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Harewood House – Visit One Of England’s Oldest Homes

Harewood House Yorkshire, England, is one of the oldest buildings in England. Built in 1771, this is one of the few Treasure Houses of England. The first Baron of Harewood, Edwin Lascelles, first commissioned the building and passed it down several generations.

Today, the 8th Earl of Harewood, David Lascelles, occupies the home with his family. He’s the one that decided to open it for public tours. Now, the people visiting the area can look at the building and everything it offers, making it one of the most popular places in Yorkshire to visit!

Harewood House England

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Why Visit Harewood House?

While the most popular tourist attraction in England might always be places like the London Bridge, the Big Ben Clock Tower, and the London Eye, there’s just something about the historic buildings in the entire country.

Each of the older constructions come with their history, stories, and significance, and the ones that have been open for public visits, like Harewood House Downton abbey, have also been updated to include even more features like art for people to immerse themselves in the old and the new all at once. It’s also home to some of the best art in the entire country, and several exhibits are open to the public throughout the year.

Harewood House England is one of the best places to have an experience like that, and because of its rich history and breathtaking architecture, one that would stay with you for a lifetime.

The History Of Harewood House

The construction of the building began in 1759. The leading architect on the job was John Carr, who was one of the top architects in England and also designed the Buxton Crescent in Derbyshire.

Robert Adam did the interiors of the entire estate, while Lancelot “Capability” Brown did all of the exteriors, including the 100 gardens. Three genius minds came together to create something so unique that it’s still standing in all of its glory hundreds of years later.

The Interior Of Harewood House

Even though the estate is open to the public, parts of the estate, especially most of the bedrooms, are still off-limits because the Lascelles family lives there. However, the vast staterooms where past and current royal family members have spent time are more than enough to check out on their own.

That’s not all, though. You can also visit the three grand libraries, several drawing rooms, a music room, and a few state bedrooms.

While all of those grand areas of Harewood house are amazing to visit, there’s one part of the tour that visitors tend to love. That’s the “below the stairs” section of the home. These were the living quarters of Steward and the Housekeeper and the area where the staff prepared all the food.

You can walk through the kitchen with all the copper pots and pans still there. Then, make your way to the vegetable preparation area, through to the scullery, and even the pastry room! If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, you’ll feel like you’re in an episode yourself!

The Exterior Of Harewood House

Harewood House has over 100 acres of lush, green gardens. While you could plan to see them all, unless you’re just zooming through them at the speed of light, you might not be able to get through them all. Some of the most famous gardens that are a must-see if you’re short on time include:

  • The Bird Garden: You can see 40 different species of birds, some that are also endangered. This garden alone can easily take up a whole day if you’re fond of birds.
  • The Walled Garden: To get to the walled garden, you’ll have to take a little ferry ride, but it’s worth the extra effort. This garden is where almost all of the fruits and vegetables used for cooking inside the main house were grown.
  • The Himalayan Garden: This is one of the unique gardens on the whole estate. Several walkways guide the visitors through the garden toward the breathtaking waterfall at the edge of it. Indeed a sight that you shouldn’t miss!

There’s also the Harewood farm. The visitors there can hang out with animals, from hare and penguins to goats. They’ve got it all. This part of the Harewood House visit is such a big hit that many people walk around in the gardens and meet the animals!

The Location Of Harewood House

Harewood House is in Harewood, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS17 9LG, United Kingdom. It’s relatively easy to get to because everyone in the area would know precisely where it is. So if using the GPS gets a little confusing, ask someone in the area in they’ll point you in the right direction.

Things To Do Leeds

Getting to Harewood House

You can quickly drive to Harewood House yourself by using LS17 9LQ on your GPS. However, if you need to use public transportation, the most convenient way would be to take the bus. Almost 40 buses go to the estate every day from Leeds to Harewood village.

If you want to get to the area via train, you’d have to make your way to ​​Leeds or Harrogate station first. Then take a bus or a taxi from there on towards the estate.

Events At Harewood House

There are many different types of events held at the harewood house throughout the year. From Christmas Fairs to walkathons, there’s always a little something going on here. Even when there isn’t, the daily tours are exciting enough to keep everyone visiting there interested throughout their time there!

FAQs About Harewood House

Harewood House has been in the Lascelle family since its completion. Currently, the 8th Earl of Harewood, David Lascelles, and his extended family live there. However, their living areas are not open to the public.

Harewood House is a prevalent filming location because of how well it’s been preserved. Some of the most notable shows and movies that have been filmed on the grounds were Emmerdale, Downton Abbey (the film), Gentleman Jack, Inside the Factory, Death Comes to Pemberley, and Victoria.

Downton Abbey, the movie was filmed in Harewood House, but the show was filmed in Hampshire’s Highclere Castle.

While there is a fee to enter the Harewood House itself, most of the estate is exterior. The gardens of Harewood House are one of the main attractions, and most of the grounds are open to the public for free to walk around.

Yes. Most people visit Harewood House via buses. However, if you bring your car, you can easily find parking at their free parking area and park for however long you need.

However, there may be a parking charge on super busy days. It is best to ask when you’re parking if it is a hectic day.

here are two ways to buy tickets for visiting Harewood House. You can book the tickets online, which would be anywhere from £13.50-£17.50 depending on the season.

 If You made your plans urgently, you could also buy the tickets at the gate for £17.50. However, the gate entry only works if there is ample capacity on site that day. So it is still best to book them in advance.

Children under four do not need a paid ticket to visit Harewood House. They would still need a ticket (pass) to be inside, but there won’t be any charges. However, standard tickets apply to children over the age of four.

While you could enjoy all aspects of the Harewood House by getting tickets, the membership allows you free entry to the house. You can also use it to get discounts in all the cafes and stores on the grounds!

Where To Stay Near Harewood House

Going through Harewood House is usually an activity that can easily take up an entire day. So it’s best to make arrangements to stay somewhere nearby. You could stay close to Harewood House UK by visiting the Harrogate area. 

There Rudding Park would be one of the best options. There you’ll have everything you need available at the hotel grounds. Acorn Lodge and Arden House are good options, too, if you’re looking for something a little cozier.


Closing Thoughts

Harewood House is the perfect place to visit if you’re going to be in the Yorkshire area. If you’re a fan of old architecture, heritage pieces, preserved pieces from history, or like to visit lush, green gardens, this would be the perfect place to go to at least once. What’s excellent about Harewood House is that you can enjoy it on your own or take the whole family along. There are so many unique little experiences all in one place. No matter what your interests are, you will find at least one thing here that makes an impact on you!

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