Fifty States Of America

Fifty States Of America – 10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Them All!

People always ask why I wanted to visit all Fifty States of America. Did I merely wish to earn the notch or the bragging rights? Not really. It’s way more complicated.

America the Beautiful Pass

I moved to Florida in 1996. That same year I visited New Orleans, Washington DC, and Virginia. I was immediately struck by how vastly different each state is. The landscape is dramatically different, as are the cultural norms – almost as if you have landed in another country. The sheer size and diversity of the States captured my attention immediately. I was hooked and needed to see more. Then, my mother lost her battle with cancer at 62. Frankly, this experience accelerated my quest to visit America’s Fifty States before my number gets called.

Do I feel accomplished? Sure, it feels good to say, “I’ve visited the fifty states of America. What’s better is I have experienced America’s Fifty States and have priceless memories. As many of you know, I have some funny stories as well!

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The Facts:

According to USA Today, half of all Americans see fewer than ten states in their lifetimes. I’ve never understood this; I still don’t. This a sad statistic that I would like to help change. Where else can you dive for lobsters or scallops in one state and dog sled in another? Only in America, folks! There is so much beauty in this country to explore; it’s endless. Each of the Fifty States offers a different experience.

All-Time Favorites of America’s Fifty States:

Florida, hands down, has no competition for first place. You need to know where to experience paradise in this often Mickey-glamorized state.

Favorites of the Fifty States:

I am flirting with bumping Hawaii for Maine. I can’t settle this score anytime soon because I need more time in both places, to be sure, but Maine captured my heart as a contender, assuming it delivers on our second trip!

Bison At Yellowstone National Park 

Least Favorites of America’s Fifty States:

I’m a firm believer that everywhere holds a hidden gem to discover. I can also say this is mostly true, but two states were beyond blah:

  • Iowa
  • North Dakota

Good luck finding the gems here; it’s slim picking, folks. Iowa was one field after another – straight-up boring. One tip I will give you to North Dakota. If I had more time and a wingman, I would have ventured up to the oil fields of Williston. Unfortunately, I could not persuade anyone to take the journey with me, so I did Fargo.

Fifty States Of America Iowa

States I Intend to Revisit:

If you follow or know anything about me, I haven’t done much twice. Few things qualify, but some do and for different reasons:

More to See Of the Fifty States:

California: Not a top 5 for me, but I have a laundry list of places to still hit in California. For example, Sonoma, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. The following California trip will cover Monterey Bay to see the whales, followed by a trip to Yosemite. Potentially, California will make the top 5. Let’s see.
Florida: Despite living here, my list of things to see and do here grows vs. gets shorter. Next is Anna Maria Island, followed by Steinhatchee – Florida’s scalloping capital, then Cape Romano to see the dome houses.
Hawaii: Ranked in my top 5, this is a certain re-do. We only did one Island and will return to do many more. Hawaii above and beyond exceeded my expectations. Add to this, I saw my first whale in Hawaii, so it will always hold a place in my heart.
Maine is the last state I visited and one of the most beautiful. We only had four days in Maine and did the coastline. I feel robbed! Ultimately, this place needs at least a week or two to take it all in. I will return to Maine to do the inland along with more of the northern coastline.
Utah: Specifically to conquer Zion National Park. I’ve already been to Utah several times, just not yet made it to the motherland.

Fifty States

Just Because:

MontanaThis state would be my second choice of place to live in the States, were it not so cold. I love hard vacations, but I don’t want to dig myself out of a joint to get somewhere. Same for NYC, but NYC is beyond out of reach financially. As much as I love NYC, I don’t fancy living in a shoebox.
Nevada: Unfortunately for me, this is in Brian’s top 5, so I wit’sll inevitably return. More Vegas for me, yippee! Yes, that is total sarcasm.
New York: This one never gets old; my all-time favorite city NYC resides here, so many trips will follow. I never pass on a chance to go to the Big Apple.
Rhode Island: I have a close friend who lives here and will return. Rhode Island hosts many mansions from the Vanderbilt era. I’ve toured a few but want to see more because they are fantastic. Precisely, the Marble House next time.
Tennessee: The Monkey has not been to Tennessee, and it’s a must for kids! Not to mention Tennessee is in my top 5 for a ton of reasons. And Graceland is a must that I have not visited yet.
Texas: I’ve only been to Dallas, much like California; there is more to discover here. Plus, my sister-in-law lives here with our niece and nephew.

A couple of others worth considering in Delaware. While a small state, I think there are more gems to uncover. And Ohio. Hocking Hills State Park was one of our most relaxing trips of 2018!

Closing Thoughts:

America is my home. I chose to live in a place I love. This country has offered incredible opportunities, an excellent education, a challenging career, a fantastic husband, and so many beautiful friends that I am always strapped for time!

No country is perfect. I’ve lived and worked in a few, so I get to say this knowing what I am talking about vs. what I think or perceive. If you separate the apparent issues like politics, religion, violence, and race and focus on this country’s positives, it is still number one for me. And, no matter what you might think about Americans, they are the kindest, friendliest, most loving, generous, and hospitable humans on the planet. Another fact I can attest to!

America is the most beautiful and diverse country on the planet, hence the need to visit America’s Fifty States to appreciate its beauty fully.

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