Wekiva Falls RV Resort Spring
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Wekiva Falls RV Resort – Sorrento’s Hidden Spring

Wekiva Falls RV Resort is one of the best resorts for those that love the great outdoors, springs, and camping. Close to the best attractions that Orlando or Daytona Beach has, it’s the perfect location to enjoy Central Florida’s attractions while basking in Florida’s wilderness. Add to this, the resort boasts a swimming pool that is a sulfur spring that flows into the nearby Wekiva River from a sandy-bottomed stream. The pool area has a fountain that blasts water, there are water slides and on weekends there’s a DJ to entertain the guests.

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Wekiva Falls RV Resort Spring

Photo Credit: Wekiva Falls RV Resort

Why Visit Wekiva Falls?

Wekiva Falls is a great RV resort with over 100 acres of pure fun! This resort offers campsites, cabin rentals, recreational areas, a heated swimming pool, and a natural spring-fed swimming area with slides!  In addition, this RV resort is surrounded by more than 14,000 acres of the Rock Springs Run State Reserve and has tons of modern amenities so you can camp in style.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit this beautiful RV Resort:

  • Stay a weekend in a tent camp, park your RV, or rent a cabin at Wekiva Falls.
  • Enjoy the natural water of the lagoon fed by the spring.
  • Explore the Wekiva River and the beautiful spring runs that lead to it.

The History Of Wekiva Falls

Wekiva Falls was founded in the 1960s.  Ideally located between Daytona Beach and Orlando, it was the perfect spot for a retreat away from the city. Back in the day,  Orlando used to rely on citrus and cattle for its economy before Walt Disney arrived in the 1970s.

The founders realized that Orlando was overgrowing. Because of this, they decided to establish a large camping area close to the tourist places and not to the annoying city noises.

In a nutshell, Wekiva Falls was created to offer a place for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city but want to be close enough to visit theme parks like Disney or Universal Studios.

The Location Of Wekiva Falls

You will find Wekiva Falls RV Resort in Lake County, exactly less than half a mile from Seminole County and in the unincorporated community of Sorrento. 

Address: 30700 Wekiva River Rd, Sorrento, FL 32776, United States

What Is There To Do At Wekiva Falls?

Where do we start, there’s so much to see and do at Wekiva Falls. Here’s a run down of all things to do:

  • Explore the shallow sandy spring run that leads to the Wekiva River.
  • Have picnics on one of the 40 tiki tables around the lagoon.
  • Rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe.
  • Team up and play cornhole.
  • Play pickleball.
  • Compete at shuffleboard.
  • Fish off the marina’s shore or rent a canoe for the best chance of catching a fish. 
  • One weekend, jam with the local DJ at the lagoon, and there are always lagoon games for kids!

If you run out of things to do drive to  Orlando, Daytona Beach, or visit some other the other springs near Wekiva Falls. 

The Spring And Swimming Area of Wekiva Falls

Known as the “Lagoon”, at Wekiva Falls, water is channeled up through a conduit that ‘falls’ into a manicured lagoon for swimming. It is a sulfur spring that has been capped and channeled through a pipe. On one end, it boasts a sandy beach, and the water flows into the nearby Wekiva River from a sandy-bottomed stream.

On an artificial concrete apron surrounding the lagoon, guests spread blankets, pitch canopies, and lounge on beach chairs. There are two water slides and a weekend DJ in the natural sulfur spring! 

Day visitors enjoy the shaded pavilions on the ridge above the spring pool during the hot summer months.

Wekiva Falls RV Resort

Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals 

Wekiva Falls connects to the Wekiva River. This is a great place for kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding. You can bring your own vessel if you choose or rent one.

Rental Prices

  • $35 + taxes to single kayak for two hours
  • $40 + taxes to double or triple kayak for two hours
  • $45 + taxes to paddleboards for four hours

Paddle The Wekiva River

One of Florida‘s best-protected waterways, the Wekiva River, can be reached easily from Wekiva Falls. Multiple springs feed the river, which flows downstream to the north-flowing St. John’s River. In the grassy area near the river at Wekiva Falls, kayakers and canoeists can launch their craft.

The Wekiva River

A kayaker can paddle upstream (turn right) for miles into the subtropical Wekiva River Aquatic Preserve and float back. The river has little development, and the flow is slow enough that you can paddle upstream and back for miles.

A shuttle might be a good idea if you plan to paddle downstream (that way, it’s shady and scenic), but it can be tiring to paddle back against the currents if you plan to go far.

Amenities At Wekiva Falls RV Resort

Wekiva Falls offers good options so residents don’t have to walk far and can get everything they need:

  • Magnolia Club: This is a club where residents can spend time together
  • Pelican Peak: Here, you will find a gym, a meeting room, laundry, and restroom facilities.
  • Marina & Tiki Bar: Drink some cocktails, socialize, rent kayaks or canoes, and attend karaoke nights.
  • The Lagoon & The Falls: This is the favorite place for all and arguably the star attraction!
  • Shopping: One place to shop is the Mastodon Market. Here you will find all the things you may need for a night or longer.

Getting to Wekiva Falls

Getting to Wekiva Falls is not a problem because it’s so close to Orlando. Common Florida routes:

  • Orlando: If you are in downtown Orlando, look for I-4N until you reach W Lake Mary Blvd, pass Markham Woods Rd until Markham Rd. Then, look for the FL-46 W exit and cross at Wekiva River Rd.
  • Gainesville: Take US-441 S until you reach US-301 S, look for the intersection at FL-326 W and go to the end of FL-40 E to finish at FL-19 S. At the end of FL -19 S; you should look for Co Rd 42 E, cross at Co Rd 439 S and cross again at Burlington Ave. Finally, you must travel at FL-44 S, Co Rd 46A, pass FL-46 E, and then drive to Wekiva River Rd.
  • Daytona Beach: This is the easiest route because you must take I-4 W, hit FL-46 W, and finally cross at Wekiva River Rd.
  • Jacksonville: This is another straightforward route because you must take the I-95 S until you reach Daytona Beach and take the way we explained in the previous point.

What City Is Wekiva Falls In?

Wekiva Falls belongs to the unincorporated community of Sorrento and is very close to Orlando. Also, Wekiva Falls is in Lake County.

Day Passes

Sadly, day passes are suspended until further notice. The only way to experience this oasis is to stay overnight on site.

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FAQs About Wekiva Falls

Some of the biggest attractions are parks like Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld OrlandoLegoland, and many other attractions.

Here’s the ultimate guide to all theme parks in Florida!

It is possible to see manatees in the Wekiva River during the winter months.

Yes, most weekends it is very crowded. We recommend you go on weekdays or take advantage of the low seasons to enjoy these beautiful facilities.

The sulfur smell is because Wekiva Falls is a natural sulfur spring; this is what causes it to sometimes smell like sulfur.

Wekiva Falls is just outside of Orlando, in Sorrento.

Yes, Wekiva Falls is a natural sulfur spring.

Spring Run that leads to the Wekiva River:

Spring Run that leads to the Wekiva River

Yes, Wekiva Springs has spaces specially designated for RV campsites.

Currently, you can not get a day pass, so your only option is to stay on site.

  • RV Sites – $60-$78 per night
  • Tent Camping – $43-$67 per night
  • Rental Cottages (Cabins) – $124 – $164 per night

They also offer discounts on weekly stays and monthly rentals.

Alligators can be seen, but it is rare to see them during the day. However, we always recommend you be alert and not go into swampy waters where you cannot see.

There are many hiking trails around Wekiva Falls, and you can enjoy them all day on foot or by bike.

It is possible, but we recommend making a reservation by phone or through the Wekiva Falls website.

Closing Thoughts

Water fans will love the experience Wekiva Falls has created. Campers and outdoor enthusiasts will want to come back time and time again. Few places offer up the atmosphere like Wekiva Falls – the perfect combination of nature and excitement!

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