Known for its gambling and entertainment, there’s much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. There are so many things to do off the strip in Las Vegas that most people don’t realize exist. For many people who have visited before, people often ask what else is there to do? This travel guide will help you plan out an itinerary that includes many things, not on the strip!

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National Parks, One Of The Best Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Nevada is home to several National, State, and Local Parks. And, some of them are exceptionally famous and worth the trip to Las Vegas alone.

Death Valley National Park

It is the driest and hottest place near Las Vegas, and it does have rain but very occasionally. It is called Death Valley because a group of pioneers got lost there. And, it can be hazardous in winters because of cold and can produce sudden flooding.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

A 2,040-acre park is a series of small lakes that formed an oasis in this part of the Mojave Desert.

Grand Canyon National Park

Hopefully, this one requires no introduction; it’s on most people’s bucket list, and for a good reason. I’ve been twice, and it never gets old. The second you see the rim or the Colorado River, you understand why people flock to see this treasure!

It’s a four-hour drive each way from Las Vegas, so while this is possible in a day if you want to peek at it, you can. However, I would strongly recommend staying in the Grand Canyon for a least a night.

Tip: The Hoover Dam in on route to The Grand Canyon almost eveyone combines the two attractions.

Grand Canyon

Great Basin National Park

Located in east-central Nevada and close to the Utah border, this park is best known for its ancient bristlecone pine groves.

Joshua Tree National Park

As the name suggests, this park is home to the Joshua Tree and was named accordingly. There’s quite a lot to see here, especially if you want to capture some epic photographs. Giant marbles, jumbo rocks, Cyclops and Pee Wee Formations, and Old Woman Rock, to name a few.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The largest artificial reservoir in the United States is a popular spot for water sports, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

Mojave National Preserve

This park is home to water-sculpted canyons, ancient lava flows, limestone caverns, and massive sand dunes! And like many other parks in the region, it has Joshua trees shaping the rugged terrain.

Spring Mountain National Recreation Area (Mount Charleston)

Part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and just 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas this park offers up to 316,000 acres of unique beauty.

Valley of Fire State Park

A park full of red sandstone formations, this park’s lure is the sun reflection on the red sand formations said to make them appear on fire.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is another bucket list contender! You have likely seen pictures of the Zion Canyon and the red Navajo Sandstone or the many famous arches.

Zion National Park

Red Rock National Conservation Area

It contains some of the famous reactions of nature that are worth visiting:

  • Keystone thrust fault
  • Mountain Wilson
  • Calico Hills
  • Scenic Loop

Clark Country Wetlands Park

This park includes over two miles of paved trails, ponds, and a bird-viewing blind.


Obscure Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Built-in 1904 and closed in 1916, this town came to be due to the  Gold Rush era. Remnants of the former town still stand and can be visited.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Republic of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia is a micro-nation that has claimed itself as a nation, but the United Nations nor any major government recognize it as a nation or country. To visit you have to call ahead and tourist season is from 15th April through 15th  October.

Clown Motel

This is an extreme motel that is located on the edge of a mountain. This motel is decorated with thousands of clowns, and the scary part is that next to this motel is a graveyard.

International Car Forest of the Last Church

Not exactly a church despite the name. Here is a collection of cars stacked up to form artwork with graffiti.  The work of two artists named Mark Rippie and Chad Sorg.

Historical Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Historic Route 66

History lovers, this is a road trip for you. Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926, and was one of America’s original highways. This route was linked with Chicago and Los Angeles.

Route 66

Area 51

A conspiracy theorist’s dream! Claims of aliens living in area 51 continue to this day. The real story behind it is that it is an area specified for military training, and USAF used this place to test their aircraft and weapons.

Calico Ghost Town

If you are a fan of the old west, there is no way you would want to miss a day trip to the calico ghost town. There are many fun activities for you, including mock shootouts, shows, gift shops, and stagecoach.

Old Tonopah Cemetery Tonopah

It is a historic mining town situated between Las Vegas and Reno. This town became famous when Jim Butler discovered that this town’s rocks were the second form of silver.

Groom Lake

This location is used in many films, photoshoots, and music videos. There is a crashed B-29 at the bottom of Lake Mead that you can dive to see. The plane is referred to as “The Lady in the Lake.”

Pioneer Saloon Goodsprings

Well, the landmark of this old saloon is a template for every western bar. George Fayle was a businessman, and he opened up this saloon in 1913. It is still functional and probably the oldest saloon; if you want to have a traditional shave, visit this salon.

Pioneer Saloon Nevada

Mine for Gold at Eldorado Canyon

This place is rich in silver and gold mines. This place was discovered after the American civil war. It is an excellent place to learn more about history.

Explore Fremont Street

This street is like walking entertainment. You can have live entertainment, a live show, and a zipline. It was the first-ever paved street in Las Vegas in 1925, and the traffic lights came to this street in 1931.

Outdoors Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Hoover Dam

If you want to have peace and enjoy nature, Hoover Dam is your place. You can visit this dam both in the day and at night. Many touring companies could offer you these trips.

Go Boating on Lake Mead

If you want to chill your day up, go for a boating trip on Lake Mead. This lake is the giant reservoir in America. Boating that expansive space is a dream come true.

Seven Magic Mountains

Ugo Rondinone was the artist behind the seven colorful towers and has stacked boulders standing tall at 25feet in height.

You better hurry if you plan to see this one. At the end of 2018, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a three-year permit extension for the artwork, allowing the installation to remain on view through the end of 2021.

Seven Magic Mountains

Fly Geyser

A small-sized geothermal geyser is located on private land in Washoe County. You will find colored rocks, a hot environment, multiple hues of red and green. It is recommended to view the geyser from a distance, but it is worth a watch.

Family Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Drive a Bulldozer

Have you wondered how cool it would be to drive an excavator or a bulldozer? Well, you can have this experience without any knowledge of how the machinery works but only at Dig This Las Vegas.

Trampoline Dodgeball

The best and safest place for the kids to play is a trampoline park. There are multiple games the kids can play at the park. Bouncing and jumping over the trampoline makes the kids joyful, and even the adults can enjoy this by playing dodgeball.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Ethel M.’s

If you are visiting Las Vegas, Chocoholics do pay a visit to Ethel M.’s Chocolate Factory to treat your mouth with a variety of chocolates.

Take a Circus Trapeze Class

Imagine yourself being in Cirque du Soleil with a high-flying trapeze class.


Play Laser Tag or Paintball

Gather your friends and family members to play a match of paintball or a laser tag game.

Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park

A recreational venue at Mountain’s Edge that includes an 80-acre western-themed park at the mountain’s base.

Adult Only Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Get Sex Education at the Erotic Heritage Museum

Officially known as The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum, this is the largest museum in the world to preserve erotic artifacts, fine art, film, education, and cultural events.

Twenty-four thousand square feet of permanent and featured exhibits for the adults to enjoy.

Visit The Bunny Ranch

Officially called The Moonlite BunnyRanch, this is probably the most famous legal brothel in the world.  You don’t have to be in the market for services to visit here. Believe it or not, the Bunny Ranch gives free tours. If you are open-minded enough, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the sex industry.

There is also a bar on-site, so you can sit back and take in everything that’s going on around you.

Cashman Field

Betting on sports is in the culture of Las Vegas. Cashman Field is the most inexpensive place to visit to watch a live game of UFL football or bet on it.


Thrill Seekers Things To Do Off  The Strip In Las Vegas

Looking for an adrenaline dose! Here you go:

Drive a Super Fast Car

Driving a super-fast car is almost like a dream come true. If you want to achieve this dream, head towards Exotics Racing Las Vegas. You will find super luxurious, super-fast cars. They have a track of 1800 feet straightaway and seven turns, and you can drive up to 130 mph on the 1.2-mile race track.

Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Go Indoor Skydiving

Most people are afraid of heights, and that is the reason that not everyone can do skydiving. But there is an option to get the feeling of what skydiving feels like without taking the plunge. It is the indoor skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving that has a 1000 horsepower motor.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine how beautiful it would be to see Las Vegas up from the sky. It is a must-try experience to have on your bucket list. You will also get a nice treat of traditional champagne after your landing.

Ride on the High Roller Observation Wheel

Las Vegas has one of the tallest observation wheels that is approximately 550 feet in height. It is quite scary for some people, but most people enjoy this 30 min ride.

Drive a Dune Buggy

We are talking about the desert dunes here! If you’ve never done desert or dunes, it’s a must. Few outfitters offer a variety of tour packages for family-friendly tours.

Go to the Shooting Range

Desert Hills Shooting Club is a place at a distance of half an hour from Vegas. You can even have a 21-station sporting clay course at this place.

Take a Helicopter Ride Over The Grand Canyon

Many people choose this option as it saves you four hours each way drive. Almost everyone that visits Las Vegas makes the journey to The Grand Canyon, and a helicopter ride is not only the quickest way to get there, but it’s a rush to see it from the air.

Skywalk At the Grand Canyon

If you have the stomach for heights, this one is for you. This 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Grand Canyon, and you can walk across it!

Stratosphere Tower

If you want to look at the city and the deserts from one place, Stratosphere Tower is the place to be visited. It is 1149 feet in height, and a 360-degree view allows you to look at the city while standing at the top of the tower.

Tour a Shark Tank

The Golden Nugget Hotel has a slide that goes into the shark tank. Taking a tour is safe. Staff marine biologists will take you on tour. They explain everything you need to know about sharks.

Detective and Crime Things To Do Off  The Strip In Las Vegas

Fancy your chances at becoming an investigator? Brush up your skills by participating in any of these off-the-strip activities!

Solve a Crime

You can get a CSI diploma by just solving a case with the help of real forensic scientists. Gather evidence and put your crime-solving skills to the test to find the killer. Only at CSI: The Experience – Las Vegas.

Crime Scene

Try an Escape room

If you are visiting Las Vegas with your friends, try this escape room. Work as a team to find clues to escape from a locked room before the time runs out.

Join the Mob

Las Vegas Mob Museum shares a unique story of the mobster’s organized crimes from law enforcement and the mobster’s perspective through films, exhibits, and many artifacts.

Shopping and Eating Things To Do Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Go to Chinatown

When you get fed up with the Vegas Strip, go to Chinatown for some dim sum craving.

Container Park

Everybody wants to go on shopping while they are on a trip. The best place to shop in Las Vegas is at Container Park. It has multiple numbers of boutiques, free concerts, movies, and restaurants. You can enjoy your day and night at a single place, and you wouldn’t want to go to other sites when you are getting every treat in one place.

Go Pawning

Even see the show “Pawn Stars”? Well, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is located in Las Vegas, and you can visit!

Town Square

The Town square is located on the Boulevard with the facility of tons of bars and restaurants.

Check Out First Friday

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the work of artists in Vegas. The local artists of Las Vegas gather downtown on the first Friday of every month to share their work with them. You will get to see live music, artists showcasing their talent, delicious food.


Caves and Springs Off The Strip In Las Vegas

Arizona Hot Springs

Also known as Ringbolt Hot Spring, these springs are located along the Colorado River just south of the Hoover Dam. These are the most popular hot springs in Nevada. People come here to spend quality time and soak in the water that is surrounded by the canyon. You can access them by boat via the Colorado River or by hiking a 3.2-mile trail from the Arizona state highway 93.

Lehman Caves Baker 

It is a cave that consists of more than 300 rocks forming shapes of stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites. It is the presentation of elegant structures made up of rocks and some geological filigree covering the walls.

Museums Off The Strip In Las Vegas

The Neon Museum

A non-profit museum consists of all the vintage signs that were very famous before the new world technology took its place. Think of this place as the graveyard of neon signs.  If you are familiar with the old Las Vegas, you must visit this place! The best time to see this place is at night because all these signs are lit up.

Neon Museum

Image Courtesy of The Neon Museum

The Atomic Testing Museum

This place outlines the fascinating story of America’s nuclear weapon program and the cold war. You can find a lot of exciting things about tradition.

Lost City Museum

Formerly known as Boulder Dam Park Museum. The museum kept the remains of Native American cultures so that the young kids get to know about their elders’ cultures. The museum offers a reconstructed Puebloan house-site that is open to visitors.

Goldwell Open Air Museum – Albert Szukalski’s Last Supper

These are 12 plaster figures that are inspired by da Vinci’s famed fresco. These sculptures made by Albert Szukalski haunt the desert landscape above a real-life ghost town. The Last Supper sculpture is considered to be the centerpiece of the Goldwell Open Air Museum.

Closing Thoughts

I got married in Las Vegas, and I have traveled there at least six times. Brian, my other half, has been many more times. For a first-time visitor, the strip is a must. You can spend a day or two alone, just taking in the hotels. For those who have been there and done that or those of us who don’t gamble, the Las Vegas area has so much to see and do.

There is so much to do off the strip in Las Vegas that it’s almost impossible to list them all in one article! I’ve given you fifty-plus things to do off the strip in Las Vegas.

What did I miss? I would love to hear from you on different things to do off the strip In Las Vegas!

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