoke Nakamura. Not only that, but you also receive amenity kits and personalized Sanrio gifts and can purchase various hello kitty duty-free items at a significant discount! As this fun flight takes you worldwide, many friends join you on this adventure, from Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala to Hello Kitty and Melody!

Once you hit the air, there are numerous in-flight amenities. For example, wifi, movies, and an inflight entertainment system so that the passenger can relax as they enjoy the trip. And, you guessed it! Everything is Hello Kitty-themed, even the TV station.

Hello Kitty Flight TV

Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Fans all over the world want to experience these unusual flights. For Hello Kitty enthusiasts, this is the perfect flight.

Where you are arriving at Taoyuan International Airport or departing, you will notice Hello Kitty everywhere. There is a unique Sanrio store that sells one-of-a-kind, exclusive merchandise that isn’t available anywhere else.

Some of the features are specifically for children, like the playroom. With details like ceilings painted with clouds, this is a paradise for children. There is a small pink slide, colorful chairs, and seating cushions for anyone who wants to play. The playroom is decorated with adorable artwork, pink couches, and cotton clouds for you to get lost in this magical fantasy land. And there are plenty of ports for you to recharge your phone.

It is well worth it; it’s remarkably unique.

Hello Kitty Travel Essentials

 A New Age Ambassador of Change

Hello, Kitty was appointed as the United Nations Travel Ambassador in 2017 to promote safe and responsible traveling. Her duties included encouraging people to travel and using travel as a means to promote positive change. In the same year, she also became a representative at the Osaka World Expo.

Hello, Kitty may look like just an adorable character, but she’s much more than just that. She’s a highly responsible influencer who is changing the world, one message at a time.

The Hello Kitty Flight To Nowhere

Given that no one can travel, EVA Air came up with the novel idea to allow the guests to take a trip to nowhere! Are you suffering from travel itch and thriving a dose of Hello Kitty? Well, this trip to nowhere is the perfect cure for you. The plane takes off from Taipei Taoyuan Airport, circles the skies for a while, and returns to the same destination. The duration for this entire trip is approximately three hours, but the entertainment is guaranteed.

The Hello Kitty flight is like none other. Joy and laughter are included for free! Leave your worries back home because this adorable experience will leave a smile on your face, even if you are not a fan.

Closing Thoughts

I never set out to fly on a Hello Kitty flight; it happened by pure chance. We were connecting through Taiwan en route to Bali. We had no clue that we were going to be on a Hello Kitty flight. I have to say it was an unexpected pleasant surprise. Before my experience, I thought that the main lure was the exterior paint of the jet. The exterior is just the beginning. The amount of detail tickled me. There isn’t one single element of the flight that is not in the Hello Kitty theme – even the food is in the Hello Kitty theme.

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