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Spring Break In Florida – Hot Destinations For College Students

Spring Break in Florida is one of the busiest seasons in Florida. Not just for college and university students but families alike. Florida has limitless options for things to see and do, and Florida caters to all tastes of all ages and welcomes everyone.

If you are a college student looking for fun places to visit in Florida, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the state’s most beautiful destinations. From stunning beaches to vibrant cities, Florida has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to explore all that this unique state has to offer!

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But before you go to the article, here are the most popular tours and excursions for you in Florida:

The most popular tours in Florida

  • 🚢 Watch the sunset and the moon rise off the coast of Key West on this sunset cruise
  • 🚌 Escape to the wilderness of the Florida Everglades and see Miami by bus and boat on this guided, full-day, city sightseeing adventure
  • 🛶 A good choice for nature lovers, with this tour you can explore a unique part of Rock Springs Run known as “Emerald Cut” on the kayak with glass bottom
  • 🤿 This tour will take you to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to explore reefs that are part of the third largest living reef system in the world
  • 🚢 Get up close with sharks and other marine wildlife on this boat tour from Key West

Destin – Crab Island

Let’s start with the most unusual and lately one of the most popular places for Spring Break in Florida – Destin! Located in the panhandle about an hour north of Panama City Beach, this town has one of Florida‘s most prominent and best sandbars.

Crab Island is where everyone hangs out.  Crab Island is only accessible by boat (or other watercraft). If you don’t own a boat, you can rent one or take an excursion to it. It is possible to kayak or paddleboard to crab island, but it’s a workout. If you want to take an unusual method of transport, take the Tiki Boat Cruise – yes – it’s an actual Tiki Boat!

Once you reach Crab Island, there are tons of things to do.

  • Soak up some sun while relaxing on the boat.
  • Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.
  • Play water volleyball.
  • Rent a jetski.
  • Hit the inflatable water park.
  • Drink at one of the floating bars – now all BYOB, but you can eat at them.
  • Visit WaterWorld at Crab Island

Alcohol is allowed at Crab Island, but not the sale of it. In other words, you need to bring your own.

Destin Crab Island

Image Credit: WaterWorld Destin at Crab Island

Key West – Clear Blue Water 

Florida has many beautiful islands that are perfect for relaxing or exploring. The Florida Keys are a chain of tropical islands in the Gulf Coast region.  The Keys offer stunning coral reefs and tropical fish, perfect for snorkeling.  

The Keys are a must-see for students planning Spring Break in Florida. This tropical paradise is the southernmost point in the continental United States and offers plenty of activities for visitors of all ages.

If you’ve never been to Key West, you are in for a treat. This tiny island is as tropical as it gets. You will think you are in the Caribbean. And Key West comes alive in full force at night. Be sure to check out attractions like:

Key West is also home to numerous restaurants and bars, including Jimmy Buffett’s original Margaritaville! The Keys have something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to go on an adventure or relax by the water, this place has it all! 

How to Get To Key West

There are two ways to get to The Keys – fly or drive. Flying is costly and always includes a connection through Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Most people fly to Miami and then drive to Key West, which is about an hour’s drive from both airports. The drive to Key West is one of the most scenic drives in Florida.

Key West Spring Break In Florida

If you want to get creative, rent an RV for the drive down. If you rent an RV, you will also have your accommodations. All you need to find are campsites, state parks, or RV parks.

Florida’s Panhandle – Home Of the Original Spring Break In Florida

Once upon a time, probably before your time, if you are reading this. Florida’s panhandle, specifically Panama City Beach, was the place to go. It was considered “the spot” in the early ’90s, and MTV would host spring break here.  Fast forward to today. Panama City Beach is still chosen as a place for Spring Break in Florida, but not for the same let’s get the wild vibe that the ’90s were famous for. You’ll still find beach parties, wet t-shirts, or drinking competitions. It’s just less packed or less desirable than it once was.

Now, don’t despair. One reason it lost its popularity is that people started heading further south to Daytona Beach and then to Cancun. However, it still attracts springbreakers from all over and is an excellent option if you want to be in Florida but don’t want to go south. The Panhandle is considered one of the best places to Spring Break.

There are tons to see and do. Here are some recommendations:


Tampa – The Next Miami?

If you are looking for a more urban atmosphere, head to Tampa. Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and offers many activities for visitors, including museums, shopping, dining, and nightlife. It also has several theme parks, such as Busch Gardens and Adventure Island Water Park. Tampa also has Zoo Tampa and the Florida Aquarium, which can be explored with a combined pass called ZooQuarium.

Like Miami, Tampa has many canals that lead out to the ocean. If you stay downtown, you will likely be near the water. If you want a break and enjoy a beach day, head to Clearwater Beach. Tampa is worth a visit for any student looking for the hustle and bustle of city life yet still on the water.

Siesta Key – Unmatched Beaches

One of our favorites is Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota. This white sand beach is known for its gentle waves and crystal clear waters, making it the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

You know you want those photos against white sand and turquoise sea backdrop. Located in Sarasota, Siesta Key is Florida’s most talked-about beach. Although it may seem trivial, many people choose this place because of its indescribable beauty. The quartz sand of this beach gives a striking contrast in color where the water meets the sea. Because of this sand, you see the unreal color of the water around the coast. By mutual agreement, locals call this beach the main attraction of Sarasota.

Why choose Siesta Key Beach over any other beach? It is straightforward, priceless beach scenery. 

Not only will you be able to spend your special day on the beach, but you will also have the opportunity to walk through the famous house of circus king John Ringling and visit the museum. Ringling’s home is called CA’ D’ZAN. 

CA’ D’ZAN, the home of the circus king and his wife, a couple from humble mid-western origins, stands as a testament to the American Dream of the Roaring Twenties. Inspired by and designed in the Venetian Gothic style of the palazzos that ring the Venice canals, this stunning palatial mansion perfectly captures the splendor and romance of Italy the Ringlings so loved. To honor its owner, they named it Ca’ d’Zan, “House of John,” in the dialect of their beloved Venice.

Miami – Colorful Buildings and Nightlife 

Miami is a fantastic city with something for everyone. This vibrant city is known for its colorful buildings and lively nightlife. As such, it is the perfect place to let loose and have fun. Check out attractions like South Beach and Wynwood Walls – an Urban Graffiti Art Museum Miami. Wynwood Walls is an outdoor art museum located in Miami’s Wynwood district that features murals from artists worldwide.

You can take a Cycle Party Bar Crawl through Wynwood Walls. What better way to get those off-the-chain Instagram photos that you want?

Cycle Party Bar Crawl Wynwood Walls

Photo Credit: Cycle Party 

South Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Miami. Almost everyone on the planet is familiar with Miami’s South Beach.  It offers stunning architecture and plenty of places to eat and drink. 

Here are some other things not to miss if you chose Miami for Spring Break in Florida:

Miami has a sleek, upscale restaurant scene, with options for every taste bud. From Cuban cuisine to sushi, there is something for everyone in this fantastic city. And if you’re looking to party into the wee hours of the night, Miami is known as one of America’s top party cities!

Natural Springs Of Central Florida

Perhaps spring is the most unconventional choice for a Spring Break in Florida. However, it is the best choice for those wanting to avoid crowds and nightlife and explore nature at its finest. Choosing springs will also allow you to camp. Almost every spring in Florida has camping onsite or close by. This saves you money and gives you a different dimension of vacation in the form of camping. Spring Break is always in the cooler months. As such, it’s also the best time to glimpse a manatee!

Swim With Manatees at The Crystal River Florida

Central Florida is a nature lover’s paradise, with crystal-clear springs and peaceful nature trails waiting to be explored. There are so many options for springs it’s hard to choose a few. Some favorites are:

Sweetening the pot, manatees frequent springs, and it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll see one!

Orlando – Theme Park Capital Of The World

If you’re looking for something more exciting, Central Florida is the “Theme Park Capital Of The World.” Home to household names like Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, it’s one of the most famous tourist spots. These two parks offer visitors a chance to enjoy cool rides, shows, and attractions that will make any vacation memorable.

Walt Disney World Resort has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Disney also has two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Universal Orlando Resort is also located in Orlando and features three theme parks: Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay.

Tip: If you are a Disney fan and want to stay onsite. Here is how you can stay onsite at a Disney Resort for less than 50% the listed price.

Daytona Beach – An MTV Favorite Spring Break In Florida

Daytona Beach is a great place to visit for weekend getaways. Like Panama City, Daytona Beach was a spring break hub in the 90s. MTV used to host their events on this shoreline. 

This city on Florida’s east coast is known for its beautiful beaches, thrilling NASCAR races, and lively nightlife. Situated on Florida’s Atlantic Ocean during the day, you can enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and kayaking, and then head out to one of the many restaurants or bars in the evening.

Daytona Beach Spring Break in Florida

Daytona Beach is also home to significant shopping areas, like The Pavilion at Port Orange and The Shops at Seville Quarter. So, if you’re looking to do some shopping during your trip, Daytona Beach has you covered!

FAQs About Spring Break In Florida

In Florida, schools close from March to April; however, the specific week that students get off is determined school by school. And it varies by county.

Florida attracts students from all over the world, and the dates for spring break vary. The season is March – April; however, the specific week students get off is determined school by school. And it goes by county.

  • Daytona Beach. 
  • Sanibel Island. 
  • South Beach.
  • Panama City Beach. 
  • Fort Lauderdale. 
  • Marco Island. 
  • New Smyrna Beach.
  • Clearwater Beach.
  • Cocoa Beach.

Closing Thoughts

It would be best to have free time to travel as a student.  Taking Spring Break in Florida lets students forget about their studies. To ensure that your academic progress does not fall during the holidays, contact professional personal statement writers who will help you with any assignments. Try to delegate your workload by working with real experts instead of wasting time writing papers. 

Looking for more things to do in Florida? Start here:

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